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‘During her career of more than 30-years, Dr. Brenda Hattingh has been known to bring a new mindset, ground-breaking insights, and cutting edge skills and tools as part of her dedication to empowering people companies, and organisations to recover their original DNA success blueprint while securing a new season of health, wealth, and happiness that benefits all.

She has presented keynote addresses, presentations, and workshops, not only on national stages but also address international audiences across the globe. 

“I am committed to inspiring people to take the leap to Authentic Living and Leading while creating health, wealth, peace, and prosperity that benefits all”

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Keynote topic:


The key to ultimate success and happiness



Over the years, Dr. Brenda has graced many platforms as an inspirational and motivational speaker at conferences, workshops, and events. She has also been a keynote speaker at various national and international academic and business conferences. Highlights include presenting 'Power Intelligence - the intelligence of the future' at the International Psychology Conference, in Brussels.

One of her most memorable presentations was at TEDx with the presentation 'DNA - The potential for authentic leaders to emerge'.  Due to technical issues, the presentation was unfortunately not published. However, the overall TEDx theme of being UNAPOLOGETIC about your message inspired her to continue on this path of inspiring others to take the leap to authentic living and leading by recovering our original DNA success-blueprint.   


"To speak at TEDx Pretoria is one of the most exciting experiences. Not only meeting enthusiastic, creative, and inspiring people - but here we find 'ideas worth spreading'. I first had to get to know something about TED TALKS. What a phenomenon! I learned to be UNAPOLOGETIC! Here bright new, mind-boggling ideas - are welcome!

The day at TEDx - the mind-shifting, short-talk phenomenon - was a day of welcoming disruptive ideas and bold new voices challenging a business-savvy audience to reboot their thoughts and actions to meet the needs, now, and in the future. The theme was ‘UNAPOLOGETIC’.


"Unapologetic" is about being unconventional, going against the grain and taking a stand while remaining true to oneself; and expressing this in a manner that will elicit liberated receptivity. It is about unapologetically championing for the greater good.

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25th international congress of psychology

Brussels, Belgium

"A holistic approach to personality development and life-coping behaviour during change."

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International Conference of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society

Cairo, Egypt

"Self management: A holistic approach to coping with stress and anxiety during change."

Image by Omar Elsharawy
Image by Hu Chen

8th international conference of the society for educational research


"The paradigm shift to holistic integrated Education: Meeting the challenge of diversity."

Image by Finding Dan | Dan Grinwis

international psycology conference

Cape Town, South Africa

'The emerging New Success DNA. What all psychologists should know.'

'Power Intelligence: Activating New Success DNA.'

'Ageing. Pain or pleasure?'


Keynote and workshop topic


The key to ultimate success and happiness


Keynote and workshop topic

Authentic leadership

Recovering your DNA leadership-blueprint


Keynote and workshop topic

Hunanity's leap to authentic living & leading

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Keynote and workshop topic


The Intelligence of the future


What do people say?



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keynote addresses and academic papers

South Africa

National conference of PASA: University of Pretoria.


  • "A Holistic approach to personality development, life-coping behaviour and a quality lifestyle." 

  • "Selfkennis: Die sleutel tot lewenskwaliteit en beroepsproduktiwiteit. 

National Conference of the Education Society:


  • "Opvoeding en die opvoedkunde: 'n Nuwe perspektief vir  'n nuwe Suid-Afrika."

Institute National Conference of PASA:


  • "Die Opvoedkundige-Sielkunde: 'n Holistiese model"


National Conference of the Education Society. Stellenbosch '93

  • "The paradigm shift and resistance to change: Discovering the future in Education.'


Institute for Personnel Management: Working Women's Convention. Durban.

  • "Be a winner – releasing the power of success.' 


International Conference: Educational Psychology:

UNISA: Pretoria.

  •  "Healer –first heal yourself”

  •  "Moving from dependence and co-dependence towards healing.'

International PSYSSA conference: Caesar’s Convention Centre: Johannesburg.

  • Beyond co-dependence to interdependence and synergy""

  • 'Healer – first heal yourself”

  • 'Power Intelligence – The challenge of the future'

  • 'Discovering the "G-spot" in leadership – The ultimate challenge'


International PSYSSA Conference: Caesar’s Convention Centre: Johannesburg.

  • 'Coaching – Get a coach and get to the top'

  • 'Power Intelligence: Utilizing potential. New Challenges for leadership and management'

  • 'Psycho-somatic Psychology vs. Psycho-spiritual Psychology: new challenges for training and practice?'


The Independent Psychological Association of Southern Africa. Bi-annual Conference. Pretoria.

Keynote speaker:

  • Topic: Power Intelligence. The intelligence of the future

Conference for SA Council for Industrial Psychology and Organizational Behaviour.  Pretoria.

  • Pre-conference workshop; Power Intelligence - utilising infinite potential

  • Paper 1: Power Intelligence: Discovering the "G-spot" in leadership

  • Paper 2: Power Intelligence: life coaching. New challenges for Industrial Psychology

Southern Africa Institute for Management Services (SAIMAS) Conference: Rustenburg.

  • Keynote speaker: Power Intelligence. Discovering the "G-spot" in Leadership

PSYSSA Conference: Durban. 

  • Pre-conference workshop: Power Intelligence; The seven levels of success

  • Paper 1: Power Intelligence: energy engineering. New challenges for Psychologists, Academics, PSYSSA, and HPCSA

  • Paper 2. Power Intelligence: Discovering new paths to healing


PSYSSA Conference: Cape Town. 

Pre-Conference workshop: 

  • Power Intelligence: Success Therapy –simpler, better faster:


  • Power Intelligence; Soul Centred Therapy - harnessing the power of purpose

  • Power Intelligence: The Psychologist as leader. New challenges for training and development.


Education: SACPO Conference: Durban.

Keynote speaker

Power Intelligence; Energising Education


PSYSSA Conference: Johannesburg.

  • Paper  1. Power intelligence; Leadership and Alchemy

  • Paper 2. Power Intelligence: The seven levels of leadership


SIOPSA Conference. CT CSIR International Convention Centre. 

  • Paper: The Power Intelligence Profile and conjoint analysis: Implementations and implications


Conference: Women in Engineering. Johannesburg.

  • Organized by the UJ. Department of Engineering

  • Keynote address: New leadership DNA – do you have it and how to develop it


SIOPSA: Conference CSIR

Cape Town CSIR International Convention Centre. 



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