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Self-coaching 9. How to sharpen your must-have POWER TOOLS to maintain advantage

Self-coaching. 9. How to sharpen your must-have POWER TOOLS to maintain cutting edge advantage

The emerging of a new DNA-success blueprint introduces a whole new era of success. Nothing will ever be the same again. While some people will stay behind, others are already moving forward and synergising with the genetic shift.[i] This new group of thinkers and leaders is not only developing new power tools[ii], but they are also learning how to sharpen these tools to gain maximum benefit[iii] from all the power and potential now at our disposal.

The question is, how do we sharpen our power tools? What is ultimate success?


In previous articles, we found that we have a DNA blueprint that holds the keys to all our health, wealth, happiness, and success. Unfortunately, we became disconnected. Scientists named these disconnected parts, junk genes. Two sides of self, developed. One side is still connected while the other side is disconnected. We are now learning the importance of who we really are and to coach yourselves. See the series of articles on self-coaching, below.[iv]

Authentic self vs shadow ego-self

The connected, centred, and grounded, real-me, authentic self holds our DNA success blueprint. Here we find the keys to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. On the other hand, we find the shadow ego-self that is disconnected and creates a life of struggle and survival. These two parts of self are in opposition and conflict.

Who rules the world?

They not only have two different perspectives, but two opposing, mindsets, heart-sets, and value systems. Up and till now, the shadow ego-self has been ruling most of our decision-making processes. It has not only been ruling our lives but has also been ruling the world.

Our junk DNA is waking up

Now, there is a wake-up call. A genetic shift is taking place. Clock genes are activating our junk genes that in return, are not only reconnecting but new power and potential are being released as we speak.

The question is, what must we do with all this new power and potential, that includes new opportunities? The answer is, we need to develop a whole new mindset, heart-set, value system, and a new skill set that includes new power tools. To harness and utilize all this power, we also need a whole new definition of success.

The truth about success

In the previous article, we found that the true meaning of success is to become fully functional. We also focussed on the nine must-have power tools we need to power boost us to the next level.

These nine tools are:

The question is, how do we develop and sharpen these power tools to gain a cutting-edge advantage? The answer is, we need to become more aware, more conscious. We need to fine-tune our focus. It is like finding the right wavelength of your favourite radio station on your radio. Once you have the right station, you finetune the settings until you get a clear signal, a clear message. It is as easy as that!

The shadow ego-self and self-sabotage

Unfortunately, our shadow ego-self causes distortion, inner noise, and turmoil. This is to protect itself from being exposed as the imposter in your life. The shadow ego-self will do everything and anything to prevent you from not only getting connected but also prevent you from finetuning your new power tools and skills.

It will even try to sabotage anything you try to do to move forward and upward. Why? The shadow ego-self is addicted to negativity, conflict, and chaos. It knows that the shift to authentic living, calls for honesty, truth, and integrity that will mean its demise.

Shadow ego-dwellers - fearful of authenticity

Shadow ego-dwellers are fearful of the new genetic shift and the leap to authenticity. They also see the whole movement to authenticity, love, compassion, honesty, truth, integrity, and a positive future as powerless and even inferior. The reason is that their main power tools are violence in the form of intimidation, manipulation, corruption, and abuse. This makes them feel in control and in charge. The shadow ego-self will not let go of this power position without a struggle – even a battle.

Get over your ego

This means that to finetune your power tools and skills, you need to get over yourself. Get over your shadow ego-self. Disconnected from its control in your life. Take back your power from false ideas, erroneous mindsets, and tools, outworn, inappropriate values systems. Get to know who you really are – your authentic self.

Some will be able to heal, elevate and take control over their egos by connecting to and living their authentic self. Others will stay behind.

Authentic leaders now emerging

The return to authenticity will therefore bring division between those who are ready to make the leap and others who are still burdened with a lot of baggage and negativity. So, we need to remember that different people, partners, groups, businesses, societies, governments, and even countries, move at different paces. The pace of the transition will all depend on the quality of the leadership. This is water-shedding time.

Real, authentic leaders are now emerging. We can expect that the process will not only speed up and gain momentum, it will also bring clarity of who is part of the problem and who is part of the solution. Our new pathfinders, mapmakers, and solution-seekers are also developing a whole new intelligence.

A new emerging intelligence

To finetune our power tools, we not only need a whole new mindset with new skills and tools, but we also have to develop a whole new intelligence – Power Intelligence (PI). Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future.

Power Intelligence, the intelligence of the future

We already have rational intelligence (IQ) referring to our right and left brain functioning and Emotional Intelligence(EQ) referring to the awareness of how emotions play in our everyday life. Since 2000 a new intelligence started to emerge, Power Intelligence (PI). The fact that the emerging of PI coincided with the release of the results of the Human Genome Project, is by no coincidence. The book, Power Intelligence. Mastering your miracle mind contains all the necessary information and provides answers to your questions.

What is Power Intelligence?

Power Intelligence is the conscious ability to recover and utilize our original DNA success blueprint. Power Intelligence is all about taking back our power from false perceptions, erroneous programs, and mindless thinking, outworn values, untruths, half-truths, lies, while learning how to live an authentic, quality life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all. Power Intelligence is the conscious ability to connect to and utilize not only our personal power but also the power and potential of others and the universe. This is called Epigenetics.

Power Intelligence is the intelligence of authentic living and leading. Power Intelligence is the ability to take back your power, to think on your feet, turn setbacks into comebacks, stumbling blocks into steppingstones, and to flow with challenges and changes. This is resilience. More about this in the next articles.

With this new information, you need to decide - are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?

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Our next series focusses on how to develop your Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future

Till next time

Stay safe and stay connected.

Brenda Hattingh

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