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Authenticity. Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day with 67min of service to self

The UN declared the 18th of July as Nelson Mandela Day to celebrate not only his birthday but also to celebrate the life and legacy of an iconic leader like Nelson Mandela. This year the Power Intelligence Leadership Academy celebrates Nelson Mandela Day by bringing you a special masterclass titled:

Authenticity: Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day with 67min of service to self.

Who should attend? Everyone is invited, especially the following groups:

  • People and groups who want to celebrate Nelson Mandela Day with 67min of service to self.

  • People and groups who want to learn more about Nelson Mandela, his wisdom, and where he was coming from.

  • People and groups who believe that Nelson Mandela’s wisdom and leadership are not relevant in our time.

  • People and groups who believe that Nelson Mandela Day must not be celebrated because he was a terrorist and because Nelson Mandela was not a 'Christian'.

  • Everyone who is ready for something new. People who are prepared to move forward to a new future together. In this Masterclass you will find the following

  • Celebrating the life and leadership of Nelson Mandela.

  • Background of where all this information is coming from.

  • Invitation to the people and groups still stuck to join us on this new path.

  • The influence of Nelson Mandela, the ANC, and the NP in my life and career.

  • Understanding the mindset of where Nelson Mandela was coming from.

  • The journey of Nelson Mandela was a spiritual path he called– The Long Walk to Freedom

  • Understanding the different levels people function on.

  • Understanding and bridging division and polarity

  • The awakening and the core of consciousness that is now expanding.

  • A new vision of the future.

  • The shortfall of our religion and religious leaders and how to solve it.

  • The true meaning of the word ‘Christ’. Was Nelson Mandela a ‘Christian’ or not?

  • The importance of the transformation of religious leaders to a new level.

  • Moving to the next level of our schools, churches, and communities. Taking our children on this path.

  • Authenticity as our original self – an original DNA blueprint.

  • How our original DNA blueprint plays a role in our health, wealth, and happiness.

  • Authenticity. The authentic self versus the shadow ego-self.

  • People, including political leaders, and their egos that lead to destruction and how to solve it.

  • Corruption as a mental health issue and how to solve it.

  • A new level of Education is emerging as we move past tertiary education to quaternary education.

  • Why Nelson Mandela’s leadership example and wisdom are so important for our times.

  • Ten lessons from Nelson Mandela on life and leadership.

  • Call to action.

Suggestions for attending:

  • Attend this master class on your own and at your own time, or –

  • At

tend this masterclass as a group in your business, home or community.

Don’t miss it. COURSE DETAILS: Available: The masterclass is available 24/7 for the next week. Duration: 67 Minutes. Date: Starts on 18 July and is available for one week. Presentation: Online from the Power Intelligence Leadership Academy. Cost: FREE Contact Details: E-mail us HERE Website: See our website for more information: HERE


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