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Updated: Jul 3, 2021

This is an important message to all scammers and includes all cheaters, liars, manipulators, intimidators, swindlers, and/or bullies.* The reason for this message is, we usually talk about these guys, however – we rarely talk to them.

I believe it is time to talk to them.

First, a bit of background

My car was recently stolen. I was also scammed by a so-called 'police officer' who had my name, contact details, and case number, to pay for the car to be released. It took some time and payment before I became aware that it was a scam. There are imposters who use a platform like LinkedIn, posing as possible ‘suitors’ who later demand money. The same happens on dating sites. LinkedIn is a business and not a dating site. However, a recent business connection on LinkedIn also proved to be a 'scam'. At the same time, there are those who use the work of others and pretend it is theirs. This is plagiarism.

Over the last few years, I have also crossed paths with people, we can call ‘sexual prowlers’. They lie and cheat while believing they can entice and even bully others, especially women. Some of these incidents were reported to the police and a syndicate was uncovered. The book titled, ‘Identifying the sexual prowler’, will be available, shortly. Two books on ‘Curing Corruption’ have also been published.

However, with the recent scamming incidents, I decided to write a letter to the scammers directly. Please see this letter below and also the results of this message.

An important letter to all scammers.

Hi, 'David/Jakes/Benny/Alex’. By now you know, I know, you, and possible co-workers, are a scam. I don't expect to get anything from this. However, I felt the need to share some valuable information, with you.

I worked in the maximum-security prison in Potgieter Street, Pretoria, for nine years. I saw that everything I'm about to share with you, become manifest in the lives of the inmates. Firstly, you might never be caught and/or even brought to justice. However, life has a justice of its own.

You see, every cell in your body records every thought, feeling and action, you put out. It opens neuropathways, is stored as muscle memory, and DNA patterns. When you create corrupt ideas and hold any vibe below the frequency of honesty, truth, and integrity, your healthy neuropaths, DNA patterns, and muscle fibres, then begin to deteriorate, fray, and/or disintegrate. This means that when you (including your helpers), plan and invest your time and energy in your corrupt scams, lies, cheating, etc., it corrupts your cells, your DNA, and your body and mind begin to react in a negative and destructive way.

This leads to physical and mental illnesses that include various forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and also different kinds of cancers. The reason is - the body cannot lie. This is how the Creator programmed us - to always function at peak effectivity and maximum honesty, truth, and integrity. This is also the resonance, or frequency of love for Life, and compassion for self – and for others. This is our preprogrammed baseline.

The physical symptoms you find significant in men include erectile dysfunctions and/or prostate cancer. The reason is that corruption and cheating go against everything a real man is supposed to be. Corruption, lies, cheating, intimidation, plagiarism, and bullying give a false sense of power. This is found in disconnected, lost, and therefore weak, people, who cannot make it on their own. they then feel the need to take advantage of and/or bully others. In women, you find the main symptom to be breast cancer because corruption goes against the caring/nurturing female psychology.

It takes between 6 months to two years for these symptoms to manifest. (sometimes longer or shorter.) If you and your co-workers have been busy with these scams for a while, you can expect the physical symptoms, especially prostate and breast cancer, to soon appear. If not in you personally, then in a loved one, like your child, partner, spouse, friend, sibling, parent, or grandparent.

The reason is that, because these people are connected to you, your corrupt vibes spill over to them. It can even spill over to the next generations - till the fourth generation. This includes your grandchildren! This is the real legacy you leave to future generations. Ps. This is called Epigenetics. If nothing else, at least think of them. Unless, of course, you are a psychopath/sociopath who is mentally stunted, emotionally blunted, and/or with little or no conscience.

So, even if you have a short-lived thrill with scams, cheating, lying, bullying, plagiarising, and corruption, and sometimes even swindle a bit of money, the long-lasting physical, mental and emotional effects you will experience, will stay with you and manifest in different forms and at different times. The three major forms are experiencing problems with health, relationships, and money. The rest is combinations of these three and/or you can experience all the symptoms at the same time. Many people today suffer the heavy burden of still carrying 'the sins of the fathers/mothers' of past generations.

It is also life's way of restoring balance. There is nothing you can do to stop it from coming back. When you've put it out there - it's out! You can only wait for the wave of corruption and negativity you sent out, to return to you, its source. It comes back in different forms, disguises, and sizes and usually hits you and/or your loved ones, unexpectedly, now, or in the future. There is no place to hide. It returns to its source - YOU. You will then need to deal with it. How you do this is then a personal choice.

The physical, mental, and emotional suffering you and/or your loved-one’s experience, are in essence, wake-up calls. It is an opportunity to become conscious and aware. It is a teacher that helps you make new choices based on honesty, truth, and integrity. Why not save yourself a lot of pain and suffering and go the direct route by doing what is right – and not what is easy, in the first place?

One of the lessons you need to learn is that all actions have consequences – and you need to take ownership. The other is - what you sow, you will reap. You can only stop the downward spiral by turning your life around. The rest will follow.

Hope this bit of information makes you aware that scamming, lying, cheating, bullying, and corruption, all have a price YOU will pay. Please share this message, especially with any co-workers. The reason is, maybe you thought it is just a joke - an easy game. The truth is, it is a life-threatening investment of your time energy. Ps. This information comes from my latest book on 'Curing Corruption. How you can heal the real pandemic of our time' (available on The TV program with the same title will be broadcast shortly.

Hope this bit of information will help you to make better and healthier choices in the future.

From my side, no hard feelings.

Take care. Dr. Brenda.

Ps. If you decide to turn your life around, there is a free starter course available here. More information available on the website

it's free... and, you're welcome. Stay safe.


The Result

* After sending out this letter, the subscription for the free starter course on my website, spiked. I don’t think that it is a coincidence - do you?

* At the same time, the real detectives responsible for the case contacted me. They apologised for the corruption and assured me that there are many healthy policemen and women, in the Police Service who not only uphold the law but also work tirelessly to secure our safety and security.

* We are now taking hands and have now launched the Curing Corruption Project. The aim is to Cure Corruption while creating a new future of honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity where everyone can flourish.

It is time to stop talking about corruption - and start doing something that will change our world, now and forever Join now. You will receive step-for-step guidance of how YOU can cure corruption, HERE

Till next time - stay safe.

Brenda Hattingh


* Definition of 'scam'. A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. Intentions and actions don't coincide. A discrepancy between the real intention and actual action. Fraud. Corruption

* A scam is deception, in essence, the lie. Scammers are people living the lie. The opposite of scamming and corruption is authenticity - even perfection.

* very few people have reached the level of authenticity and humanity is less than perfect. This letter is then, in essence, for everyone.



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