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Day 7. Nelson Mandela Week. Finding Power within -Celebrating without

Today we celebrate day 7 of Nelson Mandela Week. Finding power within – Celebrating without


The Covid-19 pandemic caught the world unaware. Initially, the global family was powerless as millions of people became infected and hundreds of thousands of people began to die. However, the global community didn't remain powerless onlookers for long. That would have meant the annihilation of a large part of humanity.

From this dilemma and the feeling of being powerless, arose new research while new systems, structures, social protection laws, educational programs, and international cooperation, were put into place. A new consciousness emerged.

Today we have vaccinations, people are mindful and aware of the danger of being infected with the Covid-virus. The situation is seemingly under control. However, everyone needs to stay vigilant aa new waves of new strings of the virus are still reasons for diligence.

Power over the situation brings a sigh of relief.

Feeling powerless

However, this is just one example of many of our dilemmas in life. What about the current chaos, corruption, discrimination, fighting, burning, killing, plundering, pollution, starvation, and conflict? At the same time, many global leaders are part of the problem – and not part of the solution. This too is leaving the world feeling powerless.

Once more we can learn lessons about taking control over negativity and turning difficult situations around, from a real, authentic leader like Nelson Mandela.

Difficult situations

Nelson Mandela, as a leader and as a human being, was confronted with many difficult situations. However, it is noted in history that Madiba not only rose above all the negativity and destruction and took the people with him, he also succeeded in creating a new foundation of peace, compassion, progress, and prosperity that benefitted everyone.

The questions are, where did Nelson Mandela get all this power and wisdom from to be able to turn around a country and leave an indelible imprint on the fabric of life?

Once again we find the answers in understanding the two sides of self.

Power and the two sides of self

On day one we found that we have an original DNA blueprint that holds the keys to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity.

  • The authentic self

The authentic self is connected, centred, and grounded in the core of honesty, truth, and integrity. . It is empowered by the universal power of creation and the Creator. This power comes from Above that flows within and flows to the world. From this connection, we can achieve whatever goal it sets out to achieve. We can turn darkness into light. Turn setbacks into comebacks and create a new future that looks totally different from the past.

All that we need is to make sure that we are aligned at our core. Core values will give direction, guidance, and substance to whatever we do. See day 6 for more info on core values.

  • The shadow ego-self

On the other hand, we have the shadow ego-self that is disconnected, unbalanced, and ungrounded. It is lost, comes from lies, and deception. It feeds off emotional dramas, conflict, and the negative energy of fighting, chaos, and destruction. There is no real power within. There is only a struggle to maintain power over others while feeding off chaotic circumstances. Many people are dependent and even addicted to this kind of lifestyle. It also represents about 90% of people.

Power and connection

Just like your mobile phone, the quality of the connection determines the amount of energy/power and information that flows in and through a person, a group, family, team, organisation, and even a country.

The power and wisdom that flowed in, though, and from Nelson Mandela to the people, changed the outcome of very dark and chaotic circumstances. When people feared destruction and even a bloodbath, Madiba turned it into truth, reconciliation, love compassion, peace, and prosperity, that benefitted all.

The questions are, How did Madiba achieve this? Can we do the same? Can we turn dark and difficult circumstances into power and progress? The answer is - yes! All we need is the power and the right skills and tools. It is time to take back our power.

It is a universal principle that power comes in threes.

The power of Love, Power, and Wisdom

We can only achieve something worthy if we have the ability to balance love, power, and wisdom. This calls for a deeper, understanding, self-awareness, self-discipline, and commitment to the good of all. This can only be achieved by the authentic self. By choosing to live your authentic self in honesty, truth, and integrity, you also gain access to this kind of power. Success is guaranteed.

Success then flows from the centre core of people who are committed to bringing solutions to, family, friends, communities, countries, that then spill over to our global community.

  • · Power

Power (or energy) refers to being connected, centred, and grounded within the universal power of creation. This connection to the power grid, aka the web of life, or universal web, gives you access to the same power/energy that keeps the planets in motion, galaxies in harmony, creates a baby, and maintains the universe that functions as one unified, fully functional, well-organised whole.

  • · Love

Love refers to compassion for people and nature. It includes respect for others. It values life itself. See day 6 for more info on this value system Here we find that all decisions and actions are focussed on contributing to the greater good of all - out of love.

anything less than this causes destruction.

  • · Wisdom

The word ‘wisdom’ comes from ‘wise’ and ‘dominion’ over your ‘domicile’. Your domicile is your place of residence or dwelling. This could be your home, your community, or your country. Humanity has the responsibility to rule over its domicile, that is Mother Earth and her people, with wisdom. We have been given the 'ruling power' over our domicile and called to live with deep understanding, responsibility, and compassion towards self, others, and our environment, This level of information, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom, is always in service of the greater good.


When we succeed in balancing and integrating the three powerful forces of love, power, and wisdom, we create progress, prosperity, and success that benefits all. It flows into us, through us, and from us and transforms the world around us. see diagram below.

Once we are connected all this flows effortlessly from within – to the world without.

This is the kind of balance and power Nelson Mandela achieved and brought to the world.

Now we are called to do the same.


Nelson Mandela passed on in 2013. While standing in the queues waiting to be taken to the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where Madiba lay in state, it became evident from the discussions in the rows, that people were very worried. They were concerned that now that Madiba had passed on, his influence would no longer be there to maintain this balance. People were fearful that chaos and destruction could erupt once again under a new regime. It did.

The downside

Unfortunately, the downside is that the disconnected shadow ego-self is alive and well and always looking for a place to stay. It will take up its domicile, like the Covid-19 virus, in any heart, mind, and soul of any person that is available, accessible, and willing to entertain any negativity, destruction, and chaos.

Unfortunately, most people have not yet been vaccinated against this destructive invader. People are suffering and their souls are even dying within the chaos and darkness of their cold and depressing lives, relationships, families, communities, and even countries. Fear, anger, frustration, and feelings of being powerless, are rampant. The reason is - the abuse of power.

The abuse of power, love, and wisdom

Unfortunately, in a world that is mostly disconnected, we find loveless, ignorant people abusing their power, causing chaos. Power and a power position, without the balancing factors of love and wisdom, is destructive. Love without wisdom and power is self-serving. Information without, honesty, truth, and integrity, is not wisdom.

The shadow ego-selves of individuals, groups, political parties, religions, countries, and their leaders, are currently succeeding in destroying the fine harmony and sensitive balance of humanity.

They knowingly or unknowingly, use loveless acts of neglect, violence, lies, deceit, and ignorance, including powerless acts of intimidation, violence, discrimination, and maintaining power over people, to achieve their self-serving goals.

Fortunately, we can turn this around.

One call – one man

It only took one man like Nelson Mandela, to stand up and show the way out of the dark into the light, We can do this, once more. This could be you. Join us and get a free monthly newsletter with tips and courses, here. The call is one call -one man - me.

Above you find a list of the differences between an authentic person and a shadow ego-driven person. This includes authentic vs shadow ego-leaders. Know who you are and where you are coming from, who you support and who you put in power to represent you. Support the right people who will take us forward. Become the person you are. Become an authentic leader - just where you are.

But, there’s more. There are a few quick lessons we can still learn from Madiba before we close off this week of celebration.

The power of the three S’s

One of the most important lessons I learned from researching authentic living and leading, which also included researching the life of an authentic leader like Nelson Mandela[1], was the importance and power of the three S’s. Once you invest your time and effort in developing the power of the three S’s, you will find new power flowing in, through, and from you. You will be able to transform your life with effortless ease. The next step is to reach out to others.