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FREE MASTERCLASS. Self-Coaching for Power Teachers. Harnessing the power of your Authentic Self.

In this free Masterclass, Self-coaching for Power Teachers. Harnessing the Power of your Authentic Self, you find answers to all our current dilemmas. Education is the one and only solution to current personal and global challenges. However, the Education Profession is in dire straights. The teaching profession needs a make-over with a whole new mindset, skills, and tools. This includes ALL teachers as school teachers, academics, coaches, mentors, lecturers, and trainers in all fields.

If you teach something - this is for you! Here you find how this can be done.

It starts with you!

DATE: Thursday 3 March 2022

TIME: 014h30 - 16h30


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The challenges Education in general, educators and teachers in particular, are facing, have skyrocketed over the last few years. Teachers need to balance their personal lives, relationships, families, and social responsibilities with an over-demanding work environment. Burnout and other stress-related symptoms have become part of the teaching profession.

During her career, Dr. Brenda Hattingh was commissioned by the Department of Education, then, under Minister Naledi Pandor. The aim of the process was to find the best way to personally assist educators/teachers in their ever-important tasks. Dr. Brenda spent two years involved in academic institutes including, universities, colleges, and schools, to find answers to the following questions:


· What are the demands our educators are currently faced with?

· How are our teachers coping with the mounting pressure?

· What can be done to assist our teachers in their work environment with ever-expanding demands?

· How do we help to secure and sustain our teacher’s wellbeing?

· What do teachers need to establish a culture of job satisfaction?

· What can be done to better the education profession?


The answer to these questions can be found in empowering teachers with coaching and especially self-coaching. This route not only provides the mindset, tools, and skills to lead a balanced, fulfilling personal life, but it also includes the necessary skills and tools to master the demands of current challenges in Education.


The result was that the Self-coaching for Power Teachers Workshops were developed to meet these demands. Educational institutes that participated in the project, found a significant change in their environment, the well-being of educators, and uplifting of the general atmosphere within the classroom.

Teachers started to thrive – and not merely survive.


This presentation is an introduction to self-coaching for teachers and how to harness the power of your authentic self.

The aim is: To empower our teachers with not only a new mindset but also with power tools and skills to meet the demands of life in general and the education profession in particular. In this presentation, we find answers to the following questions.

· Who is the teacher?

· Are teachers also leaders? Why/Why not?

· What distinguishes good from bad teachers?

· What is self-coaching?

· Who coaches who?

· Who is the authentic self and where did it come from?

· Who is the shadow ego-self and where did it come from?

· What role does the shadow ego-self self play in our lives and job satisfaction?

· How do we coach ourselves?

· What new skills and tools do we need to develop in self-coaching?

· How do I harness the power of my authentic self?

· What will the impact be when I learn to coach myself?

· Where do we start?


· Assessment The presentation starts with a worksheet with questions all participants need to answer for themselves beforehand.

· The presentation: This includes cutting-edge information on our DNA success blueprint, the authentic self, and how to coach yourself to ultimate success.

· Consolidation: Each participant gets a second worksheet that includes a personal plan of action that can be implemented immediately.

· Participants will leave this presentation inspired, equipped, and empowered.


Dr. Brenda Hattingh is an international speaker, facilitator, author, leadership expert, coach, and mentor. Her vast academic career not only includes a B.Sc. degree in medical sciences, B. Ed., B.Ed. (Hons), M.Ed., and a Ph.D., in Psychology, but also includes studies in leadership, management, and religion. She also lectured at various universities and academic institutes.

However, it was her personal experience that brought insight into the importance of learning how to coach yourself to ultimate success. Dr. Brenda was paralyzed after fracturing her neck in a motorcar accident. It took her nearly a year to learn to walk again. During this time, she not only learnt how to harness the power of her authentic self, but she also learnt how to coach herself to ultimate success. The healing process also became a spiritual journey. More than 20 books have now been published.

Today Dr. Brenda is CEO of the Centre for Power Intelligence. She is committed to facilitating, fundamental change, transformation, and empowerment, not only in individuals, but also in national and international companies and organisations, and governments. She was also part of the facilitation process under the leadership of Nelson Mandela that lead to a peaceful transition in South Africa in 1994. Today she is committed to developing authentic leaders.

Dr. Brenda also received The Professional Businesswoman of the Year Award for her work and contributions.


· Cell: (+27) 071 4011100



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