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LIVE WEBINAR. Ten lessons from Nelson Mandela in a time of transition


With a live webinar


By Dr. Brenda Hattingh


Humanity is currently going through a transformation right down to a DNA level. Old systems are disintegrating while new systems are emerging. This is not only applicable to our personal lives but also includes our relationships, finances, health, social structures, businesses, economics, education, religion, governments, and our global community.

Like the Covid-pandemic, no one will be left untouched.

In the process, new authentic leaders are emerging as our new bridgebuilders, way-showers, pathfinders, and mapmakers. They are replacing the old leadership regime with their ego-driven mindset that has brought us to the verge of an implosion.

Now it is time to stop and turn this destructive process around.

Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day

Fortunately, Nelson Mandela has left us an example, a roadmap, of how to live and lead in a time of transition and transformation while navigating the chaos that accompanies change.

This week we celebrate Nelson Mandela Day with a special webinar:

Authenticity in Action


The aim of this webinar

In this webinar we find answers to the following questions:

  • Change, transformation, and transition – from what to what?

  • What is authenticity?

  • What does our DNA blueprint have to do with authentic living and leading?

  • Who is the authentic leader?

  • How did Nelson Mandela become an authentic, iconic leader?

  • What lessons did Nelson Mandela leave us?

  • How do we implement these 10 lessons in our everyday lives?

  • What must we do to become authentic leaders as new pathfinders and mapmakers?

  • How do we find our personal purpose and make our unique mark?

  • How do we lead others into the new season of authentic living?

Who should attend?

This mind-blowing, cutting-edge information is for everyone who is committed to a new authentic life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all.

This includes all our political, social, business, financial, and religious leaders who are ready to stop and take stock, change, and move to the next level. This also includes parents, teachers, and partners, who want to secure a prosperous future for their loved ones by starting with themselves.

Please note: This webinar is not for the feint hearted. It is meant for all those who are courageous enough to now stand up and take in their place as our new change agents, pathfinders, mapmakers, and bridgebuilders.

Learn how to become part of our new generation of thinkers and leaders who are dedicated to creating a positive future of peace, health, wealth, happiness, and success, that benefits all.

This is what Nelson Mandela did.

Date: Monday 18 July 2022

Time: 14h03 (GT+2) Standard African Time

Duration: One hour 60+”

Investment: $ 49

Please note: All proceeds go towards further research and developing authentic leaders, especially in our schools.

What will you receive?

For your investment you will receive:

  • Access to the webinar

  • Free E-book. The Authentic Self. Who am I?

  • Daily Power Tools for Power People delivered to your inbox

  • Free 30 min authentic leadership coaching session with Dr. Brenda Hattingh

The Presenter

Dr. Brenda Hattingh is an international leadership expert, business consultant, inspirational speaker, life coach, futuristic thought leader, and author. Her areas of expertise cover topics including developing authentic living and leading, self-coaching, genetic resilience, and Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future.

Dr. Brenda’s academic career includes a B.Sc. degree in Medical Science, Genetics, and Neurobiology, an Honours and Master’s degree in Adult Education, and Ph.D. in Psychology, which secured her a lecturing post at a leading university in Organisational Psychology and leadership development.

However, it was her personal journey back from being paralyzed after fracturing her neck in an accident, that led her to understand how to coach yourself back to health, wealth, happiness, and success by recovering your original DNA success blueprint. This has since been translated to securing personal and company well-being and the success of large companies, organizations, and government departments.

Brenda Has written more than 20 books, including two published books on the life and leadership of Nelson Mandela. The Next Nelson Mandela book will soon be published.

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