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FREE MASTERCLASS. How to recover your DNA Leadership Blueprint and make an indelible impact

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2022

To celebrate the New Year, we bring you a FREE MASTERCLASS.

2022 started with a bang This week we laid another authentic leader to rest. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, not only succeeded in bridging the gap between religion and politics, but he also bridged the gap between opposing forces, opposing sides, between anger and forgiveness, between hate and acceptance, between anarchy and prosperity. AB Desmund Tutu Desmond Tutu not only contributed to the laying of a new foundation for peace, prosperity, cooperation, and progress, he was also awarded the Noble Peace Prize for his efforts. The world celebrates authentic people, especially authentic leaders. The world frowns on ego-driven trouble makers who are only committed to self-service. Authenticity Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a fitting example of an authentic person leading an authentic life who gave direction as an authentic leader. Now the baton has been handed to us. We are called to take up the challenge. We are all called to stand up for what is real, authentic, and real and make an indelible impact. This is our purpose for 2022. The question is, how? Raising your awareness The answer lies in becoming aware that we all have an authentic self that is encoded as your original DNA success blueprint in every cell in your body. Unfortunately, we became disconnected from this power and potential and created a shadow ego-self in order to survive. Most people think this delusional self is real and will do everything to keep the shadow ego-self in place. Now it is time to wake up and take back our power. You are never too old or too young, too rich or poor, or too busy to make an impact just where you are. You can only be asleep - or awake. Ps. If you have read this post this far, you are busy waking up. The world now needs you to take in your rightful place. Don't stop now! A new era The past few years, the Covid-pandemic has had a cleansing effect. Now it is time for something new. It is the dawning of a New Dawn. It is time not only for a whole new mindset, but also a new level of wellbeing, peace, happiness, success, and prosperity. New leaders and influencers The world now needs a new quality of a person, a conscious, mindful, aware, and awake person to stand up and take in their place and show the way. Leadership is not about your position, or possessions. It is all about your level of awareness and your commitment to influencing people in a new direction of health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. You can make an indelible impact just where you are. Such a man was AB Desmund Tutu. The Truth The truth is – this is all encoded as our DNA success blueprint. All we need to do is to raise our awareness, open our minds and hearts, allow this new information in, and get reconnected. To achieve this, you not only need a new mindset, but also new skills and tools. In this free Masterclass, we provide you with everything you need to get started. Your purpose and calling for 20220 Once you have learnt how to recover your own DNA success blueprint and secure your own success and resilience, you can then help others to do the same. You become a real, authentic leader - a path-finder, way-shower, mapmaker, and bridgebuilder. Your purpose and calling are to take up this new challenge and make an indelible impact in 2022. Your time has come. You find out how in the. Free Masterclass:

Don't miss this opportunity - it will only be available for one week.

Stay safe - stay connected Brenda Hattingh

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