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Self-Coaching 6: How to use the POWER SHIFT to your advantage.

Public awareness is growing. People are becoming aware that we are currently undergoing fundamental change. They are awakening to the fact that we all have an original DNA success-blueprint. The genetic shift is in essence the upgrade of our current DNA make-up. We are on the brink of recovering our original, real, authentic DNA success blueprint. Life will look much different from hereon.

DNA upgrade

Just as we regularly upgrade our cell phones and/or PCs while downloading new programs to keep us up connected, up to date, and make us more effective and productive, so is humanity currently undergoing a genetic upgrade or genetic shift. Like our cell phone upgrade, it is meant to keep us connected, up to date, and make us more effective and productive.

In the process, our life, relationships, health, finances, and future are changed, even upgraded, as well. At the same time, the whole of humanity is undergoing an upgrade, although very few are aware of this going on beneath the surface.

Impacting everyone

The genetic shift is not only impacting individuals, but also our relationships, families, groups, communities, cultures, religions, politics, business, and even countries are being influenced. Nobody is being left untouched.

There are only one of two options - or you are aware of the current dynamics, work with and use the shift to move forward, or you remain uninformed and stay behind. That’s it.

The new path of authenticity

This is the path to the next level of health, wealth, happiness, success, and fulfillment. This is the path of authentic living and leading.

In the process, we need new tools and skills to create what we want. This means that the genetic shift, our DNA upgrade, is also a POWER SHIFT. It is like changing gears to a higher, more powerful setting.

Not only are we developing a whole new mindset, but we also have access to more powerful skills and tools we can use to get and/or create what we want and need. You can use the power shift to your advantage - if you know how.

The question is, what is a power shift? A shift from what to what? What new power tools do we need to develop? How can I use this to benefit my life, relationships, finances, work, health, and future?

Please see previous articles[1] on, what is the genetic shift? How do we use the Genetic Shift to our benefit? what is self-coaching? In this article we find the answers to the questions, What is the powershift and how can I use it to my advantage?

The power shift.

A powershift is a shift in consciousness. As we have seen, it is also a genetic shift or a genetic 'upgrade'. Consciousness is the level of our awareness.

A powershift refers to the different strategies, or power tools, that people use to get what they want. If one strategy or power tool doesn't get the person what they want, they then implement a new strategy. Moving forward means developing new, upscaled, advanced and more potent power tools.

Unfortunately, many people take the easy route and revert to lower, more primitive strategies. This includes more destructive power tools and methods. The ability to access the next and higher power level is important to moving forward. This is why self-coaching has become so important. You have to change your gears. No-one is going to do this for you.

Moving to the next level

Alvin Tofler[2] identified three main powershifts that have taken place. The fourth wave of change is currently taking over.

The first and most widely used and most primitive power tool is violence.


Violence comes in many different forms. This includes physical, emotional, psychological, financial, mental, verbal, and sexual violence and other forms of abuse, hostility, and aggression. The primary underlying motive is fear.

Anger and frustration determine the intensity. Making people feel threatened and fearful gives some people a delusional sense of power.

  • Addicted to negativity

People try to gain control over others by creating powerful threatening positions and pose threats of pain, loss, and suffering. Intimidation and manipulation and power games form part of the violence. Verbal abuse has become one of our most widespread threats. Some households are based on fighting, screaming, and verbally abusing each other. Children grow up in this atmosphere and know nothing else. The pattern then gets repeated in the next generation and will not stop unless someone hits the reset button.

The opposite is silence. Silence and retracting attention and involvement can be just as destructive as aggression. Silent aggression is a powerful weapon.

  • Struggle

All forms of struggle fall under this category. Any struggle with relationships, finances, health, family, friends, politics, religion, business is only a reflection on the outside of what is going on on the inside. Outer conflict is the result of inner conflict. This is all part of the abuse of power -the abuse of life force. This is the result of the lack of purpose. The saying is - if you do not know what the use of something or someone is, abuse (absence of use ) is inevitable.

This is also the level of corruption.

  • Corruption

Corruption[3] is in essence the abuse of power in all its forms. Lying, cheating, manipulating, cover-ups, stealing, this includes plagiarism, and the like are all forms of corruption and therefore the abuse of power. Today, corruption is a greater pandemic than the Covid-19 pandemic could ever be. The reason being that, up and till now, there was no cure for this mental and moral health issue. [4].

How to solve this.

Here are a few suggestions to solve the violence issue

  • Become still and let go of the struggle.

  • Let go of anger and negativity. See the article on the addiction to negativity and violence[5].

  • Re-educate people on the ‘right use of power’.

  • Implement mental health programs.

  • Help people to get unstuck with coaching, mentoring, and counseling programs.

  • Help people to identify what they really need and how to create it.

  • Identifying unnecessary wants and overcome the feeling of lack.

  • Teach people a more mature, positive, and uplifting way of getting what they need.

  • Implement new skills training programs.

  • Bring a new vision of a better kind of future to the people.

Money and sexuality

Money has always been a powerful tool. Up until the 1970s, it was the most fundamental driving force in the technological era. Being comfortable, having a power position, and possessing expensive items placed people on higher ground as their forefathers.

  • Power over people

This symbolised 'power over others' while there were the 'haves' and the 'have not's'. This meant there were two classes: those with money and power and those without. We still see this today.

  • Sexuality

During this time, sexuality also played an important role in power and business transactions. Many banks and other financial institutes used their full-bosomed blond receptionists to attract potential investors. Marketing and other business deals involved money and sexuality. The Watergate scandal and the demise of US President Nixon were driven by money, sexuality, and power being inappropriately used and abused.

This means that these power tools are not only relevant on a personal level but were and still are being used on national and international platforms.

How to solve this

Here are a few suggestions on how to solve this issue

  • Implement re-education programs for people who are stuck here.

  • Explore new healthy business opportunities

  • Get help for addictions, including sexual addiction.

  • Invest in curing corruption.

  • Teach personal financial management.

  • Teach healthy sexuality and sexual relationships.

  • Implement gender equality programs.

  • Further empower steps against sexual harassment.

However, during the 1990s another power shift took place.


Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and many others introduced a new power tool in the form of information and computer technology. Currently, IT is the most important tool of the information era. Today a young child with the right equipment, knowledge, and skills, can hack the scientific security codes of organisations like banks and defence forces.

  • Empowered by IT

However, we are no longer new to the information era as most people are being empowered by training and the use of information technology. No organisation can survive today without modern communication technology.

At the same time, we find the emerging of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is making decisions on our behalf. Questions about how AI can take over our lives have been part of many films and TV programs.

  • The implosion of the IT Era

However, the information era has started to implode. The Big Lie is causing chaos and confusion. Information is being contaminated with misinformation, lies, untruths, speculations, assumptions. Computer viruses, like the Covid-19 virus, are causing havoc.

The time for something new has arrived.

How to solve the information era dilemma

Here are a few tips to help curb the information era dilemma

The emerging of a new power level

The question is, is there a next power level that goes above and beyond these three previous power settings? The answer is, yes!

We are no longer searching for and finding our power without – we are now turning within. We are coming to the mindful awareness that everything we ever wanted, desired, and needed, and intended, first starts within. It then moves to the external physical world and manifests without. If we want to change the world without - we first have to go within.

We are becoming aware that all this power and potential is at our disposal. We are learning of our original DNA success-blueprint. a new vision of health, wealth, happiness, and success that benefits all, is emerging. We can co-create a whole new future by recovering our original DNA blueprint


While the larger portion of the human population is caught up in developing the discussed lower-order power tools to secure their power positions, there are those individuals who are moving to the next level of human consciousness and functioning. They are mindful that communication technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as such, have no power. These are only tools, a means to an end, and not the end in itself.

  • A new future

Many people are today looking past the other power tools and are focusing on a new vision for the future. Whatever you focus on - grows. This group of people is discovering the power of vision.

The growing focus on authenticity, authentic self-awareness, self-coaching, and self-mastery, reflect the emerging of this new consciousness. It poses the challenge of developing a whole new mindset, new thinking, a new intelligence, even a new kind of human being[6].

Once agin, not everyone will make this shift. There are those who will stay behind. Make sure it is not you.

How to use the powershift to your advantage

  • Confirm your decision to work with the changes, transformation, the genetic shift, DNA upgrade, and power shift. Commit yourself to this path.

  • Broaden your mindset by reading the latest information about the genetic powershift.

  • Develop new power tools and skills. Subscribe for you Power Tools for Power People. A daily power tools will be delivered to your inbox. It's free.

Ps. Remember, people who do not invest time and money in developing these new power tools and skills, are at a disadvantage. It is like taking a knife to a gunfight.

Important tip

When you become aware of where a person, group, family, company or even an organisation are coming from, you will also be able to identify the kind of power tools they are, sometimes unconsciously, using. Once you know this - you rise above this and implement a higher more powerful tool. Daily Power Tools will help you with this.

For example - if a person uses aggression in the form of manipulation and/or power-games, to get what they want, you stay out of the drama. You know it is going nowhere in any case. You then use new information and/or a new vision (higher power tools) to save the situation.

Your Daily Power Tools for Power People will keep you aware of what tools are at your disposal. Get this here and yes - it's free. This is how you learn to think on your feet and coach yourself to ultimate success. More about authentic success in another article.

The challenge is – become part of the solution by moving forward and upward.

Start here

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  • Remember this is a journey - a very new journey - and not a sprint.

  • Be patient with those who are not moving at your pace.

  • if your have missed any of the other articles on self-coaching - here are the links to

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In the next article we will focus on answering the questions; Self-coaching 7. What new power tools do we need to harness the power shift?

Till next time

Stay safe – stay connected.

Brenda Hattingh.

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Copyright (c) 2021. All rights reserved. Dr. Brenda Hattingh


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