Day 11. Nelson Mandela teaches us about the power of forgiveness during lockdown

With lockdown, we have all come to a standstill. It’s a halt in our everyday lives of programs, schedules and business.

While some have already developed new programs and schedules – there is also time to clean up clean out and just be still.

The benefits of stillness

It’s during this stillness that many things can happen. One of the possibilities is that old issues, unfinished business and even pain, hurt and regret, rise to the surface looking for resolution. You can’t ignore this any longer. Overwork, overplay and you constantly being busy all the time, can’t suppress it any more.

It’s time to clean up and clean out your life, your heart and soul and keep an open mind.

The question is: How? The answer is through forgiveness.

The next questions are: What is forgiveness? How does it work? Isn’t it a cop-out?  Does it make you weaker or stronger? What is the process of forgiveness? What are the benefits?

Once more we can learn from the Madiba-wisdom

Nelson Mandela and forgiveness during lockdown

Just imagine all the time Nelson Mandela* had to rethink all the iniquities if his adversaries. Not a week or a month – or even years – but decades.

During this time, something happened. We might never know how or when, but Madiba decided to ‘let go’.

He might have had an epiphany. He might have had a dream, a moment of inspiration or a moment of clarity. Maybe an awareness grew over a long period of time. Who knows … But whatever happened … Nelson Mandela decided to let go of revenge, hate, anger, pain, hurt, loss and regret. Today we reap the benefits.

Nelson Mandela decided to take the high road.

Like the renown poet Robert Frost, said: ‘”wo roads diverged in the woods. I took the road less travelled – and that’s made all the difference’.”

Nelson Mandela also took the road less travelled. He forgave his opponents. And … that is what made all the difference.

We too have the choice to ‘take the road less travelled.’ We too can learn to forgive.

What is forgiveness?

‘Forgiveness’, comes from the old Latin word ‘perdonare– meaning to ‘pardon’. It means to ‘let go’.

The choice is to let go of anger, retribution, condemnation and retaliation against our adversaries and perpetrators. We even have to ‘let go’ of the iniquities of those close to us and who can hurt us the most. We also need to forgive ourselves.  

All religions promote forgiveness.

Forgiving others – forgiving self.

An alcoholic client of mine found it very difficult to forgive himself once he sobered up and left his cloud of denial and delusion behind. He suddenly became aware of the truth of his destructive behavior and the influence on people, especially his family.

Although his loved ones praised him for his bold step to become sober – he found it difficult to accept this destructive side of self and to forgive himself.  This is usually the first challenge we have when we begin to awaken. However, this is also the path of life…

Forgiveness, as ‘letting go of the old’, is a bridgebuilder between the old and the new.

The detrimental effects of negativity

Harboring negative thoughts and feeling (as we discussed previously) leave a negative, discord imprint, like a ball of dark tar, hanging in the air.

Negative thoughts block our thinking

It not only blocks our line of thought and our feelings, but also creates ‘blind-spots’ through which we perceive life. We see life then through the eyes of the lie. We see life as we are – and not how life really is. It is against this darkness and lie we need to protect ourselves.

Spiritual teachings tell us that our challenge is not against flesh and blood – but again the dark powers in the air.[i]

This darkness can ‘get under your skin’. It can reach right down to a molecular level of each cell of our body. It’s like sand in the cox of the wheels of life.

Impeding electron spin

Electron spin impeded by negativity

It slows down the spin of the electrons causing a discord. This makes cells of the body less functional, even sick.

It has been known that people harboring anger, malice, hate, resentment, negativity and destruction are more prone to sickness than people who are in love.

Groups, companies or organisations, who silently harbor these destructive patterns, become less and less functional and can eventuality, like people, die. To keep ‘alive’ they need to keep on spreading discord, disrupting the peace, causing emotional dramas, chaos and destruction. They love picking fights and can even become abusive.

Many leaders today, fall into this category.

And then there is forgiveness…

The role of forgiveness

Forgiveness is a conscious choice. It takes a mature person to not brood on negativity, let it go and forgive. Forgiveness is the cleaning out process of your heart, mind soul and spirit.

It’s like the hand-sanitizer we are current using to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Let’s call it our heart-sanitizer, mind-sanitizer or soul-sanitizer.

Forgiveness is an all-purpose sanitizer for your life.

How do you use forgiveness?

Just like our hand-sanitizers, you use it frequently on everything you touch or that touches you. You don’t allow negativity and negative people to ‘get under your skin’.

You constantly watch out for negative thoughts and feelings creeping into your heart, mind and soul – and then you ‘forgive’ them. Like a blast of disinfectant, you let it all go.

You do this as many times as necessary. The prescribed dose is 70×7 times if necessary.[ii] This number symbolizes boundlessness. You keep on with ‘forgiveness’ like your hand-sanitizer. Constantly keep it with you – ‘just in case’.

Remember, forgiveness is not opting out. It is a method of protecting yourself. It’s a brave move only the wise and courageous can undertake.

Also remember, the universe has a justice system of its own. You don’t have to play judge and jury. Keep your end clean. Stay functional stay focussed.

And … let’s remember our purpose. When you let go, remember, people will reap what they sow.

Who benefits from forgiveness?

You are the first one to benefit when you forgive. Just imagine – driving all that dark, negative destructive tar-like substance out of your system. Cleaning up your body, mind soul and spirit and starting a whole new season on a new level. How exciting!

Especially when you forgive yourself. It spills over to others. It becomes a win-win for everyone. There are no losers when forgiveness is around.

The only thing in our way to forgive, is our shadow ego-self who doesn’t want to lose face – or control over our lives.

The question is: How do you do this all? The answer is: You give and receive more love.

Forgiveness and love

People in love, even doctors who love their work, have shown to have higher immunity levels and ward of illnesses.

Love is a universal force running in and through everything and everyone. It’s the universal vibe that binds us all into one unified functional whole.

Scientists have identified this universal frequency as 528Hz. It also maximized our DNA-potential and activates our DNA success-blueprint. It heals our body, mind soul and spirit. Religion call it the whole, healing or Holy Spirit.

So, when you don’t know exactly what to do – become still and tune into 528Hz. Fill yourself with love and compassion. Feel it, experience it, remember it.

It will give your clarity and certainty what to do next…

To do list

Here are a few ideas to help you on this path:

  • Decide how you want to give and receive love. Do it!
  • Connect with the universal frequency of 528Hz.
  • Learn more about the Love Law and read about 528Hz
  • Make a list of people who have hurt, or disappointment you – forgive.
  • Make a list of those you have hurt and disappointed – ask forgiveness.
  • Forgive your self – remember it’s only your lower shadow ego-self who does these negative things.
  • Ask the universe, Creation, Creator, God to forgive you.
  • Remember, your real-me authentic self is still intact just waiting for you to let it take charge.
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* All references to Nelson Mandela come from his autobiography. Mandela, Nelson, R. (1994). Illustrated. The long walk to freedom. The  Autobiography of Nelson Mandela. Little, Brown & Company: London.

i]  The Holy Bible. Ephesians 6:12 Modern English Version (MEV). For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places’

[ii] Holy Bible. Matthew 18:22. ‘forgive each other “seventy times seven times” (18:22), a number that symbolizes boundlessness. …