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Dr. Brenda Hattingh

The Author

IDr. Brenda has published more than fifteen books that highlight the fact that we have an authentic self with a blueprint-plan for our life encoded as or original DNA success-blueprint. The fact that we became disconnected is now becoming visible in problems, struggles, conflict, and disarray. By addressing these issues in our personal life, marriage, relationships, and/or organizational development, we begin to recover our original DNA success-blueprint of health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. These books aim to bring a new mindset and a  deeper understanding to those who have chosen to embark on this exciting journey of authentic living and leading. 





The era of Authenticity is here. Everything you need to live an authentic life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity is encoded as a DNA-blueprint in every cell. Our DNA success-blueprint connects us to our own unique power and potential on the one side while connecting us to our universal origins, power, and potential on the other side. We have an authentic self, just waiting to be recovered and put to work. At the same time authentic leaders are emerging and taking in their place to show the way.

Unfortunately, humanity became disconnected from this universal gift. The shadow -dwellers created a shadow ego-self living a delusional life of misinformation, lies, discord, abuse of power, conflict, poverty, and corruption. The time is here to stop and turn this downward spiral around while creating a new vision of a prosperous future of health, wealth, and happiness, that benefits all, including nature.

This series of books, 'Authentic Living and Leading' developed out of the last 20 years of intense research and development. Here you find not only the fundamental information of authentic living and leading encoded as our DNA-blueprint, but you also find the skills and tools you will need to to create a turnaround and inspire a leap into this new future.

Although the series is titled Authentic Living and Leading, each book covers a specific topic each person needs to master. This is all supported by webinars, podcasts, courses, and coaching.You are invited to join this path of authentic living and leading while we take hands with like-minded people and rewrite history. Enjoy the adventure.

Book 1 TheAuthenticSelf Who am I.jpg


the Authentic self

Who am I?

Book 1 TheAuthenticSelf Who am I.jpg


The Authentic Self. Who am I?

The era of authenticity is here. Not only does this signify a whole new mindset, but it also includes a paradigm shift and a quantum leap - a leap into a whole new dimension. Some people will be able to make this leap. Others will stay behind.

The questions are. What is authenticity? Who is my authentic self? Where does it come from? Where is it going and why? How does my authentic self determine my success and happiness? What about the shadow egos-self? What has my DNA-blueprint had to do with this all?

In this book, you will find answers to all these questions and more. Not only will you experience a mind shift, even a transformation – you will be elevated to a whole new level. This is the time for transcendence.

More than 17 years have been spent on this research. Now you are invited to join this adventure of discovering your authentic self while taking hands with like-minded people.

Livind and learning
Book 2 The Authentic Self Couching yours


The Authentic Self.

Learning to coach yourself to ultimate success.

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown caught humanity unaware. This experience has placed us on red alert. Things can change in a moment and … you need to think on your feet while you stay fully functional. The truth is, only an authentic person who is consciously connected to their DNA success-blueprint, can stay fully functional, productive, and successful.


The reason is, we all have a shadow ego-self that is disconnected, dysfunctional, and folds under pressure. This is the side of self we need to overcome. The side of self who makes your decisions will determine the outcome and quality of your life.


The question is: How do we secure and maintain our peak functionality and performance under all and every circumstance? By learning who you are as an authentic person and how to coach yourself, you not only elevate and maintain your peak functionality and success level, you also create a quality future that benefits all.


This is the second book in the series, Authentic Living and Leading. Here you find, not only a new mindset but also the skills and tools you will need to think on your feet while you coach yourself to ultimate success. You are invited to join the adventure.

Book 3 Authentic Leadership recovering y



Recovering your DNA leadership-blueprint. 

The era of authenticity is here to stay. At the same time, our DNA success-blueprint is undergoing an 'upgrade'. Humanity is making a major leap to the next season of consciousness that includes health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity that benefits all.It is time for authentic leaders to take in their place and show the way.Currently, the world is in turmoil. Unfortunately, current leadership theories, perspectives, books, conferences, and contributions, have done little to alleviate the global leadership dilemma and/or prepare leaders for this leap.


The question is: Why hasn’t a multibillion-dollar leadership development industry, succeeded in producing real, authentic, quality leaders. The reason is that they have been looking in the wrong place for answers. The answer lies in recovering your authentic self and DNA leadership-blueprint. Current mindsets are being challenged as we undergo not only a paradigm shift but a quantum leap into a new future. Some will be able to make this shift while others will say behind.


True authentic leadership is encoded as a DNA blueprint in every cell. However, we became disconnected from this major part of self. The world has primarily been running on delusional shadow-ego-self power, that is also destructive. Now the challenge is to recover our authentic DNA leadership-blueprint while laying a new foundation for a new world that not only benefits us now but also generations to come.It has taken nearly 20 years of research to finally present to you the series Authentic Living in Leading.


Here, in book 3, you will not only find all the fundamental information you will need to take the leap to the next season of human consciousness, but you also receive all the skills and tools you will need to recover your DNA leadership-blueprint. This will enable you to take in your place as an authentic leader and make the difference you have always wanted to make.You are invited to take hands and join the adventure.

Book - Authentic Leadersip Recovering
Book 4 Authentic leadership Humanity's l


Authentic LEADERSHIP. Humanity's leap to Authenticity: Where do you stand? 

The era of authenticity is here to stay. Although many are introducing the 'authentic self' and 'authentic leadership', few know where authenticity and the authentic self is, and how to find it – up and till now. The authentic self is encoded as our original DNA-blueprint that holds all the information for health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. Unfortunately, we became disconnected and created an alternative universe ruled by the shadow ego-self.


The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call. Humanity cannot continue on this road of self-destruction any longer. It is time for something new. Humanity is undergoing a quantum leap to a new level of understanding. We are in the process of accessing our original authentic DNA blueprint-self while creating a quality life.


However, the shadow ego-self is a hard taskmaster and won’t easily let go. This means that not everyone will make this leap, and some will stay behind. This has a far-reaching effect on relationships, businesses, communities, companies, organisations. politics and leadership. This also calls for new authentic leaders to stand up and take in their place.


In Part 1 of this book, you will find an outline of the change, transformation, and quantum leap that humanity is now experiencing. In part two you will find an outline of who will make this leap and who will stay behind. Guidelines on how to manage these changes are also included. The question is: Where do you stand?


Authentic Living.

Success, Miracles and Spiritual laws.

The era of authenticity is here. Humanity is not only undergoing a mind-shift, but a whole quantum leap is taking place. In the process, people are recovering their DNA success-blueprint. New, authentic leaders are emerging. These are our new pathfinders and mapmakers leading us into a whole new future. Part of this new future is the ability to create miracles.


As the shift takes place, new laws become evident. Up and till now, humanity has mainly been living by their own laws, the law of the shadow ego-self. Now a shift is taking place in who the lawmaker is. People will now begin to live the next season of success and happiness, by adhering to spiritual laws. These are the laws of authenticity, truth, honesty, and integrity. These are the laws of the authentic self.


In this book, you will find answers to the questions What is authentic living? What is authentic success? Why does ‘success’ differ from person to person? What is a miracle? What are the spiritual laws that govern a quality life and miracles? How can I create a life of health, wealth, happiness, and quality living? Can I become a miracle maker? How? Some people will stay behind. Others will make the leap. Where do you stand? You are invited to join this adventure and join hands with like-minded people.

Book 5 Authentic Living Success, miracle
Abstract City Lights
Cover. new Success DNA.jpg


The new

success dna

Do you have it and how to develop it. 

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This master class includes:

* Your workbook

* Masterclass presentation 

* Daily Power Tools for Power People


In less than 45 min your life will be transformed forever.

The script is included for our hearing impaired colleagues. 

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