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Day 6. Nelson Mandela Week. Learning to Love and be Loved

Today we celebrate day 6 of Nelson Mandela Week. Learning to love and be loved. Developing 7 levels of maturity.

People are looking for solutions in a world that is in chaos. However, we now know that about 90% of all people are part of the problem. A mere 10%+ is part of the solution.

The question is, What is the solution to current dilemmas people find in their lives and we find in business, and even countries? Once again, we can learn from Nelson Mandela.


At one of the darkest times in history, Nelson Mandela became a shining light that showed the way. Once again, a country like South Africa, and the global community, are going through a very dark period. Once again we can take heed of what Nelson Mandela brought to the world as the solution to all problems.

Nelson Mandela said, ‘, ‘The world is truly round and seems to start and end with those we love.’

If love and compassion are the answer, why do people find it so difficult to go the direct route and implement this in everyday life? The answer lies in understanding the seven levels of maturity and how it impacts our ability to love and be loved. The more conscious, mindful, emotionally mature, and spiritually enlightened we are, the more we can love and be loved - unconditionally. This is an ability we were born with. Children can love without restraint.

However, before we take a look at the levels of maturity, we first need to remind ourselves of the two sides of self

Two sides of self

On day 1 in the Celebration of Nelson Mandela week, we focussed on the emerging new DNA success-blueprint of our human genome. What also is evident is that we have two sides of self, and two kinds of people.

·The authentic self

On the one hand, we find people who are connected, centred, grounded, focussed, and committed to bringing solutions and a better future for all. These are people who can love and be loved. These are people who understand, forgive, accept and embrace the differences in others. These are people committed to honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity.

This is the authentic real-me self. We all have an authentic self, encoded as our original DNA blueprint gifted us by the Creator. Unfortunately, this part is expressed in about 10% of the population.

· Shadow ego-self

On the other side, we find people who are disconnected, negative, destructive, angry, frustrated, hateful, and fearful about the future. These are the people who blame, shame, discriminate, hate, and reject others in service of self-preservation. These people represent the disconnected shadow ego-self and represent about 90% of the population. We all have a shadow ego-self.

· Constant conflict

The authentic self and the shadow ego-self are in constant conflict. The side that makes the defining decisions, creates the world people live in. The chaos and destruction we are currently experiencing, are the result of people allowing their egos to take control.

· Call to stop

Now there is a wake-up call - a call to stop. It is time to hit the reset button. It is a turnaround time. Some will hear the call – others will continue on their destructive paths. However, we only need 20% of real, authentic people who are committed to honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity to create a critical mass that will tip the scales in a new direction.

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The answer lies in teaching people to take back their power and to learn to love and be loved, again. The challenge is to bring love and compassion back to the people. We need to re-educate a lost and lonely world. We need to learn how to love and be loves, once again.

Teaching people love and compassion

Nelson Mandel said,

‘People are taught to hate, and if they are taught o hate, they can be taught to love.’

The question is, how do we teach people love and compassion? The answer lies in understanding the vibe or frequency people are connected to and the level of maturity, consciousness, and awareness, they are functioning on. All that needs to be done is to raise the levels of consciousness steps-for-step. We need to make people aware of the power of love and compassion.

But first, we need to meet people just where they are.

The seven levels of love and maturity

Below we find the pyramid of human awareness, maturity, and development. Each level depicts the level of human consciousness and what they value and love. Please see the book, New Success DNA. Chapter 10 for more info.[1] Each level also represents the level of love and compassion – or the lack thereof.

The foundation. Value life

Right at the bottom, we find the foundation. This lies beneath the other levels of consciousness, values, and power. It also represents the survival mode. Here you choose to value and love life itself – or not. At this fundamental level, the basis for the rest to follow is already found here.

Some people value, love, and hold life in high regard. They will do anything to take care and even save a life. Here we find the value-system of 'do not harm'.

Others disregard life and are prepared to abuse, destruct, and/or even take the life of others if it serves their purpose. Some are even prepared to take their own life.

Here we need to teach people the value of life, especially the value of their own life as part of the greater good. Laying a sound foundation at the beginning will determine if a person leads a functional, successful life - or a dysfunctional, destructive life.

Any lasting changes need to be made at this level as a change in values – especially the value of life itself.

Level 1. Value the tribe

We are all born into a family, a tribe, and group consciousness. Here we find the love and power found within the group, team, tribe, or family. See day 3 for more info on the role of tribes and the tribal mind. Here we find the tribe, family, and/or group as part of the survival mode.

On this level, we find love for the family, team, religion, clan, culture, or tribe. On the negative side, we find destructive groups that include gangs, drug cartels, and crime syndicates. Here we find a tribal identity but no personal identity. People live here to belong.

Some people get stuck on this level - others can move forward and upward.

Level 2. Value relationships

On this level, we find one-on-one connections and personal relationships. This includes personal relationships of compassion, trust, commitment, and understanding, with friends, colleagues, partners, business associates, and significant others – including children.

* The authentic self

The love we find here is on a personal level. It could be brotherly love or include a deeper connection of companionship, partner, husband, or wife. Here we find intimacy, passion, and healthy sexuality that is expressed in a committed relationship.

* The shadow ego-self

On the shadow ego side, we find the abuse of people, systems, relationships, and sexuality, money, and even creativity. Many of our criminals have very creative minds. They are behind bars because they used this ability to harm others.

Relationship with money and possessions

On this level, we also find the relationship with power that includes money, possessions/stuff, and power positions. The shadow ego-self will abuse power, positions, and money to, not only survive but to boost the ego. Here we find corruption and destruction becoming visible.

On the other side, we find the real-me authentic self who is committed to healthy relationships and the responsible use of power, money, sex, and creativity. Here we find a relationship identity – but no real personal identity. Here people get married, just to be in a relationship and gain social status. The fear of being alone becomes evident on this level.

Some people get stuck on this level - others can move forward and upward.

Level 3. Love for self

On this level people begin to search for answers to the questions, Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my value? What difference can I make?

To answers these questions, we need to take a leap - out of the tribal mind into the individual mind. Here a person begins to think for themselves. This could be a very traumatic experience if they find that the previous levels laid a negative, even a destructive foundation.

There are only one of two choices - or they redesign a new foundation built on newfound values – or they revert back and stay in survival mode, in the tribal mind.

. The Authentic self

Here a person needs to learn the value of their individual, personal life. Here we learn to love for ourselves, the real-me, the authentic self. Here we find self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect, and self-mastery. Unfortunately, the shadow ego-self will intervene with self-doubt, self-rejection, self-denial, and even self-hate.

. The shadow ego-self

On the other hand, we find the shadow ego-self elevating itself to a god-like status. Here we find power-gods who are in-love with themselves. They need to rule and maintain power over others. These people look up to these leaders and represent the lower levels of human awareness. Many of our current leaders come from this power-god status they have claimed for themselves. Subservient, fearful, and ignorant followers keep their delusions in place.

Today we find many power-god tribal leaders leading the mindless masses on a downward spiral of destruction. The call is to stop and turn this around.

Some people get stuck on this level - others can move forward and upward.

Level 4. Love for people and nature

Only a person who has learned to value life and to love the self can access this level of care. On this level, we find the love for people – all people – and the love for nature.

· The authentic self

On this level, we find the authentic self, taking hands, caring, and preserving our tribal and cultural heritage. This includes art, music, dance, cuisine, literature, poetry, architecture, and other forms of personal, cultural, and human expression. Here we embrace differences. Authentic people have the ability to unite this all into a kaleidoscope of colour, movement, and sound that represents humanity in its glorious diversity.

The authentic self also has a deep connection to Mother Earth as part of the self. Here we find the love and caring for plants, animals, water resources, air, forests, rivers, oceans, and national parks. Green architecture, parks, and green areas in cities all form part of bringing nature into the urban jungle while creating balance.

· The shadow ego-self

The destructive effects of humanity on the equilibrium of Mother Earth have resulted in a hole in the ozone layer. The consequence of this ignorance and neglect is climate change. This is currently one of humanity’s major concerns.

Unfortunately, the shadow ego-self of humanity, still embracing lower levels of consciousness, ignores the delicate balance of our finely tuned echo systems. They continue to use, fossil fuels, insecticides, pesticides, plastics, and other substances that pollute our environment. Under-water sonar testing has recently killed many of our marine mammals that include dolphins and whales.

Here we need to learn how to love each other, love our diversity, and love nature.

Level 5. The love of truth and authenticity

On this level, we find the commitment to truth, honesty, integrity, authenticity, and justice. Here we find love and respect for the law.

· The authentic self

The authentic self is in search of truth for it knows, truth sets you free. Authentic people are not afraid of the truth, for herein lies progress and prosperity. Authentic people also love and respect the law, this includes judicial and also universal law. The path to freedom is the path of finding the truth.

Nelson Mandel called this path – The long Walk to Freedom.

On this level, we also find justice according to judicial and universal law. We find different judicial laws in different countries. However, there is only one universal law that applies to everyone. This is the 'law of the right use of power', the Universal Love-law. More about this on the next level.

Corruption, as the abuse of power, is punishable by law. This not only includes judicial law – but also universal law as we will see in the following step.

On this level, we also find the fine balance between punishment, and forgiveness and grace.

Nelson Mandela used the value system of this level when he chose to walk the path of truth and reconciliation. However, before he could bring this to the country and the world, he first needed to forgive his perpetrators. He also needed to forgive himself.

Madiba said, 'I knew that if I didn't let go of my anger and hate, I would remain in prison.'

· The shadow ego-self

Here the shadow ego-self writes its own laws and hands out justice in its own way. It sees itself above and beyond judicial and even universal laws. Warlords will not shy away from mass murders, executions, and unlawful imprisonment to protect themselves and what they have created from those they perceive as a threat.

In most countries where corruption is rampant, people think they are above the law of the land. This comes from the lower levels of tribal thinking where ego-driven leaders see themselves as power-gods and become laws unto the self.

This is also the level of education. It is of utmost importance, especially in the time of the Big Lie, to educate people in honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity.

About Education, Nelson Mandela said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Not only do we need to teach our children this higher value system of the power of honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity, we also need to re-educate a large part of our adult population. This will secure a safe transition into a new future we deem fit to leave to generations to come.

Each person has the responsibility to start with themselves.

Level 6. Vision

On this is the level, we look to the future. Where the lower levels of conscious awareness focus on the here and now, we now look to the future and how it could be

- and should be. What we focus on, grows.

· The authentic self

On this level, the authentic self is excited about the future. It can see the dawning o a new season. It can see a new kind and quality of life in the future that includes, peace, health wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all, including Mother Earth.

Here we find passion, enthusiasm, and happiness. People who function on this level have left the old behind, healed the wounds, forgiven, let go of old outworn values, mindsets, heart-sets, and beliefs. They have overcome pain, loss, and abuse of others and the self. Here the truth sets free. The past is over and it is a new dawn.

They have also laid a whole new foundation and are busy re-inventing and re-educating the self.

· The shadow ego-self

On this level, the shadow ego-self struggles, resists, and fights with the negativity, destruction, and disintegration of others and self. All they see is destruction. The main motivation is fear. There is a disconnection and they lack trust in the future. All seems doomed.

At this level, the shadow ego-self is addicted to negativity, emotional dramas, fighting, and complaining. It feeds off the negative energy of destruction and decay. They create more and more feeding grounds by blaming, shaming, ostracising, and rejecting anyone who brings something new and uplifting. The reason is, they do not want to be disturbed in their comfort-sones, irrespective of how depressing it may be.

Many people love to suffer. They want to be the victim, feel threatened, and blame and shame others. Therefore they lack passion, vision, excitement, and happiness eludes them. Everything they do is to make them less, unhappy.

The real ingredients of happiness are missing. Here we find a deep-seated fear of change and uncertainty of something new.

Some people stay on this level – others move forward and upward.

Level 7. Universal love and Oneness

On this level, we find that All-is-One. Universal oneness, love, and compassion form the cornerstones of this level. It is unconditional love, aka, Agape love. It encapsulates and embraces everything and everyone as part of the oneness. Self is part of the self of others. This is the home of the authentic self.

Here we find the universal law of 'the right use of power'. This is the Love-law. Everything done out of love as an expression of the authentic self is uplifting. Anything that comes from the shadow ego-self, is without love and there destructive.

· The authentic self

The authentic self is encoded as a DNA blueprint in every cell of our body. It holds the codes to this level of love, compassion, kindness, goodness, success, and prosperity. In religion, this is called the Christ Consciousness.

The word Christ means ‘the anointed of God’ the ‘anointed with Light’. The Christ is therefore not a person. It is a title given to a person who has reached this level of enlightenment, love, and compassion.

In Christianity, we refer to Jesus Christ – the son of God, the christed one, the bearer of Light, as the Saviour. Jesus portrayed the love, compassion, and light of Creation, of God, in every way. He even rose from the dead.

In Buddhism, we find the word, Buddha that means the Enlightened One. In other leading religions we also find the reference to the ‘anointed with light' or 'light bearers'. However, non of these religious leaders had power over death.

Foundation of religion in Love

We find the foundation of all the major religions in this level of the universal truth of Love and Oneness. However, these truths have been downsized and packaged in different forms and sizes, to fit the mindset of the masses. Unfortunately, much of the Truth has been lost in translation. We now find that if you do not speak the ‘language of religion’ of the tribal mind – you are labeled as a ‘sinner’ and even a ‘heathen’.

These are labels and attacks that Nelson Mandela had to endure. However, he was one of the world’s finest enlightened leaders. This is why is life is celebrated every year on the 18th of July.

Nelson Mandela adhered to the universal value system and laws of love, compassion, honesty, truth, authenticity, forgiveness, and that all is good.

Madiba said,

Man’s goodness can be hidden, but never extinguished.

On this level, tribal, dogmatic religious interpretations fall away. What remains is truth, honesty, integrity, and authenticity – in essence, love, and compassion. We can expect the universal belief system founded on this level of love and compassion, to return and take centre stage, once again.

· The shadow ego-self

On this level, we find the shadow ego-self living in the absence of light. Here we find a loveless world without compassion. A world filled with fear, anxiety, lies, deception, corruption, disinformation, deception, and struggle. This is the world of the anti-love, the anti-truth (lies), the anti-light (darkness), the anti-christed ones – the shadow ego-self. This is creating the chaos, enslavement, and suffering of the world we currently live in.

This is what needs to stop. It is what humanity needs to be saved from. This is what we need to outgrow and outlive - and outlove.

This is what Nelson Mandela called, ‘The Long walk to Freedom’. It not only refers to the long walk of freeing his people, but it also refers to the long walk of freeing the soul. Only then can we love and be loved, once again, can we be free.

Our DNA blueprint

The ruth is, the whole universe is aligned with the frequency of love, compassion honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity. It cannot be anything else than to be true to what it is and how it is created. Anything lower than this level brings destruction. We even find that our DNA begins to fray, and in the end, becomes dysfunctional. Not only do we find genetically related physical illnesses, but we also find emotional, mental, and spiritual disorders and diseases. It is from this we need to be healed.

We can solve this by recovering our authentic DNA blueprint. We can learn to love and be loved again. Herein lies the salvation of the people of the world. It all starts with you. You can be the one who tips the scale towards a brighter future.

However, this is just the beginning. Here we have been moving from level to level. The next step is taking the leap to the next octave. This is the leap to authentic living and leading.

Making the leap to the next octave.

The foundation of the one octave serves as the foundation for the next octave. Not only do we active new levels of our human consciousness, we also activate our dimensional, spiritual DNA. Just think that we have arrived, it is time to depart again. This is a discussion for next time.

Nelson Mandela had an inner knowing and understanding that we all have the mountains of life to climb.

“I have walked that long road to freedom. I have tried not to falter;

I have made missteps along the way. But I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb. I have taken a moment here to rest, to steal a view of the glorious vista that surrounds me, to look back on the distance I have come. But I can only rest for a moment, for with freedom come responsibilities, and I dare not linger, for my long walk is not ended.”

Nelson Mandela

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Till next time

Stay safe – stay connected.

Brenda Hattingh


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References [1] Hattingh, Brenda. (2012. A) New Success DNA. What you must know and how to develop it. Currency Communications Pty. Ltd.: Johannesburg.



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