Free Webinar. Celebrating Nelson Mandela Week. 10 Lessons from Madiba in a time of chaos.

Hi there,

Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated all over the world on 18 July every year.

With this comes a call to 67-minutes of service as a celebration of a man who chose to be part of the solution and not the problem.

The world is in chaos

Not only did Nelson Mandela turn a country like South Africa around, but he also made an indelible imprint on the fabric of the global community as a real, authentic, iconic leader.

He was a pathfinder, mapmaker, catalyst for good, and bridgebuilder. Madiba had a difficult life, but he died a happy man.

History repeats itself

Today, a country like South Africa is once again on the brink of chaos. Current leaders in government have failed to maintain the standard Madiba set for us. Once again it is time to hit the reset button, recalibrate, redirect and realign our vision and actions.

At the same time, the global community is in chaos and the Covid-pandemic has turned everything and everyone upside-down. Once again it is time for real authentic leaders, like Nelson Mandela, to rise out of the debris and show the way forward.

This is a call to action for you – and for me.

How to stop a chaotic situation

Once again we can learn from Madiba, not only how to stop this situation but to turn it around while we create a whole new vision of a future of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all. Not only is this possible - it is a necessity!

10 steps to liberation

In this webinar, you will not only find ten steps that we can use to stop and turn this chaotic situation around but you will also be confronted with the choice, are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?

Most people are part of the problem

The truth is, more than 90 % of people are part of the problem. They think if they blame, shame, fight, march, protest, plunder, loot or sit in their armchairs and complain, things will change for the better. This doesn’t work.