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Prof. SV Grey

Vice-Dean Faculty of Medicine

University of Pretoria


"Dear Brenda.

Personally, I would just like to thank you once again for the special training seminar you presented to us. There was food for thought for every single one of us. With your spontaneous and authentic way of presenting this information, you succeeded in silencing even the harshest of critics – a great accomplishment for sure.  


Once again, I want to thank you. It meant so much to me personally.


Prof SV Grey"

T.E Motumi

Deputy Director-General

South African Defence Secretariat

Policy and Planning Devision


"Dear Dr. Hattingh,

Just a short note to thank you for your keynote address at the Policy Writers Course. I received positive feedback from instructors and clients alike. They particularly appreciated your down to earth and interactive approach, the sound practical advice, and the challenge that you gave regarding the unlocking of personal potential as a means to awaken and achieve personal and professional ambitions. Hopefully, your input will result in a wave of achievers who, in reaching their personal dreams, will elevate policy formulation in the department to new heights.


Yours sincerely.


T.E Motumi

Deputy Director General"

Maj. Gen. HEsselman

South African Department of Defence

Directorate - Career Development


"Dr. Brenda Hattingh.

On the behalf of all employees of Directorate Career Development of the South African Defence Force, I wish to express my sincerest gratitude for your keynote address.

Motivation, the uplifting of morale, and the improvement of self-management skills to handle change are the most important challenges that are facing any worker in our working environment. Your opening session addressed all these aspects and was found most interesting and uplifting by all.

It is my sincere belief that the session made an enormous impact on the way some employers think about themselves as well as their behavior within a team. We look forward to the next session and believe that it will be just as inspiring and meaningful.


Faithfully yours.


Maj Gen Kasselman"


My husband and I met Brenda when our extended family was going through a traumatic experience that broke my heart and shattered our families.

She assisted us in handling this very traumatic incident, and we could cope better with the situation.  

During my one-on-one sessions with Brenda, I learned a lot about my character and the way I handle situations/drama and/or uncomfortable situations.  I have learned to think before I react and that it is not necessary in life to always respond to family messages and/or their conversations.

I have also learned that over the years that by living in my own little world, I moved away from the love that my husband has for me and he became a stranger in my world. With our sessions and Brenda’s honesty and openness, I got to know my husband again and realised the values I have in him.

With regards to the traumatic incident in our family, Brenda also taught me to be free from hate and to forgive those who have hurt me. Feeling liberated from this trauma, has made me a much better person and I am in a MUCH better place in my life. In fact I am now in the BEST place of my life.

Ps. Because of my senior position in our company, I’m not allowed to include any personal details.

HennRI Kriel

After all the courses I have attended in my career, I’ve gained the most from Brenda’s presentations.


Thank you, Brenda, for this most enjoyable and meaningful course. I now have the guts to stand up and take in my place.


Brenda succeeded in maintaining our goals with insightful and relevant everyday examples of how to implement this information in our lives and work. Personally, I’ve learned so much in this course and will follow up soon with the next level.

Jutta Knoll

Project Manager

'The Power Intelligence Courses are of very high value.  Brenda is a passionate and engaging coach. Her courses are always well presented, clear, and also challenging.  They include workshops to reflect on the information provided. Her powerful meditation forces me to connect on a very deep level. I have attended several of her courses and would highly recommend them for anyone interested in understanding human behavior, their own included.'



Author & Speaker

"I had six coaching sessions with Dr. Hattingh. She was devastatingly accurate and on point with all her observations of my situation. She helped me work through a bunch of blockages that were tripping me up. As a result, I 'cleaned house' and put her strategies into action in my life. As a consequence, my intuition and confidence have increased by multiples and the changes in my life are quite astounding.


Go to Dr. Hattingh ... you'll be glad you did."


CEO of Grapefoor & Artist

"We all need to renew our minds from time to time and get new information on how change is happening to the world and to us and how to adjust to that.

In this regard, I was fortunate that the knowledge and information I received from Dr. Brenda Hattingh over a period of 22 years, helped me to make career changes and to grow in person to be a leader and owner of my own business. I attended workshops and read the books as well as done a coarse in new DNA and leadership.


Thank you Brenda for your insight, help and support."


Billy & Maureen Paulson

Community Developers

"I met Dr. Brenda Hattingh in 1992 when I was involved with YDO (Youth Development Outreach) in Eersterust Pretoria. My wife and I attended one of Dr. Hattingh’s workshops. This workshop not only changed my paradigm towards my involvement with community matters, but Dr. Hattingh was also very instrumental in my/our personal self-development. It was during one of these workshops that my wife had the opportunity to connect with her family that she never met before.

In essence, we highly recommend Dr. Hattingh’s services."


Brenda presented this information with so much compassion and confidence and on a level, we could all understand. What a mouthful! Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us. My eyes have opened and with this information. I can see myself growing out of this hole I dug for myself.

W.J. Honniball

Brenda, Thank you for this very meaningful training. Not only have I greatly benefitted by this experience, but my staff has been inspired by this priceless information.


I now have a sound foundation to build on further. Are there any upcoming courses in conflict management, self-assertiveness, and stress management? I now new skills to further sort out my inner chaos. Thank you! 

PROF. Annette van der merwe

Law Professor

"Through the example of her own life as well as her style of directly confronting the situation at hand, did Dr. Brenda Hattingh played a big role in my personal development, over many years. I could address toxic relationships and old pain, make drastic decisions while developing new insight and perspective. I am grateful my path crossed hers as a professional life and leadership coach."


Kobus Goosen

Business Consultant

"I met Dr. Brenda Hattingh Hattingh in the late ’80s and made use of her services as a business facilitator and coach up and till I retired from my leadership position. Currently, I am a business consultant.  Looking back today, I see that our meeting was a blessing in disguise for me, my family, my teams as well as the businesses for which I was responsible.


Dr. Brenda was the one facilitator who not only listened but also heard the people in front of her. She saw that the man before her was going to destroy himself and his teams because he was an unbalanced driver. She saw that I was going to totally burn myself out and took action with direct conversations, coaching, and mentoring. This not only saved my life but also my family and colleagues.


Since then, I have found balance and now understand that it is a continuous process of growth and development. After that, and also very recently, colleagues remarked, “Kobus is not always that fast, but he is always consistent.”    


The teams and groups with whom I worked over the years, gained long-lasting benefit from Brenda’s interventions in team sessions and on a personal level.


What I learned from Dr. Brenda is BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE and to make sure how you fit into the ‘Big Picture’ so that you not only make a difference but that it has to be a positive difference." 



"I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank Dr. Hattingh for her recent workshops on ‘Power Parenting’ which deeply empowered us, as parents!


Dr. Hattingh’s presentation was very meaningful in that it made me realise what the true value of an open and honest relationship between parents and their kids, really mean. 


Developing a positive mindset, active listening, and true support all create a flow of trust that makes children believe in their abilities."



Landscape Architect

CEO. Business Owner

I was in a very dark and depressing place when I met Brenda in 2007. I don’t know where I would have been today without Brenda’s help. She picked me up from the ashes.  Over the years, I gained so much insight and encouragement from our meetings, coaching, mentoring sessions, and workshops.   Today, with a sincere heart I can say – I’ve reached the top! Today I am the CEO of my multi-million dollar company.  

Brenda supported me, was my soundboard, my life coach, and encouraged me on every single level of my personal life and my career.

I could trust her on my spiritual journey with my whole heart. She envelopes you with so much love and respect that I cannot put it into words.

I owe my life to her.

Thank you that you brought the best out in me, Brenda. We love you.



Industrial Psychologist

Brenda has the ability to blend our lives into a holistic, balanced and practical model to meet the challenges we face. She understands the complexities of our lives and can assist with coping mechanisms.


Lawyer at the Department of Justice/ Communiy Developer

I am a layer and employed by the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. My role is to assist with the implementation of the Sexual Offences legislation and gender-based violence and Femicide. The aim is to prevent the prevalence of sexual offenses against children, the elderly, and persons living with disabilities. Combined with my role as mother of two and my community projects, it became inevitable that I would burn myself out. I was diagnosed with hypertension, depression, anxiety and had frequent panic attacks.   

Afterlife coaching sessions with Dr. Brenda, my life has never been the same again. This information taught me some valuable biblical principles to love Christ, self, and others. Prior to receiving life coaching, I used to love others more than myself. She taught me how to maintain balance and healthy relations with family, at home, and at work.

The coaching sessions with Dr. Brenda also assisted me in finding my identity in Christ and my life purpose. It equipped me with leadership and financial skills to manage my life and raise my children. These are just some of my key achievements I acquired from our life coaching sessions.

 I compliment Dr. Hattingh for, after our sessions, I managed to buy a house for my children. This also assisted me in supporting my daughter who is currently studying her final year for her Medical degree. It spilled over to include my son who currently owns his own photography and designing studio, despite being dyslexic.

 The life coaching program with Dr. Brenda has assisted me to be hardworking and dedicated to my work and the Children's Church Ministry that I have been heading.

I am so blessed.


Lynette Roeloffze

Auditor/ Senior Risk Manager

Brenda was like a shining light in the dark when I first went to see her and I’m grateful for our paths that crossed. After every coaching session, that later felt like visiting a friend, I felt more and more empowered. In her quiet but straightforward and realistic manner, Brenda gave me the tools until I learned how to identify what I needed to focus on, what needed to be addressed and I now develop my own plans and strategies. With her guidance and support, I’ve grown so much as a person and my emotional intelligence has multiplied. Although I don’t see her so regularly anymore, our conversations are still with me. Every day I still grow from this information.

What a privilege it is to have Brenda as part of my arsenal for life. As Brenda says, …. “A life lesson is only complete when you have passed the test.” I still learn new life lessons every day, but I have also passed many tests by using the advice, skills and tools   Brenda has given me.

Judy Seopa

Ph.D Student

The coaching sessions with Dr. Brenda really helped to hone and developing leadership skills in my work. I have since registered for my Ph.D. of which I believe will allow me to make a significant impact in my area of expertise. I am grateful to have crossed paths with her and I will definitely continue to consult with her as a regard her as a Mentor to me.


Theresa Prinsloo

Music Maestro

Dear Brenda...I have learned so many life-changing things from you.... first as a fellow teacher, then as therapist and life coach, and in the end, as a very dear friend! What stands out to me is the image that you taught me to keep in my mind’s eye. To see myself wrapped in light/ when somebody hurts me it cannot go through the cottonwool. We then decided to send all the toxic arrows back to the person that tried to hurt me - with love! I now do that as second nature!

Another thing you taught me is the circles in my life. In the centre is the real me, the who I Am, my authentic self as most important. Then I decide who comes next in order of importance to me: eg the second one is my husband, etc.... Because I have learned that this order determines the happiness of my whole life! Scary! But true! There are so many things ...but in the taught me the value and meaning of true friendship over so many years!!!


We immediately need to follow up on what we have learned with next level training. I have now made all this information my own.


Director: Internationale Trade

Dept Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


My sessions with Dr.Brenda were especially valuable in finding myself and becoming aware that I am of value, value and can make a contribution to my work, my immediate surroundings, and the broader community.  I also learned to address and deal with any problem I am confronted with.   


Dr. Hattingh’s book, Power Intelligence, changed my life.  I read it for the first time 16 years ago, and still live by the knowledge I've gained from it.  I was lucky enough to attend a workshop by Dr. Hattingh a few years ago. She is truly a remarkable woman.  Her wisdom combined with her honest and sincere way of presenting is highly memorable.



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