EPIGENETICS 1. What is EPIGENETICS and how to harness this power in life and leadership

EPIGENETICS. What is EPIGENETICS and how to harness this power in life and leadership

Hi there,

Over the last few years, the world has been turned upside down. We can blame this all on the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will not all be true.

Genetic shift

On a deep, fundamental level, a genetic shift is taking place. Our DNA success-blueprint.[1] or genetic code is undergoing an upgrade. This means that new levels of health, wealth, happiness, and success are emerging. It is all new and like nothing, we have experienced before.

Humanity is experiencing a leap to authenticity. A new future is here. It is a new dawn - a new day.

Growing awareness

Initially, very few people were conscious of the powerful force of the emerging of our new DNA success-blueprint or genetic code, and all it entails. [i]. Now, not only is there a growing awareness of the new power forces at work, but people are also asking new questions.

Some of these questions are,’ what is Epigenetics[ii]? How does it influence me personally, our lives in general but also our leadership positions?’ The aim of this article is to provide answers to these questions.

However, first some background for our first-time readers and those who would like some catching up. First about myself and how I came about this cutting-edge mind-blowing information.


Although I have a strong academic background with a B.Sc, degree in medical sciences, a honours and masters degree in Adult Education, a Ph.D. in Psychology and lectured at various leading universities, it was an accident that left me paralysed on the right side, that opened my eyes to the truth about what true success, quality living, and happiness, were all about.

It was as if my eyes had opened. I not only gained more clarity, but a deeper understanding of life, quality living, and even leadership, grew during the eleven months I was pinned to my bed and had to learn to walk again. I had the time to read every healing, inspirational, spiritual, self-help, and leadership book I could find. I also studied the results of the Human Genome Project.

The Human Genome Project

Our DNA holds the keys and codes of who we are. The Human Genome Project[iii] (HGP) was one of the great feats of human exploration in history. The HGP was an inward voyage of discovery led by an international team of researchers looking to sequence and map all the genes - together known as the genome - of members of our species, Homo sapiens.

The HGP gave us the ability, for the first time, to read nature's complete genetic blueprint for building a human being. For the first time, we could begin to fathom the intention of Creation with humanity. We now know that we have an original, authentic DNA blueprint[iv]. This is our authentic self[v], that holds the keys and codes to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. We also found the truth about success.

Three flagship books[vi]that cover the most important topics and contain all the necessary information about this journey of discovery, include:

  • New Success DNA. What is it and how to develop it

  • Power Intelligence. Mastering your Miracle Mind

  • New Leadership DNA. Developing enlightened leaders.

The truth about success

In a previous article, we also uncovered the truth about success. We learnt that success is all about becoming fully functional. At the pinnacle of real, authentic, success - we will have developed the ability to co-create with Creation. This means that we must not only become conscious of our DNA blueprint and original genetic code but that we also need to learn how to recover all this power and potential and put it to good use.

It is our responsibility to recover our DNA success-blueprint and create a quality future for ourselves and generations to come. This is our personal and collective purpose and responsibility.

Ultimate success

We also found that ‘ultimate success’ is the ability to get connected, create, and co-create with others while accessing all that we want, need, and desire from the universal storeroom. We found that synchronicity, chance, coincidences, manifestation, and even miracles, become. part of everyday life. There is no lack. The new ladder of success also looks totally different from our old perspective. Our new success ladder - is a DNA ladder.

Debunking the shadow ego-self

This debunks the notion of the shadow ego-self that success is all about acquiring power, positions, possessions, and status. Remember, the shadow ego-self is that part of self that became disconnected from the original DNA blueprint and created a delusional reality of lies, deceit, negativity, corruption, and destruction.

The shadow ego-self is not only addicted to negativity but also gains pleasure, even power, out of sabotage. This includes sabotaging self but especially sabotaging others.


There is a constant battle going on between the authentic self and shadow ego-self. The authentic self leads to health, wealth, and happiness while the shadow ego-self leads to delusion and destruction. The side that makes the final life-defining decisions, determines the quality of your life.

Self-coaching is the ability to be able to distinguish between the two sides of self while mindfully and consciously overcoming the influence of the shadow ego-self. In the process, the real-me authentic self influences the decision-making process in the direction of ultimate success. Currently, we are aiming for total self-mastery.

Free will and intelligence

Self-coaching is all about allowing the wiser, enlightened part of self, the real-me, authentic self. to take control, give guidance, and show the way. This part of self is also connected to the universal matrix, creation, the Creator – to God. We e also have an inner GPS. With everything else, we are also gifted free will – intelligence[vii]. This is the ability to choose.

Personal responsibility

We can decide in what direction we want to go. We also need to take ownership of and accept responsibility for our choices and the outcome thereof. The quality of our lives is therefore a choice. It is also our responsibility. Everything has already been given to us to lead a fully functional life of ultimate success. For more info, see the books on authentic living and leading, now available as a series.

It's easy - it's our natural state

The path back to authentic living and leading is easy. It is our natural state. Once you get to this level of understanding, you also realise that the worst is over. It can only get better from here on. All we need is a new mindset and the right skills and tools.

In the process, we can influence others, especially those who are near and dear to us, to make the shift as well. We can even do this without saying and word. It is called – Epigenetics[viii]. An important new skill is the ability to harness the power of Epigenetics.

The questions once again are, what is Epigenetics? How does it influence our lives? How does it influence leadership?

What is Epigenetics?

Epigenetics[ix] is the study of how our behaviour and environment can cause changes that affect the way our genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence. They can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

This means that the expression of our original DNA blueprint is not static. It is dynamic and can change as we change, grow, learn, develop, and mature. At the same time, we now know that we have free will, we can choose in what direction our DNA power and potential will unfold. We can decide if our full DNA success blueprint and all the genetic codes of power and potential already gifted us, will be utilised, and expressed - or not.

Changing our DNA expression.

Epigenetics means that our DNA blueprint expression can be changed by changing our physical, mental, emotional, and moral/spiritual programming[9]. Once we change our own programming, it spills over and influences others as well. The reason is that on a DNA level, everything is connected to everything else. This is where Epigenetics comes in. Let's use the example of a school of fish for more clarity.

Electromagnetic communication and genetic barcode

A school of fish functions as one unity, although it consists of thousands of individual fish.

If one fish, in the school of fish changes direction, it will reverberate through the whole school of fish. The whole school changes direction.

At the same time, if one fish mutates, migrates, and/or changes for the better, it reverberates through the school of fish, as well. The whole school of fish can then mutate and change for the better. This means that the whole school of fish undergoes an upgrade, just because of the work of just one of its members. They all then function on a new wavelength, a new frequency.

They can even develop a whole new genetic barcode.

The same applies to humanity. [x]. A barcode is used as an identification method. It can open and close doors.

Genetic barcode

DNA barcoding is a method of species identification using a short section of DNA from a specific group of genes. These gene regions are chosen because they differ from the same region in other groups. This is important to remember when we get to Epigenetics, authenticity, authentic leadership, and our spiritual barcode. More about this in a next article.

The question is, how do we harness the power and potential of Epigenetics? The answer is easy, we upgrade our genetic barcode. We hit the reset button, reboot, reroute and recover our original DNA success blueprint. You will find out how to do this in all the upcoming courses, books, webinars, and masterclasses provided by the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading (AALL).[xi].

Changing our genetic barcode

When we change our mindset, heart-set, and value system, it causes a genetic shift. This causes a change in the genetic make-up and becomes visible in the expression of the new genetic code. This means that we can mindfully and consciously recover our original DNA success blueprint while upgrading our DNA barcode. The new barcode opens new doors and opportunities to ultimate success. Below you find different forms of barcoding. In a next article, we will especially focus on our color barcodes. So, remember this here.

The DNA code can be depicted as any one of the current forms of barcodes we know. Just imagine, a new genetic barcode that opens the doors to new levels of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity, is emerging as we speak. This is enough to blow your mind. More about this later.

Genetic barcode of the authentic self.

Here we find that that genetic barcode of activated, connected, spiritually inclined people, is different from discontented, dysfunctional spiritually, blunted, even dysfunctional people. In short – the genetic barcode of the authentic self differs from the genetic barcode of the shadow ego-self. This means that these two parts of self are not on the same wavelength. No wonder that they clash. More about our original DNA barcode later.