TEDx Talk. DNA – Potential for Authentic Leadership

To speak at TEDx Pretoria is one of the most exciting experiences. Not only meeting enthusiastic, creative and inspiring people – but here we find ‘ideas worth spreading’ 

I first had to get to know some thing about TED TALKS…. What a phenomenon! I learnt to be UNAPOLOGETIC! Bright new, mind-boggling ideas – are welcome!

TEDx – The mind-shifting short-talk phenomenon, returned to Pretoria in November for a day of disruptive ideas and bold new voices challenging a business-savvy audience to reboot their thoughts and actions to meet the needs of the future.

The theme is UNAPOLOGETIC.

“Unapologetic” is about being unconventional, going against the grain and taking a stand while remaining true to oneself; and expressing this in a manner that will elicit liberated receptivity. It is about unapologetically championing for the greater good.

TEDxPretoria featured thought-provoking talks designed to spread.

My topic: DNA – Potential for Authentic Leadership. More of this later

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Don’t miss this opportunity!

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