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Self-caoching 8: Nine must-have POWERTOOLS to secure next-level success.

Humanity's leap

Humanity's leap to a whole new level of authentic living and leading is causing a stir. While some people choose to ignore the influence of the genetic shift[1] and the emerging of our new DNA success-blueprint, a new group of open-minded, wholehearted, thinkers and leaders is emerging.

These are the people who are conscious, mindful, aware and informed of what is taking place and going on behind the scenes. They have chosen to synergise with and harness the power and potential of these processes. These are our new pathfinders, mapmakers, and way-showers. These are our success stories of the future. This is you and me.

In the meantime, everything is changing. In the previous article, we found that even the definition of ‘success’ is changing. We are coming closer to the truth.

The correct definition of success

We found that the truth about success is that it is all about becoming fully functional[2]. This is the path of the real-me authentic self, encoded as our original BNA success-blueprint. Once you become fully functional the rest in the form of money, status, accolades, positions, and possession, will flow to you. Here the priority is to become fully functional as our original self. Self-awareness is paramount.

Here success is all about having access to what you need when you need it. This level of success includes the ability to create miracles[3]. There is no scarcity mentality.

On the other hand, we have a disconnected, shadow ego-self who believes that success is all about acquiring power positions and financial possessions and gaining accolades in the eyes of others. Here the priority is to survive in the urban jungle. Here we find a lack of self-awareness while acquiring acceptance, power positions, and possessions become paramount.

These are two opposing views.

Different views, different skills sets, different outcomes

The authentic self and the shadow ego-self, not only use opposing mindsets but also use two different skill sets to get what they want and create the world that they feel is right.

  • Shadow ego-self

We found that the shadow ego-self is disconnected, ungrounded, and primarily self-centred. Shadow ego-dwellers use lies, cheating, power games, corruption, violence, intimidation, manipulation, and abuse to get what they want. Here the main value is self-service.

  • Self-preservation

The reason is that the shadow ego-self needs to protect itself against the truth. The shadow ego-self is a delusional self, created out of misinformation, disconnection, and lies. It will do anything to protect this image. They could even intimidate the opposition with physical, professional, financial, relationship, and/or sexual violence. They are also willing not only to sabotage others[4], but also themselves. Murder is not excluded.

  • Dysfunctional

In the article Self-coaching 7, we found that the shadow ego-self is mostly dysfunctional[5] and is even addicted to negativity[6].

With different views, come different skillsets with different outcomes.

The question is, what is the skillset that the authentic self uses to reach the level of ultimate success? What is ‘ultimate success’?

A new mindset with a new success skillset

The true meaning of the word ‘success’ reaches much deeper than just obtaining a goal. ‘Success’ is derived from the Latin word, succĕdere, which means to “follow in a specific order or process”. Success is flow. Success is dynamic action – the process of life. Success is about becoming and remaining functional as the authentic person you were created to be.

The truth about success

The skills we need to get to this level also all come from the root-word succĕdere. These skills and tools are; assess, excess, access, resource, exceed, excel, excellence, process, recess, and all form part of this dynamic, multidimensional, success process. As all come from the same root-word, all are part of “I am functioning as I should” - “I am succeeding as I should". Just imagine - this all comes from just one word - 'succedere'.

This is the truth about success. the rest is just assumptions, perspectives, perceptions, and/or speculation. Ps. We are currently awakening to the real meaning of the words we use. Words have power.

Success is a constant process

Our bodies can only survive if all the processes are constantly moving and in flow. The universe is in constant movement and flow. So are we in constant movement and in flow. There is no permanent arrival point on this success-journey here on Earth. We are on the journey of the soul and constantly moving from one dimension to another. We only find milestones, markers, success symbols, and pit-stops along the way. More about success symbols in the next article. There is no such thing as retirement and/or merely existing. There will always be a purpose to fulfill and/or a service to render.

Mindless living

However, most people are oblivious of their personal, interpersonal, and universal function, purpose, and mission. They are ignorant of who they are and what their authentic function or purpose is. They mostly exist and survive. The reason is when we do not know what our use or function is—abuse or 'absence of use' is inevitable. This is the path of mindless living.

Humanity is at a crossroads.

Humanity is now at a crossroads. The choices are, or you choose the path of mindful self-awareness, climbing the real ladder of authentic success and develop the right power tools – or you join the path of the mindless masses that is currently about 90% of our population. We only need about 20% of new, mindful thinkers to tip the scale in a whole new direction. This group is currently growing. You could be the one who tips the scales.

Becoming fully functional by creating flow

Becoming successful is all about becoming fully functional while maintaining flow. There is no arrival point. There are no restrictions. This includes no age restriction. You need to stay fully functional till the day you die.

You will also understand that it is only the body that stops functioning and dies. The essence of who you are, your soul and spirit, will continue the journey. For inspiring insight into this process, see the inspiring movie, Soul.

Constant movement.

The journey of the soul continues from one season to another, from one level to another, and from one dimension to another. When one season or stage is over, the next season emerges. The DNA ladder of success takes you to a next level and even becomes a porthole to a new dimension with new ladders to climb while new doors open. This is what the genetic shift is all about.

Unfortunately, the shadow ego-self thinks and does differently. Because there are so many blockages, stagnation becomes part of life. When one stage is over, the vision of the next stage gets blocked.

People get stuck. A large majority of people are currently stuck and are merely struggling in a survival mode. The ladder of success of their shadow ego-self took them to a dead end.

The nine major skills to secure your success

Here are the nine main skills and tools to create ultimate success. We can also use the same skills and tools to become unstuck. We can also turn negativity, chaos, and destruction, around and create flow once again, by using these skills and tools. It all comes from one root-word. It all starts with you and me.

For more details, please see Chapter one in the book, New Success DNA[7]. Look out for the upcoming course on How to sharpen your Power Tools for the next level of ultimate success, soon to be released by the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading. In this course, we will go into detail about how to sharpen these tools and skills. This is also the title of our next article.

Here follows a short summary.

9 Must-have Power Tools Tools for your new level of success

  • Assess

Assessment, especially self-assessment is the ability to stand back, be objective, and become the neutral spectator of what is going on. Only then can you mindfully make the necessary decisions and changes. Here you ask the question, what is the truth about this?

Without the ability to become still, stand back and be aware of the situation, people will keep on living mindless lives full of struggle and survival. It is from this dead-end we need to escape.

The first step is to develop the skill of real, authentic assessment that includes being objective. This is not judgment, for that comes from the shadow ego-self. This is an assessment with the focus of making significant changes for the better - first in ourselves. The rest will follow.

Here we start by redefining the self. See short course, redefining self now available at the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading, and get your Daily Power Tools for Power People to help you to redefine yourself while gaining control over the shadow ego-self.

  • Excess

Excess means too much. On the one side, we could have too much baggage, blockages, negativity, brokenness, and barriers that need to be healed and/or left behind, if we want to move forward. Cleaning up, c