New Leadership DNA – Developing Enlightened Leaders


ISBN: 978-0-9921767-1-6



We all have a special guide-spot – an inner GPS. When we connect, we can access directions and find answers to our questions. Leadership is about ini-tiating and directing positive change and movement. The focus is however, now moving from ‘power-over-people; to ‘releasing-power-within-people’. Leadership and power positions are changing from ‘power-in-numbers’ to the ‘number-of-powers’ in each individual. Everyone has a prominent role to play to secure a safe transition into a successful future that will benefit all. We now need everyone to take up their responsibility. Power shifts and changing positions in leadership are placing increasing demands on the sta-tus quo while challenging fixed traditional mindsets. At the same time indi-vidual awareness is growing that there is something better and that we all deserve a quality life. This new consciousness is causing the old to disinte-grate at a rapid pace and new needs are arising.
At the same time research provides proof, that we have the true essence of success and quality leadership already encoded into our DNA, our guide-spot. All we need to do is to develop the new mindset, skills and tools in or-der to connect to gain access to universal guidance and direction. Everyone deserves health, wealth and happiness and has a role to play.
A new wave of inspired innovative leaders, with New Success DNA and New Leadership DNA, is emerging. This book provides guidelines, skills and tools for everyone who is committed to successful living and quality leadership for all.