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Keynote and workshop topic:

Authentic Leadership

Recovering your DNA leadership-blueprint

OVERVIEW. Leadership and orgnisational development


As the 'Big Lie' and the ‘Great Divide’ gains momentum it becomes more and more evident, that radical, fundamental changes are taking place. The ‘Big Lie’ also brings clarity where leadership is concerned. Some are real, authentic leaders while others are ego-driven, place-keepers.  

On the one hand, we have a group that is connected, centered, and grounded in truth, honesty, and integrity that aims at taking humanity forward to a new and brighter future. The other group lives the delusion and the 'Big Lie'. We have to choose who we are and whom we support and follow. 

On the other hand, we have a group that is committed to self-serving structures, procedures, and processes that benefit only the group.

One group takes us forward the other group secures self-destruction.

At the same time, science has revealed that we have a DNA-success-blueprint that holds the keys to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. When we are connected to this part of self – we move forward.

When we are disconnected, we erroneously create a shadow ego-self that has a delusional perception of life, health, wealth, happiness, and success.   

These two parts of self are constantly in a battle for control in our lives.

At the moment the shadow ego-self has won this battle and created a world of lies, deception, delusion, conflict, and destruction.

Now a new generation of leaders is emerging – authentic leaders. These are the people, groups, companies, and organizations that will take us into a brighter future that benefits everyone.

The question is:

How do we create and develop more authentic leaders?


In this keynote address we will cover:

  • What does the future hold?

  • What is leadership?

  • What and who is an authentic leader?

  • What role does our DNA-blueprint play in leadership?

  • Why did we become disconnected from our blueprint?

  • How do we recover our original DNA leadership-blueprint?

  • What are the differences between the ego-driven leader and the authentic leader?

  • Ten steps to recovering your DNA leadership-blueprint.


The audience will leave informed and inspired to recover their DNA leadership-blueprint while transforming their own lives and the lives of others. 


This presentation is supported by the book. Authentic leadership. Recovering your DNA leadership-blueprint.


Who should attend?

Anyone interested in creating a positive future that benefits all.


1,5 hours

Workshop: This topic is also available as a one or two-day in-house workshop

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Keynote and workshop topic


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Keynote and workshop topic

Authentic leadership

Recovering your DNA leadership-blueprint


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Keynote and workshop topic


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