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SElf-coaching 7: How to climb the NEW LADDER of SUCCESS.

With the growing number of people now awakening to the fact that we are undergoing a genetic shift[1], there is also a growing awareness of the power shift. Humanity is upgrading to a whole new level. At the same time – the concept of 'success' is changing and the ladder of success is shifting.

Where people once found that their ladder of success was standing against the wrong wall, they are now finding that they have the wrong ladder!

Asking the right questions

We need to ask the right questions. What is real, authentic success? What does the new ladder of success look like? What do we need to know about the new ladder of success? What skills and tools do we need to climb the new ladder and create a life of ultimate success? The most important question is, am I currently on the right path? Am I climbing the right ladder of success?

In this article, we aim to find answers to these questions. We start with the first question. What is success?

What is success?

In today's terms, ‘success’,[3] means whatever you would like it to mean. A general definition is that ‘success is obtaining your goals.’ The truth is – you achieve a goal. So, this is not it.

So, what is ‘success’? The answer depends on your perspective. The term success means different things to different people. To a schoolteacher, success would mean teaching her children to read. To a terrorist, success would mean sabotage and creating fear. Different goals – different definitions of success. So, this is not it either.

The question is, what does real, authentic success look like?

The real definition of success

Most dictionaries describe ‘success’ as an ‘achievement’ or ‘obtaining a goal’. The true meaning of the word ‘success’ reaches much deeper than that. So, this is not it.

The original word ‘success’, is derived from the Latin word, succĕdere, which means to “follow in a specific order or process”. Success is all about functioning. Success is all about creating and maintaining flow. If something and/or someone is fully functional - they are successful. If they are not, they are dysfunctional and therefore fail. It is as easy as that.

Success and failure

Let us use the example of a light bulb, and ask, when will we know if the light bulb is successful? We will know this when we switch on the light and the lightbulb does its work – it shines. We have light. It functions as it was created to function. That is success.

We will pay good money for something or someone who fulfills the purpose, hits the mark, does the work, someone who s fully functional.

The opposite of success is 'failure'. The word 'failure' means ‘the inability to function authentically’. Failure is all about not being functional, being unable to do the work, fulfill the purpose, or hit the mark. Failure is all about missing the mark.[4]. Failure is when you do not know who you are, what your purpose is, and how to function authentically. Trying to cover this up with glitz, glamour, and pretenses, is delusional – it is not real. It’s fake.

None of us are fully functional

As said, the definition of real, authentic success is, ‘success is all about becoming fully functional’. The rest in terms of health, wealth, happiness, money, positions, and happy fulfilling relationships, will follow. When you are fully functional, all the health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity flow to you, into you, and from you to others. These are your symbols of success.

The truth is, very few of us have reached this level of success. Very few people on the planet can mindfully, consciously create miracles. This means that we all still have some disconnection, some dysfunction, hidden within us, somewhere. This is what makes us human. We are here to gain consciousness, get reconnected, overcome the dysfunction, and become fully functional – once again.

The question is, how do we become fully functional? It is like learning about, tapping into, and utilizing all the features of your new cell phone. You have to read the manual, wrap your mind around the new information, and practice.

Success and becoming fully functional

We know by now that we have two sides of ourselves. The perspectives of ‘success’ of the shadow ego-self and the authentic self, differ like day and night.

Up and till now, most people have mainly based their perspective of success on the values of the shadow ego-self. They also use the skills and tools of the shadow ego-self to obtain what they want.

  • The social ladder of success of the ego-self.

In the article, Self-coaching 6. How to use the Power Shift to your advantage – we covered the tools and skills people use to get what they want. We found that these lower-order strategies, skills, and tools include aggression, money, sex, lies, corruption, manipulation, intimidation, and misinformation. The ladder of success is a social ladder where people see themselves as being better than others, having more than others, and rising in status above and beyond others.

This is the ladder of self-elevation and gaining power over people. This is the ladder of self-serving performance to gain accolades and acceptance in the eyes of others. This is the ladder of the shadow ego-self.

The real ladder of success of the authentic self

Our higher-level skills and tools include new information, understanding, truth, honesty, integrity, authenticity, and a vision of a new kind and quality of future. To get to this level, you first need to learn how to outgrow the lower levels and coach yourself to higher levels. It is like moving from pre-school to primary school to high school. Remember, we are all in Earth School. [5].

Self-coaching is all about the real-me authentic self, taking control of the final decision-making process in your life while eliminating the destructive influence of the shadow ego-self. This is the path of discovering your real-me authentic DNA success-blueprint. This is climbing the ladder and growing closer to who you were meant to be.

So, we have different perspectives, different skills, and tools, and different 'ladders of success’. The time has come for everyone to choose, not only what side of self you support, but what ladder of success you are invested in and committed to climbing.

Time to choose

You can only choose if you know what the truth about real, authentic success, is. We found that success is all about becoming fully functional. Your choice will be based on what you know and understand - your mindset and your heart-set. So, choose wisely - your life depends on it.

  • The functioning of the authentic self

As we become fully functional – we also create all the perks of being functional that include health, wealth happiness, prosperity, love, and prosperity. These are success symbols the authentic self uses to keep track of its progress. The challenge is to become fully functional on all levels, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. The next challenge is to only develop these four levels simultaneously but also maintain balance.

At the same time, you become more functional within your relationships, job, and have a better relationship with money, sex, people, spirituality, and our planet. You do not need to change the outside. Change your inside, it will flow over to the outside and touch the hearts and minds of those around you - without you even having to say a word.

This is the path of the authentic self.

  • Functioning of the shadow ego-self

Unfortunately, the shadow ego-self has an upside-down approach. It does whatever it takes to create the illusion of success by creating symbols of money, glitz, glamour, and status.

The delusion is created that all is well – that isn't necessarily true. Big houses, expensive cars, flashy jewelry like having the right watch, brand-name clothes and accessories, titles, social status, and trinkets are all used as markers of success by the shadow ego-self.

Here it is a question of 'look at what I have and what I can do, but don't look inside at who and what I really am.' Many people are ashamed of themselves - their shadow ego-self. Their life is just a coverup They then want you to buy into their delusion of self. You will be severely punished if you don't - or you will be rejected.

Here we find one or more of the levels are dysfunctional that include physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual dysfunction. There is also the loss of balance as they try to make up with one level for the dysfunction on another level.

For example, an emotionally dysfunctional family will try to make up with overachieving financially, academically, and or physically. Another example is when a dysfunctional person tries to make up by being overly religious and/or 'spiritual'. A CEO, father, or husband, can try to make up for feelings of inadequacy by being a bully. A mother feeling depressed can become overprotective of her children.

Ignorance is not bliss

However, most people are oblivious of their personal, interpersonal, and universal function, purpose, and mission. They are ignorant of who they are and what their authentic function or purpose is. The truth is - when we do not know what our use or function is—abuse or 'absence of use' is inevitable. Many people lead meanless, abusive lives, without substance.

This brings us to the downside of success.

Abscess - the downside of the success process

It is interesting to find that the word “abscess” is also derived from succĕdere. It refers to the absence or blockage of the success process. ‘Abscess’ literally means “moving in the opposite direction”—your life is in reverse. An 'abscess' is also a medical term for infection and disease. To restore functioning - you first need to clear out and clear up the abscess.

Certain symptoms are milestones and markers of the levels of disintegration. This includes dysfunctional and toxic relationships, and situations that include pain, hurt, destruction, illness, unhappiness, violence, and even poverty. Poverty is an abscess, a symptom of the shadow ego-self in action. Once we know this, we can turn it around.

For example, we find 'abscessed' or dysfunctional lives where people, adults, and youths, are side-tracked by alcohol and/or drug abuse. They choose not to function effectively and appropriately.

Unsuccessful, dysfunctional people negate their reason to live life to the full. Mostly they opt out through denial and become desensitised desensitized while regressing from one level of destruction and decay to another.

The reason we must know this, is to prevent that we do not fall into the same trap. You can get caught up in the downward draught of others if you do not stay vigilant and mindful. At the same time, you can now help others to turn their lives around.

Time to choose

Today, people are choosing to stop, clean up the mess, detox, detangle and turn destructive processes around. Humanity is turning the corner and taking the leap to authenticity. People are learning how to recover their original DNA blueprint and become fully functional and truly successful.

Unfortunately, many still continue on this ‘abscessed’ path and lose their lives and souls in the process. However, the switch is easy and effortless. It is who you were meant to be.

The solution

All this can be remedied when a person stops overcompensating and chooses to walk the path of honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity. In the process, the dysfunctional parts are identified, fixed, begin to heal, and are restored to their original DNA success-blueprint.

This is what authentic living and leading are all about. This is what self-coaching is all about. This is what all the blog posts, courses, masterclasses, books, and articles are all about. So, stay connected.


It is by no coincidence that after all the millions of decisions you have made in your life, you are currently reading this article... and, you have got this far! It is time to make a choice just like many of us have made the choice, to walk the path of authentic success and quality living that benefits all.

Being realy successful takes less effort than trying to pretend. Pretense is exhausting. Remember, real success is the path of recovering your DNA success-blueprint, fulfilling your purpose, and becoming fully functional. The rest is given to you - with effortless ease. You can't fail. This is what you were born to experience. This is the ladder you were meant to climb - the path you were meant to walk.

“What is the path?”

the Zen master Nan-sen was asked.

Everyday life is the path,” he answered.

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In the next article we will focus on how to develop the POWER TOOLS we need to create our new level of success, well-being, and happiness, that benefits everyone – especially our loved ones.

Till next time

Stay safe – stay connected

Brenda Hattingh

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