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Day 6. Nelson Mandela Week. Learning to Love and be Loved

Today we celebrate day 6 of Nelson Mandela Week. Learning to love and be loved. Developing 7 levels of maturity.

People are looking for solutions in a world that is in chaos. However, we now know that about 90% of all people are part of the problem. A mere 10%+ is part of the solution.

The question is, What is the solution to current dilemmas people find in their lives and we find in business, and even countries? Once again, we can learn from Nelson Mandela.


At one of the darkest times in history, Nelson Mandela became a shining light that showed the way. Once again, a country like South Africa, and the global community, are going through a very dark period. Once again we can take heed of what Nelson Mandela brought to the world as the solution to all problems.

Nelson Mandela said, ‘, ‘The world is truly round and seems to start and end with those we love.’

If love and compassion are the answer, why do people find it so difficult to go the direct route and implement this in everyday life? The answer lies in understanding the seven levels of maturity and how it impacts our ability to love and be loved. The more conscious, mindful, emotionally mature, and spiritually enlightened we are, the more we can love and be loved - unconditionally. This is an ability we were born with. Children can love without restraint.

However, before we take a look at the levels of maturity, we first need to remind ourselves of the two sides of self

Two sides of self

On day 1 in the Celebration of Nelson Mandela week, we focussed on the emerging new DNA success-blueprint of our human genome. What also is evident is that we have two sides of self, and two kinds of people.

·The authentic self

On the one hand, we find people who are connected, centred, grounded, focussed, and committed to bringing solutions and a better future for all. These are people who can love and be loved. These are people who understand, forgive, accept and embrace the differences in others. These are people committed to honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity.

This is the authentic real-me self. We all have an authentic self, encoded as our original DNA blueprint gifted us by the Creator. Unfortunately, this part is expressed in about 10% of the population.

· Shadow ego-self

On the other side, we find people who are disconnected, negative, destructive, angry, frustrated, hateful, and fearful about the future. These are the people who blame, shame, discriminate, hate, and reject others in service of self-preservation. These people represent the disconnected shadow ego-self and represent about 90% of the population. We all have a shadow ego-self.

· Constant conflict

The authentic self and the shadow ego-self are in constant conflict. The side that makes the defining decisions, creates the world people live in. The chaos and destruction we are currently experiencing, are the result of people allowing their egos to take control.

· Call to stop

Now there is a wake-up call - a call to stop. It is time to hit the reset button. It is a turnaround time. Some will hear the call – others will continue on their destructive paths. However, we only need 20% of real, authentic people who are committed to honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity to create a critical mass that will tip the scales in a new direction.

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The answer lies in teaching people to take back their power and to learn to love and be loved, again. The challenge is to bring love and compassion back to the people. We need to re-educate a lost and lonely world. We need to learn how to love and be loves, once again.

Teaching people love and compassion

Nelson Mandel said,

‘People are taught to hate, and if they are taught o hate, they can be taught to love.’

The question is, how do we teach people love and compassion? The answer lies in understanding the vibe or frequency people are connected to and the level of maturity, consciousness, and awareness, they are functioning on. All that needs to be done is to raise the levels of consciousness steps-for-step. We need to make people aware of the power of love and compassion.

But first, we need to meet people just where they are.

The seven levels of love and maturity

Below we find the pyramid of human awareness, maturity, and development. Each level depicts the level of human consciousness and what they value and love. Please see the book, New Success DNA. Chapter 10 for more info.[1] Each level also represents the level of love and compassion – or the lack thereof.

The foundation. Value life

Right at the bottom, we find the foundation. This lies beneath the other levels of consciousness, values, and power. It also represents the survival mode. Here you choose to value and love life itself – or not. At this fundamental level, the basis for the rest to follow is already found here.

Some people value, love, and hold life in high regard. They will do anything to take care and even save a life. Here we find the value-system of 'do not harm'.

Others disregard life and are prepared to abuse, destruct, and/or even take the life of others if it serves their purpose. Some are even prepared to take their own life.

Here we need to teach people the value of life, especially the value of their own life as part of the greater good. Laying a sound foundation at the beginning will determine if a person leads a functional, successful life - or a dysfunctional, destructive life.

Any lasting changes need to be made at this level as a change in values – especially the value of life itself.

Level 1. Value the tribe

We are all born into a family, a tribe, and group consciousness. Here we find the love and power found within the group, team, tribe, or family. See day 3 for more info on the role of tribes and the tribal mind. Here we find the tribe, family, and/or group as part of the survival mode.

On this level, we find love for the family, team, religion, clan, culture, or tribe. On the negative side, we find destructive groups that include gangs, drug cartels, and crime syndicates. Here we find a tribal identity but no personal identity. People live here to belong.

Some people get stuck on this level - others can move forward and upward.

Level 2. Value relationships

On this level, we find one-on-one connections and personal relationships. This includes personal relationships of compassion, trust, commitment, and understanding, with friends, colleagues, partners, business associates, and significant others – including children.

* The authentic self

The love we find here is on a personal level. It could be brotherly love or include a deeper connection of companionship, partner, husband, or wife. Here we find intimacy, passion, and healthy sexuality that is expressed in a committed relationship.

* The shadow ego-self

On the shadow ego side, we find the abuse of people, systems, relationships, and sexuality, money, and even creativity. Many of our criminals have very creative minds. They are behind bars because they used this ability to harm others.

Relationship with money and possessions

On this level, we also find the relationship with power that includes money, possessions/stuff, and power positions. The shadow ego-self will abuse power, positions, and money to, not only survive but to boost the ego. Here we find corruption and destruction becoming visible.

On the other side, we find the real-me authentic self who is committed to healthy relationships and the responsible use of power, money, sex, and creativity. Here we find a relationship identity – but no real personal identity. Here people get married, just to be in a relationship and gain social status. The fear of being alone becomes evident on this level.

Some people get stuck on this level - others can move forward and upward.

Level 3. Love for self

On this level people begin to search for answers to the questions, Who am I? What is my purpose? What is my value? What difference can I make?

To answers these questions, we need to take a leap - out of the tribal mind into the individual mind. Here a person begins to think for themselves. This could be a very traumatic experience if they find that the previous levels laid a negative, even a destructive foundation.

There are only one of two choices - or they redesign a new foundation built on newfound values – or they revert back and stay in survival mode, in the tribal mind.

. The Authentic self