Day 6. Nelson Mandela teaches us about transformation during lockdown

Nelson Mandela entered prison, his lockdown time, as a terrorist, murderer and angry, freedom fighter. He emerged as one of the worlds most iconic leaders bringing reconciliation, peace, love and compassion.

What happened?

What took place within the depths of Nelson Mandela’s heart, mind soul and spirit while he was in imprisonment? What changed? Why did it change for the better of everyone? What do we need to learn from Madiba’s transformation?


Transformation is a natural part of life. We see it in everyday life.

The silkworm lays the egg. The egg hatches. The larva/worm eats its way through its lifetime just to spin itself into a cocoon in a corner somewhere.

Transformation – a natural part of life.

Here it stays. Lockdown is an important, a natural part of life.

Here is where the magic happens.

New processes and new forms emerge

New processes are triggered in this silent, dark lockdown cocoon. Old forms with old functions make way for new forms and structures with new functions.

Where previously there were limbs to move, wings now take their place. The whole body and head changes. The most important fact is – its whole purpose and function changes.

The larva transforms into a butterfly.

The butterfly is free…

Transformation during lockdown

We can’t expect the life we once knew, to be the same after lockdown. So, be prepared. Transformation is already in progress.

Transformation means creating a whole new form… the same – but still different.

So, what transformations can we expect?

Free will

Fortunately, we have free will – we can choose in what direction we would like to change and transform.

The lockdown could make you better – or bitter.

This is the time to harness the power of the 3 S’s, of silence solitude and simplicity. Decide in what direction you want to change, grow and transform – and then make it happen.

Develop your vision of your future. Make quality choices -now. Everything you do now – is the foundation for the next season of your life.

Be mindful, aware and conscious

The transformation of humanity

At the same time, we live as a one humanity. We can therefore expect to transform as one humanity.

Just like Nelson Mandela evolved during his lockdown, so we can expect humanity to evolve during this global lockdown.

Growing consciousness

There is a raising of awareness and growing consciousness, that we can have a better life and be happy, if we think and do things differently

People are finding new ways to connect, to love and be loved.

Although we are separated by social distancing, in body – the human heart, mind soul and spirit are still united as part of the universe. This is time to strengthen this bond. First within self, then with our loved-ones and the with the rest of the world.

Take them on this journey of growing awareness, change and transformation. Remember – nothing ever stays the same.

A new generation is emerging

Already the media is hinting at a whole new Gen-C. This is the post Corona-pandemic generation. This is a new transformed generation.

It’s a new humanity where people start caring for themselves and each other. It will be easier for people to give and receive love as blockages have been cleared.

Children will know what it feels like to have loving parents. They have learnt self-discipline and the power of silence, solitude and simplicity.

Partners and parents whose relationships survive the lockdown – will know what it’s like to love and be loved- unconditionally.   

Government, business, health care and social development services will now rethink their strategies.

Business owners will realise that distance offices work and that their workforce can remain productive under all and every circumstance. Travel, commuting, office space, the value of money and many other factors will now be reconsidered.

The face of education and training is changing as students take responsibility. And so, we can go on…

A united humanity

Silently, like in a cocoon, the whole of humanity is transforming. The outcome remains uncertain, but the first signs are good.

The reason for this is – the whole world is united and currently working together towards saving people and ensuring life and quality living.

This new bond will be very difficult to break. This means we can’t go back.  We can only move forward – together.

The question is: How do you want this new transformed humanity to look like?

Your contribution during this transformational lockdown

Just like Nelson Mandela had a personal choice in what direction he would go – so do we have a choice. One transformed person, like Madiba, can emerge from lockdown and change the world.

It’s now time for each one of us to start with ourselves.

To do list

  • Start with yourself. Assess where and how you are now? Decide what changes and transformations you would like to happen. Then create them – make it happen
  • Remember, we can transform the world by just taking one new step in the right direction. The world needs you now
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