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Free Masterclass. Recovering your DNA Success-blueprint.

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Our original DNA-blueprint holds the codes for a fulfilling life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. This blueprint is our real-me authentic self. It holds a map for your best life and can be found in every cell in your body.

Unfortunately, we became disconnected. We lost our map and got lost. A shadow ego-self developed that is creating a world of fear, anger, discord disease, struggle, and destruction.

The authentic self and shadow ego-self are in constant conflict with each other. Whatever side wins this battle, get to make the final decisions in your life. Your choices determine where you are coming from, where you are going, and how to get there.

The authentic self leads us to health, wealth, happiness, and success. The shadow ego-self leads us down a path of conflict, fear, anger, disease, struggle, and disintegration.

Now, there is a wake-up call! It is time to choose who you will support.

You are called to not only reconnect to your authentic self and original DNA power and potential but you are also called to recovery our DNA success-blueprint. In this free Masterclass, you will find out how.

This masterclass not only includes all the latest cutting-edge information, including a new mindset and heart-set, it also provides all the necessary skills and tools. You can start to recover your DNA success-blueprint and all the power potential, solutions, gifts, talents, and genius that it holds for you – immediately.

· A personal workbook

· Masterclass presentation (34 min)

· Daily Power Tools for Power People, delivered to your inbox

Time: 40+ min. This will be the best 40+ minutes you will ever invest.

Special: The script of this masterclass is included for our colleagues with hearing impairment.

Who should attend?

This mind-blowing information is meant for everyone serious about their job, health, finances, relationships, leadership position, happiness, and success. This includes coaches, mentors, teachers, leaders, CEOs, mothers, fathers, business owners, company executives, church, political, government, and global leaders, and people who are invested in a positive future.

Upcoming Course: This Master Class is the introduction to the upcoming series of courses in Authentic Living and Leading. The next course is 'Learning to coach yourself to ultimate success'. Make sure you are on our mailing list to gain immediate access, here.

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Brenda Hattingh

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