The international mind-shifting short-talk phenomenon TED TALKS returned to Pretoria as TEDx Pretoria, for a day of disruptive ideas and bold new voices challenging a business-savvy audience to reboot their thoughts and actions to meet the needs of the future.

The Theme was: UNAPOLOGETIC.

“Unapologetic” is about being unconventional, going against the grain and taking a stand while remaining true to oneself; and expressing this in a manner that will elicit liberated receptivity. It is about unapologetically championing for the greater good. TEDxPretoria featured thought-provoking talks designed to spread. (#Unappologetic)


You were born to be a new, authentic leader by making your unique mark, being of service while creating success and prosperity for all. It is encoded in your DNA. You have New Leadership DNA just waiting to be released.

We all have a DNA-blueprint for success, prosperity and quality living. Unfortunately, we became disconnected from this authentic potential and the world fell into disarray. Now there is a call. The world needs people like you to stand up, reclaim your authentic power and position while we create a new world where people can flourish and prosper, together.

Our challenge is to consciously take back our power and enable our unique DNA-potential. A positive transformation as the ‘Real Me Revolution’ is emerging.

New Leadership DNA – Ten steps to becoming an authentic leader will help you identify what you need to do, how to do and then put your plan of action to work. In this process you will discover who you are, what your real purpose is and how to make the contribution you have always wanted to make.

The call is out. The world is waiting for you to stand up and take in your place as an authentic leader.


What a wonderful day of excitment, collaboration and inspiring presentations it was. Met wonderful people and our up and coming youth. You make us proud! The future lies in good hands

Excellently organised by TEDx representatives. Linda and her team were outstanding. It was a privileged to be part of this exciting event.


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