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Committedto inspire


Dr. Brenda Hattingh is not only an international inspirational speaker, leadership consultant, coach mentor, and author, but she is committed to inspiring, helping, and assisting individuals, including leaders, to recover their authentic selves, encoded as their original DNA success blueprint and create a new future of health and prosperity. She believes that we have a DNA map of our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all people, including nature. In the process, she became aware that a new intelligence is emerging as Power Intelligence. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future.  

As an inspiring thought leader, Dr. Brenda brings a new mindset, with cutting-edge skills and tools to inspire change and transformation, while moving to the next level that holds a new mindset and level of awareness. She elevates consciousness and inspires resilience while developing our Power Intelligence. She also brings self-coaching, and authentic leadership, to the marketplace.


Her workshops, and keynote addresses. coaching and training are all backed by over 20 books, including the series ’Authentic Living and Leading.’ A Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP) was also developed that will assist individuals, teams, companies, and organizations to manage their power and potential, thereby maximizing their success, productivity, and resilience while maintaining sustainability.

With the right skills and tools, Dr. Brenda helps with recovering and re-writing our personal d organizational Success DNA to secure a prosperous future. 

This is a global first. 



Dr. Brenda is also a qualified psychologist, life coach, counselor, therapist, executive coach, and mentor. She has been in private practice and consulting for more than 30 years and has helped thousands of people all over the world. She aims to help and assist individuals on this exciting adventure of authentic living and leading. At the same time, she is committed to helping teams, companies and organizations maximize their DNA success potential while flourishing in challenging times. This includes accessing new levels of innovation, inspiration, and resilience, encoded in our DNA blueprint.      

Academic career

Her exciting career spans more than 30 years and is marked with various highlights. During her academic career, Dr. Brenda received various degrees including a B.Sc, degree in natural and medical science, an Honours degree in assessment and counseling, a Masters degree in Adult Education, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. As an academic, Brenda lectured at various universities where she was a promotor to post-graduate, Master, and Ph.D. students. Her research and development continue and many ground-breaking books, training courses, and workshops are now available.


Transformation and community work

Not only was she involved in coaching, mentoring, and counseling, but she also contributed to the transformation of various companies and organizations as her clients. Her work also included community development and educational programs in communities, schools, and prisons. 

Community work included implementing adult reading programs in rural areas, coaching and mentoring programs for teachers, and parenting programs titled 'Power Parenting'. Her community work spans many years to include nine years of service in prisons where Dr. Brenda was responsible for the rehabilitation, education, and mental health of inmates. She was also of service to NICRO (National Institute for Crime Prevention and the Reintegration of Offenders). At the same time, she also served as an expert advisor in the High Court of SA and to the Office of the Family Advocate.

Holistic integrated healing

One of her highlights was the training of medical doctors at the Medical Faculty of the University of Pretoria in holistic health and healing. This included the training of psychologists, hospital & nursing staff, and other healthcare professionals, on holistic wellness and mental health care. She was also a keynote speaker at many professional and academic conferences that include countries including South Africa, the United States, Belgium, Egypt, and others.

The Influence of Nelson Mandela

During the early 1990s, Dr. Brenda was contracted as a transformational change specialist by the ANC, and the NP under the leadership of Nelson Mandela. Her role was to assist in facilitating a peaceful transformation of South Africa, the peaceful transition of power, and the implementation of the vision of Nelson Mandela as 'equality and freedom for all'. Her inspirational and transformational work in companies, and organizations, including the new government, and the training of new leaders, was awarded the 'The Professional Businesswoman of the Year Award'. 

To honor the influence of Nelson Mandela on her personal life and career she published two books that include include, 'Seven Steps to Securing the Madiba Magic in Life and Leadership'. and  'Life Lessons from Nelson Mandela on lockdown. Every year Dr. Brenda celebrates Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July, with a special presentation or training course. 


Authentic leaders like Nelson Mandela emerging

She believes that new authentic leaders, like Nelson Mandela, will now emerge, take in their place, and bring change, transformation, and the authentic leadership now necessary, to not only rise above an ego-driven world but to create a whole new vision of success, prosperity and progress the world now needs.  Dr. Brenda believes that the example, wisdom, teaching, and influence of Nelson Mandela are now more relevant and important than ever, before.   

Tragedy strikes  - a wakeup call

However, at the height of her career, an accident, in which three neck vertebrae were fractured, left Dr. Brenda paralyzed and bedridden for nearly eleven months. While recovering and learning to walk again, she used this time to further her research and the development of next-level inspiration and transformational books, training material, assessment tools, and speaking topics that included our DNA recovery.  Her keynote addresses transform hearts and minds while covering topics such as 'how to coach yourself to ultimate success', innovation, resilience, and inspiration to take the leap to authenticity, Power Intelligence the intelligence of the future, authentic leadership, and how to recover your DNA success-blueprint. This is a global first.

Power Intelligence - the intelligence of the future

In 1988, Dr. Brenda coined the term Power Intelligence to denote how we manage and master our power and potential on physical, mental emotional, and spiritual levels and create the world we live in. Power Intelligence can also be seen as energy intelligence or consciousness intelligence.  In 2002 she presented a paper on PI at the International Psychology Conference with the title, Power Intelligence the first book on Power Intelligence was published in 2002 with the title Power Intelligence -  Energizing People and Organizations and creating prosperity. Various books on Power intelligence have since been published and the Power Intelligence Success Profile (PISP), is soon to be launched.


not only was Dr. Brenda a lecturer at a leading university but she has also held the position of the CEO of the Centre for Power Intelligence for the last 20 years. Today she is still an international speaker, executive coach, and mentor and is also the Managing Director of the Power Intelligence Leadership Academy and the Academy of Authentic Living and Leading. 

During the COVID pandemic, Dr. Brenda used the time not only to publish various books but to also redesign and redefine her role and redesign the Power Intelligence website in preparation for the season that lay ahead.  This body of work is now available to all.  

Once again, Dr. Brenda re-enters the marketplace with new cutting-edge information inspiring our leap to authentic living and leading. In the process, we learn how to recover our original DNA success blueprint, develop our Power Intelligence while we develop new authentic leaders, and create a quality life of health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity that benefits all.  

Dr. Brenda Believes the future looks bright. All we need to do - is to claim it. 

Everyone is invited.

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Reinventing myself and redefining my calling

At the pinnacle of my career, I was left paralyzed after a serious accident in which various neck vertebrae were shattered. The biggest wake-up call was when the doctors told me that after many weeks, I had not begun to heal. The reason was that I was so burned out, the DNA in each cell, responsible for growth and healing, did not have the energy to duplicate. This not only meant that I was not healing, it meant that I was slowly dying. The shock of this discovery changed my life forever. 

It became evident that I had overspent and depleted my life force by working too hard and taking care of others. This needed to stop if I ever wanted to heal and even walk again. I needed to take back my power wrongly invested in projects and people, and not taking care of myself. Although the term power Intelligence was coined earlier, PI now came to life as I used all the skills and tools in the book Power Intelligence, to not only heal my depleted DNA but to also rediscover who I was as my authentic self, what my true calling and purpose were and how to redefine and redesign a new life after the accident. A let go of many relationships and things that were important to me at that time. I knew I needed to not only change my whole mindset but also embark on a new path -  a spiritual path. Slowly my energies were restored and I began to heal.


This not only taught me to set boundaries but to also keep negative and destructive people and processes out of my personal space. Not only did I begin to heal, but the newfound Power Intelligence mindset, skills, and tools also slowed down the aging process.    

It took nearly a year to heal and to learn to walk again. During this time in traction, I decided to turn it into an opportunity to only re-invent myself but to also use the time for further research and development. I focussed on the importance of the role that our original, authentic, DNA blueprint plays in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. This was based on the findings of the Human Genome Project that our DNA is not fixed but can change, develop, and be maximized. This means that we all have the ability to not only heal our DNA, but with a higher level of consciousness, and a new mindset that includes the right tools and skills, we can recover the power and potential of our authentic self encoded in our original DNA blueprint. 

During this time it became evident that we all have an authentic blueprint of health, wealth, happiness, and success encoded as a DNA success print in every cell of our body. By re-inventing myself, I not only overcame my injuries but also redefined my calling, purpose, and commitment to the service of the greater good and of all people. It was my privilege to publish all this information in the books, New Success DNA, New Leadership DNA, and Power Intelligence - harnessing the power of the miracle mind. Since then many other books have followed. 

Now, I am re-entering the marketplace with all this new, cutting-edge information, that include books, training courses, presentations, and assessment and to be of service to individuals, groups, teams, companies, organizations, and leaders, who are ready to take the leap into a future of infinite possibilities. 


The future looks very bright. You are invited to join us on this exciting journey with me that promises to be an adventure. 


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My Story
Audience Applauding

Over the years, Dr. Brenda has received various awards and accolades. However, Dr. Brenda sees her greatest contribution as being of service during the transformation of South Africa and the peaceful transition of power under the leadership of Nelson Mandela. Her facilitation, training, development, and transformational work in companies, organizations, government departments, including the training of new leaders, was awarded the 'Professional Businesswoman of the Year Award'.

Since then, Dr. Brenda has continued her work in raising awareness while laying a new foundation for the transition to the next level of authenticity encoded as our DNA success-blueprint that includes health, wealth, happiness, and success for all.






For many years Dr. Brenda has been a well-known inspirational and keynote speaker. After her accident, she not only redefined and re-invented herself, she also redefined her speaking themes and priorities. Although Dr. Brenda as a wide speaking repertoire that covers many speaking topics, her main speaking subjects include:

  • How to coach yourself to ultimate success. Recovering your DNA success-blueprint.

  • Authentic leadership. How to recover your DNA leadership-blueprint.

  • Power Intelligence. The intelligence of the future.

  • Humanity's leap to authenticity. Where do you stand?

Brenda believes in exciting, informative, interactive speaking sessions that leave the audience transformed, inspired, and invigorated.

Inspiratonal keynote speaker

Qualified Psychologist

Authentic Leadership

Training & Development

As the era of authenticity shines a light on ego-driven power-mongering leaders and the damage they cause, so does the importance of developing and training authentic leaders become imperative. However, this calls for a whole new mindset, skills, and tools – even a new intelligence –  Power Intelligence. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the authentic leader. The world is waiting for authentic leaders to take their place. An authentic leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way to authentic living and quality life.

Find all the necessary books, courses, and training material that include the necessary skills and tools, now available to develop authentic leaders who will take us into a bright new future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to recover your DNA leadership blueprint while taking in your place as an authentic, liberating, leader.

Business Meeting
Authentic Leadership
Stang-up Meeting



The focus of organizational development is undergoing fundamental and radical change. Companies, organizations, and businesses need to redefine, restructure, and realign to stay productive and successful while flourishing in an ever-changing environment. The truth is that the fundamental DNA success-blueprint of organizations is changing.

 In the process, we have not only developed the necessary training material, but also the assessment tools necessary to maintain steady growth and development that secures the productivity and sustainability of the organization now, and in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how to re-align your company’s DNA success-blueprint and secure success.     

Learn more
Organisational Development



Dr. Brenda also specializes in relationship counseling and marriage coaching. She believes that - If the magic was there once before – it can be found again'. Family coaching is included in her package of services. For Dr. Brenda, it is important to build healthy, fully functional families as families are the cornerstones of a healthy society and flourishing social community.

Empty Chairs
Relationship counseling
Open Book



More than fifteen books have been published, that highlight the fact that we have an authentic self with a blueprint-plan for our life encoded as or original DNA success-blueprint. The fact that we became disconnected is now becoming visible in problems, struggles, conflict, and disarray. By addressing these issues in our personal life, marriage, relationships, and/or organizational development, we begin to recover our original DNA success-blueprint of health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. Books that have already seen the light include...




Her commitment to research, development, and the uncovering of truth, has contributed to Dr. Brenda Hattingh, becoming an influential thought leader. Her academic background includes a Ph.D.  in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education. In an Honours degree, she focussed on Psychometrics and analytics. A B.Sc. Degree in Natural and Medical Sciences including neuroscience, neuropsychology, and genetics. 

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This master class includes:

* Your workbook

* Masterclass presentation 

* Daily Power Tools for Power People


In less than 45 min your life will be transformed forever.

The script is included for our hearing impaired colleagues. 

Dr. Brenda Hattinh is committed to the development of inspired thinkers and leaders. These are people who know the way, go the way, and show the way to authentic living and leading. It promises to be an exciting, entertaining, informative, and transformative experience for Brenda and the audience as she once again re-enters the marketplace and takes in her place on the platforms of life.    

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