Seven steps to securing the ‘Madiba Magic’ in life & leadership


ISBN: 978-0-9921767-8-5



In this book you find seven major steps you can use to develop yourself as an authentic leader while  securing the fundamentals of the ‘Madiba Magic’ in your personal life and as an influential leader.

Life always produces the right leaders at the right time for the right purpose. People like Confucius, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and others, come from all walks of life. They rise to the occasion, make an indelible mark on the fabric of life and leave us with new hope, inspiration, compassion and vision. They become iconic leaders. Such a person was Nelson Mandela.

The ‘Madiba Magic’ has left no-one untouched!

Unfortunately, over time, the magic fades as their influence and fundamental principles get diluted. The challenge is: How do we secure the ‘Madiba Magic’ in our personal lives? How do we create a new leadership platform that will secure a safe transition into the next generation? How do we, like the icon Nelson Mandela, contribute to quality living and freedom for all?

In this book you will encounter a new level of awareness, a new mindset and guidelines and information used by these icons. It also includes practical skills and tools for everyone who is serious about claiming their personal freedom while securing a quality life for all. You are invited to join this journey and adventure!