Free E-book: Authentic Living and Leading – What is it and how to develop it

Learning how to tap into your DNA-blueprint and empower yourself and others, is your new challenge for the future.

It not only guarantees your personal success, progress, health, wealth and happiness, now and in the future… but also guarantees the health, wealth and success of others – especially those closest to you.

You can’t continue one day more with your old mind-set! STOP HERE!

It’s time to lay a whole new foundation for authentic living and leading. So, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to fast forward your personal, relationship, career, business and social success while helping and leading others in the same direction.

Interested? You will find everything you need to start this new, exciting journey in the Series: Authentic living and Leading. Start right now by accessing your free E-book HERE . Title: Authentic Living and leading: What you should know and how to activate it.

The questions are: What will we learn in this first E-book and the upcoming course? What questions, problems and challenges do we find answers and solutions for? How can you identify your role and what the next step of your journey could include?
• Introduction
• The Authentic Leadership Academy (ALA)5
• What is authentic, quality living?
• What is authentic success?
• What way – what is the path?
• What is an ‘authentic leader’?
• Where and when did leadership become necessary?
• What caused the problem – the disconnect?
• What is the ‘way’ back to authentic living and leading?.
• One vision, one goal, one law, one path
• How do we find our way back?
• Getting reconnected
• The role of DNA in authentic living and leading
• Our DNA-blueprint and the Disconnect
• Discovering different parts of self
• The fallacy of current leadership theories, philosophies and perspectives
• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Power Intelligence (PI)
• Change – from what to what?
• What is authentic living and leading – NOT?
• Summary
• What next?
• Who is the author, Dr Brenda Hattingh?
• The Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP)
• References

Go one step further. Have a look at another exiting course now available at the Power Intelligence Academy: Authentic Leadership: Learning to think, live and lead like Nelson Mandela

Join the new team as we embark on a new season and make a difference – right down to a DNA-level. HERE
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