What can you expect in 2020?

Hi Everyone – Hope you are enjoying the new year 2020, so far.
The big question at the beginning of each new year is: What will this year bring? We can also ask: What will this decade bring?

What can you expect from 2020?

In this newsletter you find a short outline of the shifts and changes we can expect to see in 2020. This is foundation-laying time for the decade ahead. I’ve spent the last ten years doing research to find answers to the questions:

Firstly: What changes can we expect to emerge on universal and global levels? Secondly: What can we expect to change on a personal, social, business, political, financial and global levels. How must we prepare? What must we know and what must we do to keep up with the times?
Topics we will touch on are:

  • Radical change and transformations expected
  • The emerging of the Real-Me-Revolution: Learning to coach yourself
  • The power of our authentic real-me DNA-blueprint
  • The influence of solar storms on DNA and our functioning
  • Authentic Leadership – emerging of a new quality and kind of leader
  • The significance of the impeachment of US President Donald Trump
  • The escalation of corruption – and also the crack-down on corruption
  • The need for Power Parenting
  • Ageing and retirement
  • Relationships
  • Securing organisational and team progress and development
  • Technology, Power Intelligence (PI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • DNA- Climbing the new ladder of success
  • Call-to-Action. CTA: Things you can do to empower yourself, stay up to date, and get involved.

Most importantly, I also include news, information and guidelines of what you can do to prepare and equip yourself, your family, team, organisation, company or community with all the necessary skills and tools to make 2020 and the decade ahead, your best time ever.

In addition, we also bring our contribution and services to the table to help you and make this journey easier and more enjoyable!

Every  decade brings a culture of its own and 2020 will be no different. The decade of 2020 will look far different to a decade like the 1920’s, 1980’s or 2010. Each decade is identified by its specific ‘markings’ like music, fashion, hairstyles, food, people and personas, cars, technology, breakthroughs, breakdowns, news, leadership and the quality mindset and values of the people.

We can expect 2020 to be a breakthrough year as we lay a new foundation, not only for the next decade, but also for a new kind of generation. The major transition is taking place in about 2032.  The year 2020 is a year of laying a whole new foundation.  In the meantime, it’s time to not only think outside the box, but above all, we need to get out of the box and move to a next level.

Get out of the box!

As a result of this shift, we can expect radical, fundamental change and transformation. In this decade we will be like caterpillars leaving the cocoon and learning to fly as butterflies. The reason is: we are changing, right down to a genetic, a DNA level. A genetic shift and genetic migration is taking place. Consequently, things will never be the same. So, expect to be amazed and surprised. Expect the unexpected. Whatever is going to happen – it’s not going to be boring.

So, keep up – as things speed up.

Are your ready?

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So, what can you expect?

With the dawn of a new decade we also have a dawn of a new human consciousness and mindfulness. A new kind and quality of human-being is emerging. The result is, the awareness is growing that real, authentic, quality living with truth, honesty, integrity, peace and prosperity for all, is not only possible, but a necessity – if we want to secure a positive future for ourselves and generations to come.

Real-Me-Revolution speeding up

Our Real-Me-Revolution is here
Firstly, we must know that we have a shadow ego-self that is demanding and holds us back. Secondly, this part of self can and mostly is in control of our decisions making processes.

Our task is to challenge this negative part of self and rise above the fears, frustrations, anxiety, pretences and negativity of not only ourselves – but also the people and systems around us. A positive Real-Me-Revolution is taking place within each person, group, company, community and country. Above all, it’s also taking place within you and me – right now.

The time is now  
In short, the time has now come to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself: Are you flourishing or are you just surviving? Shadow ego-dwellers stick to the old and comfortable while trying to protect their ego-self by holding up a false pretense of self to the world. This is an exhausting task, because you live the delusion that constantly needs attention, praise, accolades, reassurance, feeding and patching up. The time has come to consciously undertake this challenge to let go, get real and face the truth. Here we will find new perspectives, solutions and outcomes.

You first speak to yourself before you speak to anybody else. The questions are: Who is talking to who? What is he/she saying? Who is in charge? Who makes the final decisions? The time to become self-aware and consequently learn how to coach yourself is, NOW

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Getting Real 
The Real-Me-Revolution is a positive revolution. Moreover, the authentic Real-me is waking up. You are never too young or too old to join in. It challenges the false and pretentious shadow ego-self, outworn lifestyles, comfort zones and begins a whole new quality lifestyle of new adventures, truth, honesty, integrity, enjoyment, fun and happiness. Above all, it’s not an external battle between your ego and the egos of others.  It’s an inner conflict, an inner battle or inner revolution, between your ego and your soul. Certainly it can. and will also spill over to others. The result is that we find our external conflict, battles and negativities are, in essence, a reflection of our inner conflict and battles.

Remember – the shadow ego-self  is a hard taskmaster and will not let go easily or quietly of its controlling position. Resistance is inevitable. The challenge is to first wake-up, get up, heal, fix, transform and grow within self. Then, and only then, can you become fully functional and be of  service to others. The Real-Me-Revolution takes place within the silent chambers of your soul.

Hear the wake-up calls in your life

The time has now arrived and the call is out. The world needs your talents and gifts for this time. Life is calling you to take in your place. You cannot ignore this anymore. Sometimes the awakening could even take a whole lifetime. Few people have the courage to undertake this challenge on their own. However, it is a new era, time and the awakening are speeding up and the new community is growing. Where do you stand?

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In the proocess you become an Authentic Leader-in-action. The task of the Authentic Leader is to help, assist, guide and lead others on the Real-me path while laying a new foundation for quality living that benefits all. In our courses you will find out how to do this.

Shadow ego-self – a delusional self

Inner Real-me-Revolution
This awakening cannot be stopped. The Real-Me-Revolution is emerging from the deepest part of truth, our soul, our inner voice and silent teacher. Remember: life will keep on sending you wake-up calls until you respond. Do you hear?

Some people are oblivious of these events and stick to their shadow egos and the safety of the old. Others are slowly waking up and emerging. No-one will be left untouched!

The significance of the impeachment of President Donald Trump
It is no surprise that within the first week of January 2020, President Donald Trump was impeached for abuse of power and obstructing the law. This is a global indicator of the emerging of this new season. The decision that the US Senate needs to make is: Is the abuse of power above the law – or not? Should a president be removed from office when found guilty of the abuse of power?

Dilemma and the Real-me-revolution
At the moment this poses a dilemma to all those involved. On the one hand there are US partisan loyalties. Those defending Donald Trump have much to lose if the President is removed from office. Their jobs, income, personal lifestyle, social standing, contracts, negotiations and professional visibility, are in jeopardy. On the other hand – there is the law. There is honesty, truth, integrity and a clear conscience. This includes loyalty to self, the real-me, the authentic me, the inner voice, the heart and soul. Above all – the conscience of each one involved, is in question.

Real-me -revolution in action in USA
Most certainly, a Real-me-revolution is currently taking place within every member of the US Judiciary Committee. They must adhere to strict rules, may not speak to each other while working long hours to get to the truth. It’s every man and woman with themselves and for themselves. They first need to go within – before they can make a decision that will influence without and consequently the course of history. This is the Real-me-revolution-in-action at its best – and its in full public view.

Setting the tone for the decade
Importantly, the outcome of the voting on the USA impeachment issue – will set the tone for the next decade. Not only the quality and level of consciousness is tested here – but also the quality of leaders and leadership. Meanwhile, we can only hope and pray for the best positive outcome possible.

What can we expect?
There is an important universal law we need to remember as the ‘Law of right use of power’. The second law is – ‘The law of retribution’. This is the correction of the abuse of power. The law as we know it in general terms is: ‘What you sow – you shall reap’. These are also human laws. The question is: Is someone like Donald Trump, or any other person, or leader for that matter, above these human and universal laws?

Positive outcome?
As a result, the outcome of Donald Trump being found guilty and removed from office, will be in alignment with the times and new mindset, values and energy. Above all, it will a be a Real-me-revolution victory for all involved. Consequently, this will also be a clear message to other leaders who abuse their power – that their time is over. It is time for the emerging of real, honest, true, authentic, people and authentic leaders.

CTA: 1. See book: Authentic Leadership. What is it and how to develop it

Reflecting a collective consciousness
Above all, the outcome will also reflect the level of collective consciousness and personal awareness of honesty, truth and integrity of US leaders, politicians and decision makers. The American people will be directly influenced. Consequently, the rest of the world will not be left untouched.

This brings us to the topic of corruption

Firstly, during these new times, there will be a renewed up rise and escalation of corruption and crime. Secondly: A crack-down on corruption and crime will also escalate. The reasons are; More positive energy and pressure is building up and anxiety and fear is coming to the surface. Law enforcers, and people in general, will and should be guided and inspired to do what is right – not what is easy.

Above all, corruption, lying, cheating and abuse of power, are first and foremost mental health issues. This spills over to very day life in the form of crime and corruption as we find in finances, relationships, leadership, business, politics, religion, sport and other context of life

If you are interested in this topic, please see the book on: ‘Curing Corruption: Seven things you can do to cure the epidemic of our time’

Corruption – a mental health issue

The year 2020 is also the year of testing integrity. We will constantly be faced with situations and choices that demand honesty, truth and integrity. The question is: Where do we stand? Where do our leaders stand? What can we do?

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We are becoming aware of the very important role DNA plays in this process. We are learning that we all have the DNA-blueprint of health, wealth, success and prosperity blueprint encoded in DNA in every cell. We all have a New Success DNA, just waiting to be released.

New Success DNA
  1. See book: New Success DNA: What is it and how to develop it in bookstores or find E-book HERE
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The fact that the world reflects a dark, somber picture of suffering and abuse, is because we became disconnected. Our challenge is to get reconnected.

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To clarify, a new decade, a new era, a new mindset, new values and even new programming, right down to our DNA-blueprint, is currently taking place. Even if you don’t agree or aren’t aware of these processes – you will still be influenced in some or other way.

So, the question is: What can you do? Firstly, You can work with the changes of the time by getting informed, equipped and empowered. On the other hand, you can also choose to ignore these calls or even go against the processes. However, as a result you will suffer the consequences. Therefore, save yourself a lot of hardship, problems and suffering and start with discarding old blockages, baggage, negativity and old outworn ideas and lifestyles, now. Begin to discover something totally new.

Discarding baggage and outworn ideas
As the new emerges as a new tribe with a new vibe, energy-information or wavelength, so does old unattended baggage of the past, tend to rise to the surface in order to be resolved and released. This means that on an individual and a collective level – things could and will first get worse, before they get better. We find this process already in play on an international level with conflict between the USA, Iran and Irak. The impeachment of US President Donald rump, is also of significance as discussed. We can expect something totally new to emerge from these dilemmas.

The reason is: We first need to discard the outworn and old, heal from negativity, pain, hurt and loss and then detox – before we can embrace something or even someone, totally new.

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We also need to prepare for universal events – like our solar storms…

Preparing for the effect of solar storms on our DNA. 
Even on a universal level, change is taking place. NASA confirmed that from January 2020, solar activity will start to build up. Solar flares constantly occur. Solar storms are however less frequent and radically influence everything. Large solar storms occur +/- every 11 years. This has fundamental influence on everything on Earth, especially our electronics. This includes DNA, that in essence, is a micro-chip. So, to meet these exiting challenges, we need to be prepared!

The power of a solar storm and effect on Earth

Therefore, investing in the right information, laying a new foundation and developing new tools and skills, now – will prepare you for new exiting times full of new discoveries, fun and adventurous leaps. However, this process also has a downside. Many people – especially our fearful, shadow ego-driven individuals, companies and organisations, will lose their strong-hold, stay behind and/or disintegrate.

Choose wisely
The reason is: There is a very big difference between an ego trip and a soul journey. The one leads to self-destruction. The other leads to liberation and celebration. Make your choice! Choose wisely as your life depends on it.

Over the course of  this year, we will discuss the importance of making mindful choices and staying informed. We will be including topics like universal shifts, transformation, solar-genetics and other important topics. You will find this in our Newsletter and Blogposts on our websites.

The question is: Are you ready?

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Over the last seventeen years, we here at the Centre of Power Intelligence (CPI), have asked the question: How can we be of service?

Get new toolkit for a new decade

The answer to this question, is simple: Above all, meet the needs of individuals, teams, companies, organisations and communities by bringing our gifts, offerings, contributions and involvement to the table in the form of coaching, mentoring, teaching, training, new information, speaking  and facilitation. Therefore, we aim to provide world-class information, assessment, new skills and a practical toolkit, to make this transition and transformation, not only seamless and less painful, but also exiting, enjoable and fun!

Our vision and mission
Our mission has been to bring the people only the best up to date information and training possible for this specific time. Our vision is to empower people to live their best lives. You find this echoed in our logo.

Now times are changing. People, companies, organisations, teams and communities need something totally new. We need to move to a next level. Fortunately for you, we can provide all these services. We have prepared to meet the challenges and needs of the time. So can you! 

Background : Research and Development
In anticipation of these shifts and transformations and to meet new arising needs, I embarked on a ‘research and development sabbatical’ (R&D) in search for the facts, the truth, about the next level of our future, the essence of quality living and the foundation of authentic leadership.

My motivation and inspirations behind this hard work, was, and still is, my four sons. They represent our new and upcoming generation and our future generations. I asked: What do we need to do now in order to lay the best foundation for them built on in further generations? I thought three to five years maximum, would be sufficient. It took me almost ten years to bring you all this new information.

Over time various books have been published, that cover all these important topics.  Now the training, coaching, workshops and on-line-courses of our Power Intelligence Academy, follow.

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Our services meet the needs of the time and now reach far and wide. Consequently, we have taken hands with national and international companies and organisations while providing new cutting-edge information, training and development.

Therefore, our training in Authentic Leadership, is a global first as it includes harnessing your Real-me DNA-blueprint and managing power and potential. As a result, we need a whole new mindset, even a new intelligence, Power Intelligence (PI). Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future.

Power Intelligence – intelligence of the future

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Our SErvices

Services: Our many services include:

1. Coaching and mentoring :
Personal coaching and mentoring include personal sessions and personal courses like:
Detox, Detangle and re-design your life
Learning to coach yourself to ultimate success
Trauma and healing
Relationship and family coaching and counselling
Training and accreditation of CPI  Real-me and  Authentic Leadership coaches and teachers.

Each coaching session and course is specific for each person needs.

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2. Assessment. The PISP
The Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) has been upgraded and made more user-friendly with our new web-app that will also include different groups, chatrooms and services. The new version will be released soon, so stay posted for more information.


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3. Authentic Leadership Development

With the emerging New Success DNA – we also need a new quality leader – an Authentic Leader. They are our new pathfinders and mapmakers. I’ve spent the last five years researching leadership and made the discovery that true, authentic leadership is encoded as a DNA-blueprint. You can find it nowhere else. An Authentic Leader is also an enlightened leader.

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New leadership DNA

Developing Authentic Leaders
The current leadership development industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Unfortunate, it is not producing the quality leaders the world now needs. We need real, true authentic leaders to emerge. However, in order to identify and develop authentic leaders, we first need to go to the source of leadership and authenticity. The challenge is to first find truth and reconnect to the essence and roots of authenticity, real-me living and leadership. Otherwise we just have superficial speculations and assumptions without any  real substance. Authentic Leadership is all about starting with and coming from the source/Source of truth.

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Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leaders in Action
Authentic leaders will not necessarily be found in formal settings, behind a designer desk or in corporate offices. The reason is: Authentic Leaders are always busy at work. Therefore: Authentic-Leaders-in-Action. You find them everywhere and anywhere.

You find them in the corridors, in the fields, on national and international platforms or any other place of life. They are busy in our schools, our businesses, companies, organisations, communities, in our churches, our homes, in sport, politics and the workplace. They are silently working their magic by building bridges and being the catalyst in difficult situations. They are our silent modern-day alchemists. They don’t need ego accolades and attention to be productive. They just do their job – mostly silently.

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Securing the Madiba Magic

Authentic Leadership Training and coaching
The challenge of  Authentic Leadership Training, is above all, to coach and teach people how to connect to, access and utilize this enormous original DNA-blueprint power and potential. The challenge is not only for ourselves – but also in relationships, families, teams, communities, companies and organisations.

Most importantly, leadership is not about acquiring power positions and possessions. Authentic leadership is all about becoming fully functional and being of service.

Remember – we are all a ‘work in progress’.

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Authentic Leadership Academy (ALA)
The Authentic Leadership Academy (ALA) provides individuals, companies and organisations with the latest cutting edge, in-house and online training programs and will evolve. As we progress, more courses will be made available on the CPI Academy platform.

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Upcoming Authentic Leadership workshops, webinars and seminars 
Look out for upcoming dates for open public workshops, seminars and webinars: Workshop: Authentic Living and Leading: Coach yourself to ultimate success
One-day workshop: Innovation Hub. Pretoria.
Reminders will be forwarded the beginning of February.

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However, our personal coaching and authentic leadership development is not only aimed at companies and organisations, we also reach out to communities, retirement communities, teachers, school principals and parents. They are the educators of our future generations.

Most importantly, educating a ‘real-me person’ and authentic leader from a young age in the home and school – is much more productive than trying to change the minds of many of our adults and current leaders…

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1. Education: Workshops for teachers and principals
Therefore, over the last ten years we have been involved in empowering teachers and school principals. Our education and school environments are complicated and demanding. Educators, school principals and teachers can use all the help and support they can get.

We provide: Firstly, workshops on personal empowerment and coaching are presented to many over-worked, worn-out and burnt-out teachers. This not only builds morale and enthusiasm but also elevates creativity. In addition, leadership and self-coaching are part of the principals’ packages.

Assisting our teachers and principals

The question is: How can you help?

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2. Power Parenting
Over the last two years we have launched authentic living and leading programs for parents, titled: Power Parenting: Are you the mature adult your child now needs?

If you want to know how much someone cares for the future –
see what they are doing for the children.

Authentic Leaders are also Power Parents. Power Parents are also Authentic Leaders. To clarify – authentic living and leading is a lifestyle – a way of life. Above all, it’s not just a buzzword you use at work or to impress others. If you are authentic and real, the people closest to you – especially your children – will know first – and they will let you know! So, start with your children, partner, friends and family. These are the best – and most difficult – places to practice…

Moreover, our Power Parents secure the next generation and help children to follow in their footsteps of real-me expression and quality living. Power Parents lead, educate, teach and show the way by setting the example.

Power Parenting in action

As a result, it wasn’t surprising that so many parents turned up for these workshops. Most importantly, parents and child-caretakers, too are in need of substance, sustenance, something new, enlightening and empowering, while raising their children.

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3. Community Development.
Meanwhile, the Real-Me-Revolution is spilling over into our communities. The abuse of drugs and teenage pregnancies in different areas, have negative effects on the whole community. Over the last fifteen years CPI has taken hands with different companies, organisations, schools and church-organisations. We have been involved in various community development projects that also included literacy programs for adults.

Meanwhile, we have recently moved towards Power Parenting training while developing teen-age ‘coaches’ who can oversee smaller children while their parents are at work or away, in areas with difficulties. As result we find community cooperation, more compassion and involvement.

Our motto is: Prevention is better that cure. However, we all know there is so much work – and so little hands.

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4. Ageing and retirement
Above all, people are living healthier lives and becoming older. We have a responsibility to harness this valuable power and potential and put it to good use – not only in ourselves – but also in others. For the last five years we have been busy with the aging population. The vision is to create a whole new mindset concerning life, quality living, aging and retirement.
The workshops available are two-fold
Firstly: Training in companies and organisations on the topic of aging and retirement – Titled: Retirement: Prepare now – Play later
Secondly: Retirement Centres: Workshops presented here are titled: Life: Stumbling block or stepping stone  based on the book below.

Life – Stumbling block or stepping stone?
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5. Self development and relationships
Most importantly, not everyone grows, changes, transforms and moves at the same pace. As a result of the current leap, many people could and will stay behind while others move forward. Consequently, this will and does influence relationships on all levels. Especially our closest and most intimate relationships could fall apart when you realize that you are out of sync.

So, the question is: What do you do? The answer is: Firstly, you identify the issue and solve the problem. If you need help or a new perspective – you ask for help. Secondly, make sure you get the best coaching and counselling possible. Above all, remember that this is an important junction in your life.

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6. Organisational and team development
Meanwhile, while the inner Real-me-revolution is taking place within people, it will outwardly influence reality around us. Therefore, we can expect companies and organisations to change and grow. As a result we find new ways and methods to develop more productive and happy individuals, companies, organisations and teams.
Fortunately, we have prepared for this new season in organisational, team and leadership development.

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Meanwhile, technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) is developing and emerging at an escalating pace. We can expect technologies to be produced that previously was not , in our wildest dreams and even Sci-Fi movies, possible. The most important development is of course, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Consequently, to maintain the balance between human and machine we too need to develop ourselves and even a new intelligence. Power Intelligence (PI) is emerging as the intelligence of the future.

It is therefore inevitable that all people, companies, organisations and communities need to develop their Power Intelligence (PI) – or else they will stay behind. See the upcoming book and course: Power Intelligence: What is it and why you need it now

Power Intelligence
  1. See the book: Power Intelligence. Mastering your Miracle Mind HERE
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Above all, the real-me-revolution will not only change the way we view life, it also changes how we view success. Real, authentic success is not about acquiring positions and possessions any more, it is all about becoming, real, authentic and fully functional
See our upcoming book: DNA-Climbing the new ladder of success and the accompanying courses coming soon

Importance of DNA
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