Nelson Mandela week. day 2. Why current leaders cannot match Madiba's example

Although Nelson Mandela Day is celebrated all over the world, very few people, especially our current leaders, have lived up to Madiba’s standards. They have not succeeded in turning chaos around while creating a new vision and quality of life.

The question is, Why? Why, is a country like South Africa, with the example of an iconic leader like Nelson Mandela, on the brink of implosion, once again? Why is the world still in turmoil? What are people, especially current leaders, thinking and doing that has created chaos, once again? Why can't people live up to Madiba's example?

Getting to the real cause of current problems

The challenge is to get to the real, root-cause of current issues. Only when we identify the real problem – we can find and bring real solutions. Currently, people are busy with the mere superficial treatment of the symptoms.

Unfortunately, very few people are searching for real solutions that can make a fundamental, lasting difference. More than 90% of people are part of the problem. Only a small percentage of 10%+ are solution-finders, problem-solvers, pathfinders, and mapmakers. Only a small percentage are real, authentic leaders. The rest are just place-fillers contributing to the destruction.

The question is, why? If most people want peace, prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness, why are they then part of the problem? You find the answer below.

Some background

Currently, time is speeding up, the pace of change is escalating, and a major paradigm shift is taking place. This shift is also taking place on a deep, fundamental, genetic level. A genetic shift[1] is occurring as we speak and impacting everyone – without most people even being aware of this.

Not only is a New Success DNA emerging, but we also find a New Leadership DNA[2] becoming visible. At the same time, a new intelligence is emerging, Power Intelligence. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future.[3] Not many people are aware of this all going on.

The questions are, how does this impact our lives? How can this mindblowing information help us solve current issues? Here is the answer.

Two sides of self

We all have our original DNA blueprint that holds the keys to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. These codes are