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Epigenetics 3. Who will make the GENETIC SHIFT and how to join them

Epigenetics 3. Who will make the GENETIC SHIFT and how to join them.

As the pace of the genetic shift, accelerates, the need for self-coaching[1] becomes more and more important as people need to think on their feet in an everchanging world. At the same time, the emerging of a new DNA success-blueprint is gaining momentum.

Who will make the shift?

In the previous article, we found that not everyone will be able to keep up with the change and transformation. It, therefore, becomes increasingly important to be able to identify who will make the genetic shift, so that we can align forces, synergise, and we make the shift together.

The aim of this article is to find answers to the questions. Who will make the genetic shift? How do we align forces with this new group of movers and shakers?


In the process, we found that we can influence relationships, a family, group, team, company, organisation, and even a country because of the power of Epigenetics[2], Understanding the power of Epigenetics is now a must-have tool for anyone invested in a positive future.

Back to the question, who will make the genetic shift?

More than a paradigm shift

Thomas Kuhn[3] coined the term ‘paradigm’ that refers to a frame of reference, injunction, method, or experiment that is not so much concerned with thinking but with doing. However, all our actions are the outcome of a specific line of thought. In simple terms, a paradigm is a way of perceiving life while allowing us to choose our actions or ‘doings’ accordingly. It is a window or framework with certain boundaries, rules, values, opinions, and solutions that give meaning to life.

This means the old outworn paradigm, values, ideas, and perceptions need to be challenged, reinterpreted, and even discarded to make way for the new mindsets and ways of perceiving life that then reflects in our actions or doing. However, the genetic shift is more than a paradigm shift as a shift in a mindset. It is a genetic makeover.

Genetic makeover

One of the reasons why we don’t find this information in leading academic institutes – yet – is because our education system has some catching up to do. We are currently moving from primary to secondary, to tertiary, to quaternary education and quantum learning. More about this in a next article.

We are undergoing a genetic upgrade. A new genetic success-code is emerging. See the article on how to harness the power of the genetic shift.

Reinventing ourselves

Every time we go through positive change we release new energy and can move forward. Change is the discovery of a new, broader perspective of the world, a new approach to successful living, happiness, prosperity, abundance, meaning, and life. This means we must see, think, and act in a new way. The most important point, however, is that we must reinvent ourselves and our lives. The adage is – ‘new wine in new wineskins’. We start with redefining who we are.

Authentic self

If you have been following these articles you will know that on a genetic level, we have a connected, centred, grounded, real-me, authentic self who holds the genetic codes for all our health, wealth, happiness, and success. Unfortunately, we became disconnected from our authentic, higher, whole, healed, holy self and our blueprint of ultimate success.

Shadow ego-self

Out of ignorance, we developed a shadow ego-self that is not only disconnected, but who created a life struggle, resistance, negativity, and destruction. It is from this part of self and the world it created, that we need to return. The challenge is to recover our original DNA success-blue and once again function as we were originally created to while being happy, healthy, wealthy, and prosperous.

We need to change.

Authentic leaders

New authentic leaders[4] take the lead in the process of reinvention and change. They are our pathfinders, mapmakers, and bridge-builders, to the new future. In essence, everyone can be a pathfinder, mapmaker, bridge-builder, and change agent for progress.

Everyone has leadership capabilities. Everybody has the ability to 'show the way'. That's not the issue. The issue is, what way? There is only one of two paths - the path of authenticity or the shadow ego-path. Our challenge is to identify who these new authentic people are so that we can align forces with them as we make the quantum leap together.

The question is, why is it important to be able to identify these people, not only in our personal lives, our relationships, social structures, communities, businesses, and/or even governments?

The times demand new people in new positions

The answer is that we are created for a specific purpose for a specific time. Some people were created, prepared, and called for a time like this. They bring the answers and solutions to current challenges. Einstein was such a person. He initially spent his time, behind the scenes in the patent offices, before he took centre stage. So were people Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela people who were called, prepared, and then sent.

Up and till now they have been hidden somewhere in the corners of society just waiting for the right moment in time to step forward and take in their place on the platforms of life. This could be you.

The more we know who these new pathfinders, mapmakers, and solution seekers are, the more we can align and synergise with them, support the shift, while taking in our own place as bridgebuilders and catalysts for good.

Who will move to the next level?[5]

We can be identified four types of people who will take part in the shift, namely: The pioneers, the initiators, developers, and followers.

The pioneers: The new thinkers

Pioneers are individuals who can creatively identify and initiate new solutions to problems. Currently, we have people like Elon Musk and others who are forward-thinking, futuristic thinkers. Here are a few things to look for - in others and in yourself.

· Open-minded

These people are open-minded, think in open systems, and acknowledge the fact that people, groups, institutions, organizations, and even countries move from one plateau or level to the next. They understand the flow of change and can integrate what is applicable from the past with what is required for the future in the transformation process.

· Holistic

They search for integrative structures and have a wide vision and insight. New paradigm pioneers know that everything functions holistically and is integrated as a living whole within the oneness of the Universe. They think holistically and improve the well-being of the whole and not only the fragmented parts.

· Insight

The new paradigm pioneers have 'X-ray vision' and can identify differences and problems under the surface. They have wide panoramic sight and insight and are constantly open to new information and ideas.

· Flow and Flexibility

They can cope with and manage different people and situations and value systems and aim at facilitating a common vision and synergy for all. Their flexibility and resilience help to build bridges and bring people and pieces together. They also think in terms of flow and flexibility and can integrate natural differences in an evolutionary flow.

· Competent leaders

They are competent, effective, disciplined people with deeper, fundamental, and universal personal qualities. At the same time, they have developed and are equipped with various coping and leadership skills that will benefit all.

· Problem solvers

The new paradigm pioneers are not people who can be manipulated and dominated. They are not necessarily found in the normal corridors of influence and prestige, but rather on the periphery of power and mainly outside of the structures. They do not attempt to be in the foreground unless contributing to the solution of existing problems.

· Innovators

The new paradigm leaders are the innovators of new ideas, solutions, structures, and answers to problems of life until another power shift occurs.

· Time-sensitive

They are very conscious of their time to up but also when to step down and retreat out of sight. Some stay active while leading from behind. They make excellent mentors and coaches for upcoming new leaders.

· Open-hearted

Although our pioneer is open-minded, they are also open-hearted. They are compassionate, caring, and invested in finding the best solutions for current challenges. They think and plan for the total population and not only a specific group.

· Quantum thinkers

Because of this new mindset, they do not lapse into the categorisation and labeling of people in historical stereotypes and stereotyped categories. They rather relate everything to everything else in quantum parts

· Fearless

Innovative leaders are competent, fearless, tough, resourceful, and cheerful. While attaching a high value to autonomy and personal freedom they enjoy something new and have an interest and passion for personal challenges and doing unique projects.

· Unselfish

They respect competency, are unselfish, possess high ethics, and have a strong sense of responsibility. They are not dominated and manipulated and only support something if it has merit.

· Courageous and playful

They display courage in difficult times and can still laugh, play and have fun. While addressing issues in earnest and with dedication, their sense of humour usually brings light into many a dark situation. Such a man was Nelson Mandela[6].

It is time

Currently, new paradigm pioneers are coming out of their seclusion and taking in their place on the platforms of life. Maybe reading this article, could just be the trigger you have been waiting for. Could this be the nudge you need to step forward and fulfill your purpose and calling? There is no age limit. It is in your DNA. It is time.

You can ask, why me? The answer is, why not? Think of it, the world is waiting just for you and all your weird and wonderful ideas, solutions, contributions, and positive influence to make a difference. However, if you are not a pioneer, maybe you are an initiator, developer, supporter, and/or follower. Remember, these are all very important roles in the genetic shift.

We fulfill all these roles in our lives. Which one will it be now? The one role and position cannot do without the other. All you need to do is to choose where you fit in at the current moment and then do whatever you need to need to do.


These thinkers are people who get in touch with next-level pioneers and the new paradigm, thoughts, values, structures, and rules at an early stage. Everything is still new but the growth and development potential is high.

Although they did not discover or invent the new mindset or paradigm, they are open and receptive enough to understand, extend and integrate the new information. They are especially ready to change., transform and even transcend. They are the initiators of the new values, thoughts, and paradigms in their groups, structures, and organizations.

· Initiating change

While others are still struggling with the old solutions within the status quo, they already initiate and implement the new on a small scale. They mainly function within structures and attempt to introduce change to people within structures and systems. They even challenge the status quo. They are primarily found within groups, academic institutions, business structures, and political parties, sporting circles, cultural groups, religious or church boards, and social communities.

· Devil’s advocate

When initiators speak up, members from the status quo can perceive them as the devil's advocate; as people who handicap the traditional mindset, disrespect the current value system, d are stirrers, conflict creators, or problem makers. Initiators normally clash with the establishment, institutionalized structures, and the procedures of the status quo.

· Break through calcified structures

Sometimes they can break through the old mindsets and hard, unbending calcified structures and create a new field where more and more people can realise the deeper meaning of the new mindset. They can also think and work independently and are not discouraged by resistance and punishment from the old.

· Support for initiators

Should an initiator be blocked by the resistance to change in the status quo, and/or expectations of change are limited, they leave the system. They move to better and more vibrant, resilient circumstances. Today it is important that new paradigm leaders and initiators are identified and kept in the system. They also need to be supported in their efforts to facilitate and develop innovative change within the systems. Without their influence, the systems calcify, harden, and become more rigid. In the end, this leads to total disintegration.

Other positions include coaches, trainers, and facilitators.

Coaches, trainers, facilitators, and developers

As the new paradigm develops and gains field, more people are trained and developed as new coaches, mentors, trainers, and teachers. Competent people are identified, trained, and equipped with the new information and skills so that they can train and develop larger groups.

· Facilitators

These are people within structures who show an aptitude for the new mindset and can be trained to facilitate and develop others. Innovative leaders will invest in training competent trainers and coaches thereby broadening their basis of leadership.

· Training the trainers

Currently, we are identifying, and training new coaches, mentors, trainers, and speakers in the genetic shift to reach as many people are possible.

· Accreditation

New coaches, mentors, teachers, speakers, and facilitators are also accredited to use this information and coaching packages to protect them from unlawful use of this information and any copyright infringement.

From here on, Epigenetics will work its magic to get this information out there.


Followers are those who are willing to follow and also support pioneers and initiators in positive change. The new message resonates within their hearts and minds. They just feel it is the right thing to do. Here we find the power of intuition, gutfeel, common sense, and a new level of awareness taking centre stage.

Some followers go with the flow without resistance or questioning. They adapt to the new thoughts and skills and accept that, should their identified leaders support the change, everything should be in order.

Followers form the largest percentage of any group or community and therefore the importance of effective quality leadership cannot be emphasised enough.

The outsider

There are of course those people who choose to remain outsiders. They remain, uninvolved, silent onlookers. They can even turn around and walk away.

Happy experiences

What a happy experience it has been so far with introducing the genetic shift, the emerging of our original DNA success-blueprint. and the quantum leap to authenticity, on public platforms. Where previously this information was met with trepidation and even open resistance, it is now allowed in and even met with open arms. People are embracing the truth about who they are and how they should function.

New topics

Some of our major topics are, self-coaching, authentic leadership, and developing genetic resilience. Resilience is the ability to return to the original form as soon as possible, especially in times of difficulty and/or stress. The original form in this case is our original DNA success blueprint, our authentic self. In the process, self-coaching has become a must-have skill today.

Doors are opening

Over the last few months, many doors have opened in companies and organisations because of initiators. These are people who are ready to make the shift. Many more people are ready as they awaken to the next level of human consciousness and mindful living.

Current feedback

Feedback from current workshops includes, 'You just put into words what I already knew’.

The reason for this is, the message of authentic living and leading is easy, effortless, and even magical. It is who you are – who you were meant to be. It is the ego that struggles and resists.

Good news

Good news. By the time you get to this level of awareness, the worst is over. You are no longer in the dark and the shadow ego-self no longer has full control. The future now lies open and bright. The quality of your life is, therefore, a choice.

How to join the new movers and shakers

You align with the new thinking by making a choice. On the one hand, you choose to align with the genetic shift and support the quantum leap to authentic living and leading. You do whatever it takes to develop the new mindset, skills, and tools[7]. The result is you will move forward and upward. In the process, you will take in a new position as maybe a new pioneer, initiator, trainer, coach, and or supporter.

The other choice is to keep with the shadow ego-self and stagnate in the old and all it entails.

Important note: If you have read this article up and till here – you are already passed the old mindset. It is now time for action.

A call to action.

Become part of the solution by starting here.

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Our next article is about why the GENETIC SHIFT is causing such a stir. and how to harness all this power and potential.

Till next time

Stay safe and stay connected.

Brenda Hattingh

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Copyright. All rights reserved. (c) 2021. Dr. Brenda Hattingh


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