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Epigenetics 4. Why the GENETIC SHIFT is causing such a stir and how to manage it.

Epigenetics 4. Why is the GENETIC SHIFT causing such a stir and how to manage it.

Over the last few months, I have been publishing various articles on the genetic shift, self-coaching, and the emerging of our new DNA success-blueprint to bring greater awareness to what is happening on deeper, fundamental levels.


The aim is to inspire people as they become aware of and understand the new processes at work. The purpose is to move to the next level while laying the foundation for a whole new mindset. At the same time, the aim is to help individuals, companies, and organisations to harness all this power and potential while creating new, quality lives of ultimate success. In the process, we will influence the progress of others.

We found that because of Epigenetics, we can influence a relationship, and/or a family, group, team, company, and organisation, by just changing our own inner programs.

Global first

This body of work was developed over the last 21 years. It is a global first. You will not find it anywhere else than at the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading[i].

Although I have been busy with research, writing, coaching, and training within companies and organisations for more than 30 years, I felt that the time was now right to make this mind-blowing information available to the public.

New questions

Not only has the genetic shift caused a stir, but people are also becoming aware of the powerful forces now at work. They are also asking new questions.

An email was received from Patrick. He wrote, “Thanks for all this information, Brenda – and it is all free! I would like to know why the genetic shift is causing such a stir. Like the Covid-19 pandemic, will everyone be influenced by the shift or is this just for the selected few? Is this just another ‘flavour of the month' idea that will fade over time, or is it really here to stay?”

Here is my answer to Patrick’s questions. I hope it will inspire someone reading this article to come aboard and be part of the solution. Hope it is you!

The genetic shift is here to stay.

To answer Patrick’s second question, the genetic shift is influencing everyone – with or without them even knowing this. And, no, this is not just another ‘flavour of the month’ idea that will fade with time and be shelved with other ideas. Here we find a whole new foundation for life and living. The genetic shift is here to stay. The only difference is if you are aware of this dynamic and work with the power and potential – or not.

Levels of awareness

The difference between individuals and groups, including leaders, is the level of their awareness. The level of consciousness determines the level of insight. The genetic shift still takes place, irrespective of a person, group, team, company, organisation, and leaders, being conscious of these processes – or not.

We cannot stop this unfolding shift. We can only choose to become acquainted with the processes and work with or against the new power and potential being released. Where we stand, is a choice[ii]. (see previous article).

The genetic shift is also a quantum leap.

Quantum leap

Change sometimes happens radically and immediately. Like the unforeseen consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, the new information and situation are not anticipated in advance.

This also happens in everyday life. Think of a sudden lapse in the economy and the subsequent insolvencies and dismissals; or a sudden change in the family structure caused by death, divorce, or unplanned pregnancy. Here change takes the form of a quantum leap - a sudden leap from one situation to another.

During the leap, the future is normally unclear, without any planned structures The necessary people, training, resources, services, and structures, are not in place - yet. Chaos arises.

Keeping up with the chaos

People who understand the principles of chaos and order can make a quantum leap and excel in the chaos without feeling threatened. However, not all people can cope with chaos. The bigger the gap is between the old and the new, the more change is required, and the more chaos occurs.

On the other hand, the greater the chaos, the better the opportunity for a new vision, ideas, structures, order, and patterns, to arise. In other words, the more chaos there is, the greater the opportunity to initiate transformation, growth, development, and something totally new.

Thriving on chaos

One of the positive results of the COVID-19 pandemic was that people needed to learn how to think on their feet. There are also people who thrive on the chaos. It is time to identify people who have this ability so that we can align forces and move forward together.

Authentic self vs shadow ego-self

Just to recap for those who have recently joined reading these articles. In the series, Self-coaching[iii], we found that we all have an authentic self that is committed to becoming fully functional, peak performance, and ultimate success. On the other hand, we also have a shadow ego-self who is committed to self-service and survival.

While the authentic self is aligned with the genetic shift, the shadow ego-self will, or ignore[iv], or oppose these processes, in every way possible. We covered the strategy of the shadow ego-self to survive this new wave of change in the article, Epigenetics 2. How to manage people who cannot make the shift.

First master self

It also became evident that we need to manage these factors within ourselves, first, before we can help and/or lead others. The emerging of real, authentic leaders who are committed to recovering their DNA leadership-blueprint[v], forms part of this process.

A new level of consciousness

The challenge is to become aware of the shifts, changes, quantum leap, and the emerging of our new DNA success-blueprint. We also need to learn how to harness all this new power and potential at our disposal. This calls for a new mindset, skills, tools, and even a whole new intelligence – Power Intelligence (PI)[vi]. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future. More about this in a next article.

The Academy for Authentic Living and Leading

The aim of the Academy for Authentic Living and Leading (AALL)[vii] is to provide all the necessary books, courses, and articles, covering the genetic shift, the merging of our new DNA success-blueprint, Epigenetics, and all relevant topics. The purpose is to empower individuals, teams, groups, companies, and organisations who are ready to make the leap with the new mindset, heart-set, and skill-set. In the process, we can expect to grow, develop, transform, and transcend – together.

Back to Patrick's questions, ‘why is the genetic shift causing such a stir? How do we manage this and use it to our advantage?’

Why is the genetic shift causing a stir?

The genetic shift is causing a stir because, knowingly a