New Success DNA – What you should know and how to activate it.


ISBN: 978-0-9921767-0-9



We are hardwired for success – and we need not settle for anything less! However, success is a relative concept. It means whatever you want it to mean. Success is meaning. The choices we have are: Is success about acquiring physical possessions and positions or – is success about who you are becoming?
Current research has revealed the existence of a new, emerging, human DNA. What were once perceived as ‘junk genes’, are now turning out to be biological material with inherent higher potential for us all. This potential – lying dormant within – is just waiting for us to wake up, take control, and to access this magnificent universal gift. We have the responsibility to use all the power and personal potential to deliver everyday success and miraculous living that will benefit all.
This book provides answers to several questions. What is New Success DNA? What must we know and do in order to create a life of success and prosperity? We are awakening to a new personal and collective identity – we are finding life to be a ‘miracle in the making’. You are invited to join the journey.