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Self-coaching 5: Understanding the GENETIC SHIFT and how it influences you.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Deep down, a genetic shift is taking place as our 'junk genes' awake and our original DNA blueprint emerges. No one on Mother Earth will be left untouched. We are all being influenced on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual/Universal level in some or other way. You can use this power and potential to your benefit if you are aware of the processes. However, most people, about 90% of the population, are unaware of the genetic dynamics, going on just beneath the surface.

Mindless masses

However, while most people mindlessly continue with their day-to-day lives, a small group is becoming aware of the genetic shift and the power and potential now available to us. This represents about 10% of the population. We need about 20% of new thinkers and leaders to gain critical mass and tip the scales in a positive direction. By becoming aware and joining this new group[1], you could tip the scales in a new direction You could be the one person to make the defining difference.


This is the main reason I have been doing this research for nearly 20 years while writing books[2], publishing articles, and presenting workshops, and courses[3]. All this work is in essence, an 'awareness campaign'. You can only work with what you have and are aware of. This is also my soul calling and purpose. What a privilege to be here, at this junction in time.

A growing group of new thinkers and leaders

This growing group of new thinkers and leaders is learning how to recover their original DNA blueprint, harness and utilize this potential while creating a new kind of future.

They are committed to creating a new quality life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits everyone. This power is encoded as our original DNA success blueprint[4]. Just think, we have an authentic self that holds the keys to a future that is different from what we are currently experiencing.

Got disconnected

Unfortunately, we become disconnected and lost our way. Now it is time to recover our original DNA blueprint and live the lives we were created for.

The questions are, what is a genetic shift? A shift – from what to what? How does it influence our everyday lives? What can we do to harness this power and potential to move forward?

What is the genetic shift?

In the previous article[5] we focussed on the genetic shift [6]and how to harness this power to boosts yourself, your relationships, finances, and your future. Please read previous articles[7].

Here is a short recap.

Original DNA success-blueprint

We all have an original DNA blueprint found in every cell in our bodies. Our DNA functions like a microchip that connects us to our original authentic DNA blueprint on the one side and the greater universe, and other people, on the other side.

  • Our original authentic DNA-blueprint

Our original DNA blueprint as our original authentic self holds the keys to all our success, health, wealth, and happiness. When we are connected at this level, everything flows smoothly, we have access to what we need when we need it, relationships flourish, and we live a happy, fulfilling life of purpose and prosperity. The foundation of the authentic self lies in honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity. Unfortunately, we became disconnected from this part of the self.

  • Shadow ego-self

A shadow ego-self developed out of the disconnection and confusion. The shadow ego-self is a self [8] built on lies, delusions, deception, disinformation, untruths, perceptions, and assumptions. In essence, the shadow ego-self represents the lie. It is a mistake. It is a mistaken identity. This has led to a life of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, conflict, hate, discrimination, chaos, and disintegration. Many people are even addicted to this lifestyle. They are addicted to negativity and the false sense of power it creates[9].


The challenge is to, not only learn who you truly are as an authentic person[10], but learn how the coach yourself to the next level. Self-coaching is the ability to stand back, detach yourself, and listen to your inner talk. In the process, you need to identify the voice and values of your authentic self, versus the voice and the values of your shadow ego-self. Then you need to choose who you are going to support.

  • A constant battle

A constant battle between the authentic self and the shadow ego-self is taking place within everyone one of us - all the time. Few people are even aware of this inner dynamic. Now the challenge is to become conscious and make a mindful choice who will win the inner battle. Whoever makes the defining decision that leads to action, will also determine the path you will take. You can only take one of two paths.

  • Making mindful choices

On the one hand, is the real-me authentic self that leads to happiness and fulfillment. On the other hand, you find the shadow ego-self that guarantees a life of struggle, suffering, and destruction. You cannot walk both paths at the same time. It is one or the other.

Self-coaching is all about disciplining yourself to make the right choices that will take you forward and upward. You need to overcome the shadow ego-self because it will not let go of the control in your life without a struggle. It could and does sometimes take a lifetime of learning to master yourself. See more about self-coaching in the articles and books available.

Against this backdrop, we are now experiencing a genetic shift[11]. The genetic shift is something like a genetic upgrade. Just as we upgrade our cell phones, we, that is every one of us personally and we, as a humanity, are currently experiencing a genetic upgrade. Please see upcoming courses for the necessary skills and tools how to benefit from this genetic upgrade.

The question is, the genetic shift – from what to what?

The genetic shift

As said, our chromosomes that are building block of our DNA, connect us to who we really are one the one side and connects us to the external world and the universe, on the other side. Where you are connected, will reflect in your life. Also keep in mind, that there is a positive authentic side and a destructive negative side in all of us. No one is excluded. No one!

As said, a genetic shift is taking place while 'junk genes' are being activated. It is also a power shift - like changing the gears in your car. At the moment, we can identify four different levels reflecting four different kinds of connections. Each level represents a different kind of consciousness – a different level of awareness.

The changing human gene pool

The human consciousness, or Homo sapiens, is evolving. Our human gene pool is changing – as it should. This is a necessary process to maintaining human existence while moving forward and upward. This means new human ‘sub-species are emerging.

We are moving from Homo sapiens animalis, to Homo sapiens sapiens, to Homo sapiens individualis to Homo sapiens spiritualis. Below you find our gifted artist’s depiction of the four levels we are currently aware of.

The questions are, what does this mean, and how do we implement this in our lives?

Our animal roots – Homo sapience animalis

The first level represents our animal roots. This reflects our innate, inborn, intuitive, subconscious, go-to place.

Understanding what kind of animal we represent, also helps us understand who we are and how we express ourselves as human beings as part of the Animal Kingdom.

- Primary animal depiction

Above you find our artist’s depiction of me and my animal counterpart. I am a gorilla mamma. It was so exciting to receive this diagram as I realised he summed me up very well. As gorilla mamma, you will find me constantly feeding everyone. If you stay long enough – grooming might get included. It is thereby no coincidence that my favourite film of all time is Gorilla’s in the Mist with Sigourney Weaver, in the lead role

There are other animal depictions as well. For example, we find the lion, eagle, bear, buffalo, tortoise, flamingo, tiger, bird, Panda, buffalo, deer, Giselle, etc… Finding and identifying with your animal counterpart could help you understand who you are, where you are coming from and where you are going and why you do the things that you do.

- Secondary animal depiction

We also have a secondary animal identification. For example, if I am not feeding, caring, and grooming in whatever form it might be, I move to being the tortoise. I retract into my own world where I create all the weird and wonderful things I write about. When called back to action, I take in my place as gorilla mamma and feed and groom once again, in whatever form it may be. Sometimes I consciously implement the eagle spirit into my life and let go and just fly.

We find this in everyone. For example, a powerful CEO could depict the lion spirit at work. However, when he gets home and his little girl asks him to have tea with her and her dolls, he becomes a teddy bear. We could also have someone who represents the Panda bear or harmless teddy bear, but when provoked, could turn into a devouring lion/lioness.

- Negative animal depiction

The negative shadow ego-self also has an animal counterpart. Here we find the cold-blooded traits as found in reptiles that include the lizard, snake, toad, or crocodile. The jackal, hyena, vulture, or black crow represent the negative side of animals. In religious terms, you find the negative, disconnected, destructive animal depiction referred to as the ‘beast’.

It is important to remember that some people can stay in their animalistic zones, while others move onward and upward. This brings us to the next level.

Warm-blooded humans -Homo sapience sapience.

In the following group, we find Homo sapiens sapiens, a warm-blooded human being who has learnt to survive in the 'jungles' of different cultures and societies. This also includes the urban jungle. They live according to social structures and religious laws and rules while conforming to standards set by the societies they live in. Usually, their lives are very materialistic and filled with different ‘cultured’ ways, to survive from day-to-day.

On this level, there is no personal identity. There is, however, a cultural, religious, family, tribal, or group identity.

- Thriving on attention

This group usually has DNA activated on level three. Their thinking is regulated by the middle brain or ‘mammalian brain’. Here we find the home of the ego.

Many of our celebrities, which include politicians, leaders, pop artists, and film stars who thrive on attention, public opinion, and materialistic goals, function on this level. As this level is not fulfilling, they usually revert to substance abuse, addiction, and/or jump from one marriage to another in search of happiness.

- Negative ego

The negative, shadow ego-self thrives on this level while prying on the lower animalistic level. Without any personal identity, comes a lack of consciousness and even a lack of conscience. People then do bad things to get, whatever they want. This includes manipulation, intimidation, abuse in all its forms, crime, corruption, aggression, bullying, and other forms of violence.

We will focus on the different tools people use to get what they want and the use of the power shift in the next article.

- Feeding grounds

Up and till here, people are disconnected from self and live and feed off each other and the environment they created. Here we also find dependent and co-dependent relationships. This could be a symbiotic co-existence where everyone benefits. It could also be a parasitic co-existence where one of the parties is bound to be abused or even eliminated. This is an outside-in lifestyle. Most people stay on these two levels their whole lives.

A trigger is a wake-up call that can pop the bubble of these groups. This is what the Covid pandemic is - a trigger. Radical change and transformation follow the wake-up call. Those who are not prepared to shift with the times, revert back to their comfort zones. However, there is a smaller group that chooses to work with the times and move forward and upward.

This brings us to the next level.

Homo sapiens individualis

We now find the emerging of ‘Homo sapiens individualis’. This is a person who is awakening and taking back their personal identity, self-expression, and individual right to think for themselves. These are people who free themselves from lower-level programmings. These are the people who are committed to growing and maturing while fulfilling their full potential. This group started emerging on a full scale with the coming of the information era.

Today ‘Homo sapiens individualis’ is one of the fastest-growing groups on the planet.

Information is doubling every few months. Social, educational, cultural, and religious structures are being challenged by new information, thinking, values, and transformation. Currently, this group is growing within our youth and a new authentic leadership society while tribal-minded youths and leaders still prevail on our less-developed levels.

- Investing in self-development

This growing group invests in learning to understand who they are, where they come from, and where they are going, and what their soul purpose is. They take time to develop themselves, read new books, attend uplifting self-development courses, and invest time and money in getting to know who they are while helping others. This is also the level where a person not only can think for themselves, but they can also distinguish between the authentic self and the shadow ego-self.

On this level, self-coaching is one of the most important skills to acquire. Here we find a group aspiring to move forward on a deeper spiritual path, by putting in the effort to consciously raise their