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Workshop.Resilience. How to turn setbacks into comebacks

Resilience. How to turn setbacks into comebacks - conflict into communication ... Background If there is one thing, we have learnt over the past few years is that only those individuals, teams, companies, and organizations who are resilient and can think on their feet, will not only survive life’s challenges and setbacks but will also be able to thrive, flourish, and be happy. Unfortunately, very few people, businesses, companies, organisations, communities, and even governments are truly resilient. We are constantly blocked from moving forward by conflict, negativity, challenges, problems setbacks, and failures. This means that when change occurs, people get stuck. This poses a serious problem for our success – now and in the future. The tempo of change The reason is that not only is time speeding up but the tempo of change and transformation is escalating. In the end, all we will know is constant change. Only the fittest will survive. Some of the most important challenges we are faced with are problems within relationships, finances, and health issues. Sometimes you can experience them all at the same time. It is now time to overcome these issues, set yourself free, and lead the best life you were created to lead. The new year of 2023 is just around the corner. We can't start something new while still burdened with the old. It is time to act. Personal responsibility and resilience This is not only a personal responsibility for every one of us, but is also important for our relationships, children, families, communities, businesses, companies, organsations, and even our government if we are to thrive in the future. The truth is that youth has a natural resilience but, the older you become the more you have to work on staying resilient. Resilience has now become the number one must-have skill everyone needs if we are to move forward and flourish. We are on the path to creating a new resilient, flourishing society. You are invited to join this exciting adventure. The Questions are:

  • What is resilience?

  • How resilient are you / your partner / your family/your business? Why?

  • Who are resilient people? Why?

  • Who is not resilient? Why?

  • How does resilience influence a relationship, a family, a community, or a business?

  • What is the authentic self and who is the shadow self?

  • What does DNA have to do with resilience?

  • How do you become resilient?

  • How can you maximize your resilience and flourish?

  • How do you turn conflict into communication or loss into learning?

  • How do you turn setbacks into comebacks?

Aim of presentation: In this powerful workshop, you will find answers to all the questions above. You will find solutions for your current dilemmas and leave with a clear understanding of what resilience is and how to implement these important resilience skills and tools not only in your personal life, but also in relationships, your family, work, community, and business. You will learn how to reinvent yourself and draw up a new map for a fulfilling future. You will learn how to turn

  • Setbacks into a comebacks

  • Poverty into progress

  • Hurt into healing

  • Loss into living

  • Stuck into excelling

  • Conflict into communication

  • Confusion into clarity

  • Survival into flourishing

. At the same time, you will be developing the exciting life you were created to live. Don’t miss this powerful opportunity. Book your seat. Who should attend? All people who are committed to new growth, development, and a flourishing future. This includes partners, parents, pensioners, students, teachers, leaders in all fields, business owners, and trendsetters. This is exactly what you need if you need to get unstuck, need to start a new chapter, or just need to give your life a boost. The presenter Dr. Brenda Hattingh is an international speaker, qualified psychologist, business and leadership coach, counselor, and author. She is also the director of the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading. Her academic background includes a B.Sc. degree in medical science, an Honours degree in Education, a Master’s degree in adult development, and a Ph.D. in Psychology. She has also received various awards for her ground-breaking work that includes the Professional Business Woman of the Year Award. However, it was her personal journey of recovery after an accident that left her paralyzed, that all her academic, personal, and spiritual information opened a new path of self-discovery, healing, success, leadership, how to reinvent yourself and redesign your life. Brenda learnt how to turn her setback into a comeback. Now Brenda shares this ground-breaking information with all those who are committed to growth, development, and a flourishing future through her books, workshops, in-house training, coaching, and as a speaker. Date: Saturday 22 October 2022 Registration: From 08h00 Presentation: 08h 30 – 13h00 Venue: The Elegant Lodge, Menlopark. Pretoria. Investment: R 430 p/p For your investment you receive:

  • Coffee and tea at arrival

  • Your own workbook with notes

  • Interactive presentation

  • Midmorning tea. Coffee, and snacks

  • Free E-book. The authentic self. How to coach yourself to ultimate success.

Books: There will be books for sale at the venue.

  • Life - Stumbling block or stepping stone? ( R 200)

  • Lewe - Lus of las? (R 200)

  • New Success DNA. What is it and how to develop it? (R 350)

Hope to see you there! Stay safe - stay connected. Brenda Hattingh Contact Details:



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