Day 13. Nelson Mandela teaches us about the power of silence during lockdown

Silence doesn’t mean nothingness. The reason is, we can’t exist in ‘nothingness’. Nothingness is ‘non-existence’.

The One-song

Our reality is teeming with life on different frequencies and forms of light, sounds, smells, touch, textures, tastes and feels. Like a symphony – all is in perfect harmony.

This is the essence of the Universe – the One-song. We too are part of the One-song. As unique human beings, our life stream, or life frequency, or life essence, is a specific note, color and sound, in the One-song . It completes the symphony of the Universe.

Harmonizing with the One-song

When we are in harmony with the rest of the One-song, we fulfill our purpose. We fill our place, fulfill our calling and it makes us happy. We know we belong…

By harmonizing with the One-song, we learn to understand our next step. We learn how to get in tune with ourselves and the whole of the symphony. We bring our ‘note’, our contribution to the creation of the symphony. We also learn what our next note, or step, in the symphony of life should be. All we need to do is to stay in tune.

The questions are: How do we harmonize? How do we stay in tune? We stay in tune by becoming silent. We listen…

Silence and noise

Silence is the absence of noise.  Noise is the discord we entertain in and around us. It‘s the inner discords, our own fears, anxiety, negativity and inner demons, that cause the most noise. Noise prevents you from hearing the truth about yourself, your purpose, your value and what your next step should be. Noise and inner discord keep us so busy so that we can’t see or hear clearly.   We also can’t enjoy life.

Noise prevents you from becoming fully functional, fulfilling your purpose and being happy. Noise and discord contaminate your heart, mind, soul and spirit. Noise prevents you from giving and receiving love.

We can’t find answers and solutions while struggling with the noise and all the challenges, problems and troubles it represents. We weren’t created to live in discord.

We can only find all we ever want and need in peace and in silence.

Silence and infinite possibilities  

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Yesterday we focused on the downward spiral of denial, anger, uncertainty, depression and anxiety. Today we focus on ‘open space management’ – on silence. It’s here all the magic happens.

This space is teeming with infinite possibilities. Nothing is fixed, everything is fluid. Everything is possible. There are many directions.

One option is going back to the old. The attraction of the known and comfort zones is always a force to be reckoned with. This is where you choose to do what is easy – and not what is right.

Then there is the breakthrough route. The route to embracing new possibilities, new opportunities, new creativity and a new future. The direction you will go all depends on how long you spend time in silence – and you listen.  

Silence and the turning point

Nothing changes before it gets to a zero point. If you throw a ball against the wall – it will bounce back. This turning point takes place between the ball and the wall. For a moment – there is total silence and stillness before opposing forces jump into action.

This is the way of life. If you want things to change – first become silent. Take ‘time-out’. Lockdown is a time-out for us all. It’s a global time out, touching billions of people. We are not in this alone.

This also brings uncertainty.

Silence and uncertainty

This open space of silence is also a time of uncertainty. Indecisiveness and uncertainty go hand in hand. This is not necessarily wrong or a bad thing. It’s a transitional time you make peace with. Things unfold at their own time and their own pace. It takes strong, mature people to stay grounded during this time. If you’re not – then this is also the time to practice.  

You just need to be still and at peace. You don’t need to make decisions and jump into action, all the time. A decision demands action and that you can do that later. But, in silence, just be still. Be at peace.

Just be comfortable by being uncomfortable in the silence. Let go of control. Be comfortable with doing nothing. It’s here things will become clearer to you. It’s here things change. It’s here the magic happens.

Most of all – listen with your heart. It’s here you will hear the truth.

Nelson Mandela and silence

Nelson Mandela spent not days, weeks or years – but decades in the silence of his prison cell. We can only speculate about what went on in the silent chambers of his soul. In the end, the quality of the man he emerged, made the world a better place.

Madiba came out of his lockdown a renewed and ready man. Although he had aged, the world had also changed. The world was now ready for his message and for his role in history. The country was ready for the peace, love and compassion he brought.

Madiba led by example. So, can we – by just being ourselves.

Finding your purpose in silence

The power of silence and stillness cannot be understated. Here you align with yourself, the One-song and you learn to harmonize with the greater good. You find your purpose and meaning. You take back your power. You learn to co-create with the One-song. You learn to give and receive love.

It’s a choice. It takes nothing. Just sit still – and listen. Lockdown is an ideal time to practice – silence.

To do list

Here are a few ideas to help you on this path:

  • Sit still – and be quiet. Let go of all control. Just be safe and still.
  • Make peace with being uncomfortable by just sitting still and doing nothing. Remember, you are trying to silence the inner noise so that you can see and hear clearly
  • Learn to meditate. There are many guided meditations available on the internet.
  • Do Yoga or Pilates. Programs available on the internet.  
  • Do some art or something creative. Try to paint and/or draw silence.
  • Remember – open space and silence is a place of infinite possibilities. Don’t shut down and eliminate seemingly crazy ideas. There is time and place for everything. Nelson Mandela could hold to his vision of ‘equality for all’ irrespective of the world being against him.
  • Let go of any returning anxiety, worry, fear or negativity
  • Try and empty your mind of obsessive thinking
  • Open you heart to listen and to give and receive love.   
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