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Self-coaching 10. What is ULTIMATE SUCCESS and how to maintain it in life and leadership

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As the genetic shift and the emerging of our new DNA success[1] blueprint gains momentum, people are growing in awareness and asking new questions. One of these questions is, ‘what is ‘ultimate success’? People, especially leaders, want to know, ‘how do we achieve 'ultimate success' and maintain it in our life, our companies, organisations, and leadership positions’?

Revisit the truth

We need to revisit the real meaning of success in order to find the truth. Only then can we find meaningful answers to these questions. The reason is that we have two sides of self with two totally different perspectives, mindsets, value systems, and definitions of success. One side holds the truth, the other side holds the lie - the delusion. We need to choose what side we are going to support in the future.

But first, what is 'ultimate success'?

Ultimate success

The word ‘ultimate’ refers to the highest or final level of success – you cannot achieve more or go any further than this - 'ultimate success’. It is the critical vital ingredient of real success.

It is the main aim of our new ladder of success. We have all this power and potential at our fingertips.

This is what we need to focus on, aim for, and where we all need to end up – eventually. Not only is ultimate success definitive and decisive, but it is also critical to, not only our personal progress but also to the survival of humanity. Therefore, it is of utmost importance.

The main aim of this article is to bring clarity to what we are aiming for when we speak about 'ultimate success'. However, we first need to be clear on who is the creator of this level of success.

The authentic self and ultimate success

In previous articles, we found that we have an original DNA blueprint that holds the keys to all our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. This is our real-me, best version, authentic self aka our soul self, higher self, enlightened self, and/or spiritual, universal self.

It means that we already have everything we want and need to live a happy fulfilling life, encoded as our original DNA barcode. Here, success is all about connecting to, accessing, and utilising all this power and potential. In the process, we become fully functional and live the quality of life we were created for. We already have the microchip and can co-create with the universe. We can even create miracles. This is the ideal. This is the truth. This is our aim in the end. This is 'ultimate success'.

Only the authentic self can achieve ‘ultimate success.’ The authentic self is our miracle has a Miracle Mind[2]. Why settle for less?

  • The authentic self and success

Real, authentic success is all about becoming fully functioning while creating a quality life that benefits all. Here we live from the inside out. Functioning and creating are the must-have tools and skills to get to the level of ultimate success.

  • Few have reached this level

Unfortunately, currently, very few people have the insight, mindset, skills, tools, and level of maturity to attain this level of functioning. The reason is – the shadow ego-self has got in the way.

The shadow ego-self and its perception of success

The truth is that we, that is each one of us, and we, as humanity, became disconnected right down to a universal and DNA level. Not only did we disconnect from the DNA success-blueprint, but we, that is also you and me personally, and we as humanity, created a delusional self, the shadow ego-self. The shadow ego-self with its distorted mindset, created its own world, with its own information that are delusional lies, misinformation, values, and its own standards, rules, and laws. It is a make-believe world that many people think is real.

  • The definition of success of the shadow ego-self

The definition of success of the shadow ego-self is to acquire possessions, positions, and accolades in the eyes of others. Shadow ego-dwellers live from the outside - in. Their major power tools include; struggle, striving, pushing, pulling, intimidation, manipulation, aggression, and frustration. Lies, cheating, stealing, corruption, abuse, and violence in all its forms, are also included.

This inevitably leads to destruction and implosion. Unfortunately, the shadow ego-self will not let go of its ill-gained power-position and will put up a fight to maintain its control.

  • Constant battle

A constant internal and external battle is going on between the shadow ego-self and the authentic self. This spills over to external circumstances. The result is conflict, crime, pollution, poverty, negativity, destruction, and decay. Many people are addicted to this negativity and will even sabotage every and any alternative idea and solution to secure their feeding ground of negativity. Unfortunately, many of these people will stay behind as the rest of humanity makes the leap to authenticity.

  • Anxiety and lack mentality

Part of the shadow ego-self’s perception of success is lack. There is never enough, nothing is ever right, good, or perfect. There is no arrival point. The struggle continues as the shadow ego-self works harder, strives more, fights for a place, stacks up resources, stores up revenue – just in case. 'just in case' becomes a life task. Anxiety and the fear, of not having enough while anticipating disaster, replace common sense and mature judgment, planning, and provision. Anxiety and fear cause blockages. The shadow ego-self is therefore blind to new opportunities and the abundant life we live in.

The challenge is to learn how to coach ourselves while developing new power skills and tools, to overcome this destructive force.

Wake-up calls

Now, there an awakening is taking place. The COVID pandemic is only one of our many wake-up calls. There are many other, triggers, wake-up calls, signs, and signals ringing out loud and clear. And no, not all wake-up calls need to be painful.

Unfortunately, when we ignore one wake-up call, it becomes louder, clearer, and sometimes even painful. It is not until the pain becomes unbearable, that many people then change. An old colleague of mine always said, 'only fools, suffer.' The question is, Why suffer?

These articles are meant to be part of the new call to action and it is all part of the 'universal awareness campaign'. The genetic clock is ticking. It is time!

Clock genes

In a previous article, we focussed on our clock genes that trigger certain reactions, and processes, at different times. This not only takes place within a person like you and me, but it also reverberates throughout humanity, leaving no one untouched. This is Epigenetics.


Epigenetics means that our DNA blueprint expression can be changed by changing our mental, emotional, moral/spiritual programming and values.[9]. Once we change our own programming, it spills over to others as well. We cab can influence the course of events on a DNA level, by starting with ourselves, just like one little fish can change the direction of the whole school of fish.

A new genetic pool

At the same time, as we join a new group, a new tribe, of committed solution-seekers, problem-solvers, pathfinders, and mapmakers. We can pick up on the new vibe and it rubs off on others and we change as well. Not only is a genetic shift taking place, but a whole new genetic pool is emerging. The more conscious, mindful, and evolved we become, the more we will experience ultimate success.

Ultimate success – creating miracles

So, a summary of the answers to the questions, ‘what is ultimate success and how do we obtain and maintain it in our lives and even leadership positions?’

Success is all about becoming fully functional. This means we need to grow in our awareness that we already have everything we want and need. There is no lack. The ultimate level of human functioning is the ability to create flow.

We already have the ability to co-create miracles with Creation. This is our natural state. It is who we are and how we were created to function. All is already encoded as our original DNA success-blueprint.

We can co-create with the universe and manifest whatever, whenever we need it. We are in the process of, not only becoming path-finders, maker-makers, and solution-creators, we are also becoming miracle makers.

Nothing is ever the way that it seems

However, we do not always find what we need in the form that we need it. Once we realise everything is already available, we begin to see the different connections between the issue, challenge, problem, and processes, and the solution. We awaken to the fact that we can rise above current dilemmas, identify new solutions, and create a new future of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity, that benefits all.

This is all within our power. This is Power Intelligence (PI) - the intelligence of the future. More about PI in a next article.

All you need to do is to start with yourself, just where you are in what you are doing, with what you have. You can make the transition in an instant by choosing,' are you part of the problem or are you part of the solution?

Creating ultimate success

All you need to do is first identify who you are. Who do you identify with - your authentic self or the shadow ego-self? Remember, they have directly opposition perspectives of success. Then identify what it is that you need. Once again ask, 'who has this want and need?' A good rule of thumb is – the authentic self has needs to be met. The shadow ego-self mostly has wants and needs.

Then accept your need has already been met – possibly not in the form you expected.

Accept that you already have the solutions and/or resources personally in your space, but you also have access to whatever you need. All you need to do is to open the doors, windows to all the opportunities.

The important fact is – this is nothing new. It is and has been part of everyday living since the creation of humanity. This is how we were made to live everyday life.

Everyday living

I would like to share some examples of ultimate success in everyday living before we identify how we create ultimate success. Also, look out for upcoming webinars on creating ultimate success and especially the launch of the Academy of Authentic living and Leading (AALL). Here you find all the information, courses, books, podcasts, and webinars in one place.

  • The red kettle

At the maximum lockdown stage of the COVID pandemic, my kettle burnt out. Usually, you would just go and buy a new kettle. However, I realised – this was mindless living. The power of the habit. The general thinking is to go and buy what you need or complain if you don't have the money. Here money takes centre stage.

However, it was at a time where we all closed our office doors, tightened our belts, stayed at home, and made do with what we have. It was also the time of working on a tight budget.

I first decided that I could do without a kettle. However, it became evident that the kettle was not only used for boiling water for coffee or tea but was also used for hot water to wash the dishes, thereby saving water from the geyser.

  • Learning to practice what you preach

Although I have been writing about 'ultimate success' for a while, I decided to consciously and mindfully use the skills and tools outlined below.

My need was a new kettle, but the budget was tight. So, I became still, got connected, and stated I need a new kettle. More specifically – I wanted a bright red kettle.

  • Synchronicity and timing

Less than an hour later, I received an SMS from the bank confirming that some money had, out of the blue, been paid into my account by a small bookshop, close to where I lived. I saw this as a sign to go and buy my kettle. Lo and behold, when I entered the few supermarkets that were open at that time – there was a special on kettles. This red kettle was prominently positioned for me to see.

Is this a coincidence, a miracle, luck, fluke, manifestation, or just by chance? Who cares what name you want to call it! Here is my red kettle.

New patio table

Another example of ultimate success in everyday living is my patio table. After my four sons left home, it was time to move to a smaller place. Fortunately, the buyer bought not only the house, but the sale included everything inside, including the furniture, even garden utensils. I left with just my clothes, some personal belongings, and my computer.

This was one of the most liberating experiences. I felt free. It opened a whole new world not bogged down with stuff. However, one needs to create a space to live in that also includes furniture. This time I needed a table for the patio

  • Old habits die hard

As said, usually, you would just go and buy new furniture. Once again, I realised – this was mindless living. The power of the habit. As said, the thinking is to go and buy what you need or complain if you don't have the money. Money takes centre stage.

Once again I decided to use the skills and tools we need to create ultimate success. I reasoned that if I already have what I need, where is it? Where is my patio table?

  • Perfect timing

It was by no coincidence when opening the garage to take out my car, I saw two doors stacked away in the corner. First, I ignored them, shrugging it off as insignificant. However, later the day while doing grocery shopping, I passed a small second-hand shop. In the doorway was a bundle of table legs bound together. I bought them for $ 5. The doors in the garage now made sense.

The lesson to remember is that initially, the separate parts don't make sense. But, when brought together - wallah! you have magic! I now have two tables on my patio. With a very large family – it is exactly what I needed. I even got more than what I thought I needed. But. there's more. The table has also been turned into a monthly gathering point.

  • Monthly gatherings

Once a month we invite one or two acquaintances. The arrangement is that they bring one or two new people. We gather around something light like a pot of soup with sherry, lasagne, and salad, or a barbeque.

The aim is to meet new people, make them feel welcome and at home while sharing our experiences. We have had amazing evenings with surprise contributions that include, art, music, poetry, song, dance, cooking, recipes, travel, wine-tasting, and many other topics. Some evenings last till 04h00 in the morning. People are reluctant to go home.

  • Sharing

At these evenings I could share how much money I made when selling the house with everything included. However – that would be ego. I share the story about the tables that previously were doors. People are amazed, intrigued, and want to know more.

We now have a waiting list from strangers who have heard about our monthly gatherings, who, of their own accord, want to join us.

Nothing is trivial

Although these could seem like trivial examples of ‘ultimate success’, the same principles apply to every single aspect of our lives. There is no difference between big or small coincidences, synchronicities, or miracles. They all come from the same place and are made from the same stuff.

Fine-tune our awareness

Our challenge is to be able to fine-tune our awareness. As we become more and more aware of small everyday happenings, we begin to realise that the big things are just built up from smaller, even seemingly insignificant accomplishments. Nothing is insignificant and/or rival as everything has a purpose and a part to play.

Here mindfulness, consciousness, awareness, creativity, and timing take centre stage.

Ultimate success in business works exactly the same.

Ultimate success in business

If success is all about becoming fully functional, and ultimate success is all about creating flow where everything is directly available or you have access to everything you need, how will this work in a business?

Once again the answer lies in who is doing business?

Ego-driven business

If it is the shadow ego-self doing business, then you will continue with the struggle, striving, overworking. This could even include anger, resentment, lying, stealing, corruption, and mismanagement. Just for the record – corruption is a mental health issue and should be treated as such. More about this in a next article.

  • Shadow ego-self leaders

Here you find leaders in positions of power who use structures, systems, and the organisation, to further their ego needs and wants. Inevitably this leads to self-destruction and causes harm to the business and/or organisation if they are not stooped. It is like a cancerous growth that needs to be removed in order to survive. At the same time, current leadership development programs are not hitting the mark.

  • Important new training courses

At the same time, new authentic leadership development and organisational alignment are inevitable. Having executives trained in authentic leadership and learning how to recover their DNA leadership-blueprint, is contributing to a new generation of thinkers and leaders. HR development and staff training that includes genetic resilience, Epigenetics, authentic living, and ultimate success, is now giving leading companies and organisations an advantage and the competitive edge. Book these in-hose training sessions in advance.

You just need one real authentic leader to show the way.

Authentic-self driven businesses

As said, it is important to know where the business and business leaders are coming from, to determine where they are going. New authentic leaders are emerging. They are building new businesses and elevating their people to authentic living.

In the process, they are experiencing real, authentic success, as ultimate success. Projects come together, processes flow, people synergise, money flows, the right people for the right places show up. Everyone flourishes. This is a vision well within the reach of everyone, especially business owners, CEOs, project managers, and leaders on all levels.

It is a vision worth aiming for.

The genetic shift is gaining momentum

Over the last few months, national and international companies and organisations have been booking these new training and leadership development programs for their executives, companies, and organisations. This is a sure sign that new authentic leaders are taking in their place on the platforms of life.

Nothing will ever be the same again. It is time.

The Academy for Authentic living and leading

Although the Academy of Authentic Living and Leading (AALL) is visible on the internet, the courses, leadership development programs, self-coaching programs, and webinars are not available to the public as yet.

At the moment, we are working behind the scenes with various leaders, companies, and organisations who are invested in laying a new foundation of authenticity while securing their organisations are in place while the pace of change speeds up. The aim is to secure longevity, productivity, and ultimate success, for the years to come.

AALL will be open to the public from 1st October

The AALL will be available to the public from 1st October 2021. Look out for the upcoming launch that includes access to all this new information.

Ps. This body of work on the genetic shift, the emerging of our DNA success-blueprint, authentic living and leading, ultimate success, Epigenetics, and quality living, is a global first. You will find this nowhere else.

How to create ultimate success

Here are a few tips for you to begin to create ultimate success.

  • Hear the wake-up call and answer the call to action.

  • Choose and commit to walking the path of the authentic self.

  • Redefine yourself. See the special mini-course below to boost your progress.

  • Identify your shadow ego-self. Stop its control in your life.

  • Detox and detangle from others who are still caught up in their ego-bubbles.

  • Stop struggling and complaining. Stop the abuse, frustration, deception, and corruption. Just stop. There is something better.

  • Redefine success.

  • Stop making money a priority and giving money control and center stage.

  • Remember, there are other options available.

  • Understand ultimate success. This is where we are heading.

  • Make peace with what you have – it already contains the answers and solutions.

  • come still and acknowledge that you already have everything you need, although you might not be aware of what form it will take on.

  • Accept that it is not necessarily currently in the form you want and need it.

  • Fine-tune your senses to be able to identify opportunities

  • Remember that your answers and solutions could come in different shapes, sizes, and in different parts, and at different times. So, be vigilant.

  • Sharpen your skills and tools to create the solution out of what you already have and with what arrives.

  • Be creative. How do you put all the parts together to create your solution or meet your wants and needs?

  • Know that you have been created with a DNA success-blueprint – it is who you are. You can't fail. It is who you were meant to be. Living this way is part of your purpose.

  • Learn how to recover your DNA blueprint and all the health, wealth, happiness, and success it holds.

  • Become aware of coincidences, synchronicities, happenings, and everyday miracles.

  • Be the new pathfinder, mapmaker, and solution-seeker the world is waiting for.

  • Redefine who you are as you become a bridgebuilder and catalyst for prosperity.

  • Remember, you are not alone on this journey. When necessary ask, seek, knock, call, buzz, yell, holler, invite, look up, look out, pop in, do whatever it takes to move forward.

  • Read new books and attend new courses. See the launch of AALL.

  • Help others to do the same. Share the good news.

  • Remember – you were hardwired for nothing less than the best. You were created with a DNA microchip with the codes for the best-case scenario. Don’t settle for anything less.

  • Be willing to reach out to others. Remember Epigenetics.

  • Learn to love and be loved. Be happy.

  • Maintain the flow of ultimate success by constantly repeating these steps.

Be part of the solution. Start here.

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  • Contact us if you need any help by sending an email to

Remember the free Masterclass. Self-coaching. WHO coaches WHO? is only available until the weekend.

Our next series is all about how to develop your Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future

Till next time

Stay safe and stay connected.

Brenda Hattingh

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References [1] Hattingh, Brenda. (2012. A.). New Success DNA. What is it and how to develop it. Currency Communications Pty. Ltd.: Johannesburg. [2] Hattingh, Brenda. 2012. Power Intelligence. Mastering your Miracle mind. Currency Communications. Pty.Ltd.; Johannesburg. ooo0ooo

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