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Epigenetics 6. What does religion say about the GENETIC SHIFT?

EPIGENETICS 6. What does religion have to say about the GENETIC SHIFT?

As the genetic shift continues, the awakening of our new DNA success code[1] of power and potential is gaining momentum. A new foundation for a new season of human existence is now being laid. Eckard Tolle calls this the New Earth[2].

In the previous article[3], we found that we have a special DNA sequence that is an indication of our spiritual inheritance. On a DNA level, it can now be determined if you are spiritually connected, centred, and grounded – or not.

The question is, what does religion have to say about the genetic shift and our spiritual connection, power, and potential, encoded as a DNA code?


First, some background for our first-time readers, to give context to this article.

· The authentic self

In previous articles, we covered the topic of our real-me, authentic self[4], encoded as our original DNA blueprint. It holds the keys to all our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. The authentic self is inspired by honesty, truth, integrity, love, compassion, peace, and respect for all. Our DNA functioning is optimised at this level.

· Authentic leaders

Coming from this foundation guarantees success, happiness. and prosperity. On this level, we find authentic leaders who know the way, go the way, and show the way. They are our new pathfinders, mapmakers, bridgebuilders, and catalysts for good. Currently, they are waking up, getting up, and taking in their place on the marketplace. The world has been waiting for these leaders to emerge and show the way. This means every one of us currently emerging. Leadership is no longer about power positions but about the quality of a person.

· The shadow ego-self

Unfortunately, we became disconnected from our authentic DNA success blueprint and created a delusional, self-made shadow ego-self that is driven by fear, anxiety, lies, misinformation, corruption, and disregard. The world we live in today was mainly created by the shadow ego-dwellers and is marred with conflict, disease, and struggle. On this level, our DNA frazzles and frays and also disintegrates, leaving us vulnerable to disease.

· Ego driven leaders

Here we find ego-driven, self-centred, and self-serving leaders who use people and the system to further their priorities and aspirations. They are addicted to negativity and emotional dramas. This feeds the ego. They inevitably land in a downward spiral of self-destruction and can drag the mindless masses with them if not stopped. It is from this downward spiral we are now returning.

We have to start with ourselves. Self-coaching has now become a must-have skill[5]. The question is, how do we turn this downward spiral around?

The Human Genome Project

With the information from the Human Genome Project[6] (HGP), we learnt that we not only have physical DNA but also multidimensional DNA holding the keys and codes for our mental, emotional, and spiritual disposition. The disconnected parts were seen as junk DNA or junk genes. Now an awakening is taking place as our clock genes trigger new potential to become available. All we need to do is to learn how to harness all this power and potential at our disposal.

Harnessing this power and potential

How we harness this power and potential will all depend on the level of our understanding, intelligence, consciousness, mindfulness, openness, and flexibility. Some people, groups, companies, and organisations, have this potential already active. They will take the lead while others will follow in their slipstream. New authentic leaders[7] are emerging and replacing shadow ego-dwellers who have served as place keepers until authentic leaders take in their place. It is time!

At the same time, Epigenetics is at work.


Epigenetics[8] has given us the insight that how we think, feel, and believe, influences the expression of our DNA potential. At the same time, external circumstances can influence how we think, feel, and believe and influence our DNA expression. And … we need to remember, that at this level, everything is connected to everything else.

This means that with the right mindset, skills, and tools, we can influence the direction of growth, development, and progress of our family, closest groups, and even humanity as a whole, by just elevating ourselves. The era of authenticity has arrived. As seen in our previous article this is not only transferable (phenotype) but also hereditary (genotype).

Spiritual hereditary.

As we have found, heredity is more than the physical transference of eye colour, gender, or intelligence. It has been scientifically found that people who lead positive, productive lives with vision, enthusiasm, love, passion, and faith, have a certain DNA activity that differs from those individuals and groups who live solely on the physical, tangible level.

Reference to spiritual hereditary is also found in religion. We are said to be the heirs to the kingdom of God[9]. At the same time, religion demands that people be ‘born again’. This means that their spiritual DNA is activated.

The question is, what does religion say about the genetic shift?

The genetic shift and religion

As the human consciousness evolves, we can expect that this new terminology will enter our mainstream religions. Once again, some will be able to digest the new mindset, while others will resist the new information. These systems are set in their ways, resist change, and are plagued by fear, anxiety, and brain blindness.

Controlling the masses with fear and quilt

It is known that religion has used fear and guilt to maintain control over the masses. Now a shift is taking place and people are starting to think for themselves. This means a major stir is currently occurring within traditional, dogmatic religions. It will escalate until these systems or transform and transcend or disintegrate. Only the truth will survive.

Different levels of faith.

Who will survive will all depend on what level these systems are coming from. Below we find our artist’s view of Kohlberg's different levels of moral development and faith.

Asking the right question

Religion, as part of our foundation, can be seen as the ‘preschool’ of our spiritual journey. This is an important phase as fundamentals are laid during this time. However, we cannot remain in ‘preschool’ forever. We need to move forward and upward.

The time has now come to revisit these fundamental teachings and ask one question, and one question only, what is the truth.

One truth

As we move beyond the tribal mind with blind faith, towards individual thinking and objective faith, we will also grow in a deeper knowing and understanding. This is also the path of wisdom. At the level of wisdom, we can incorporate seemingly mutually exclusive concepts into one unified whole. This is where different religions will now come together, compare notes, and unify in truth. There is only one Truth.

Meeting each other in authenticity

It is at the point of Truth, we will meet each other in honesty, truth, integrity, love, compassion, and authenticity. The path of authenticity is the path in search of truth. Each one of us has the responsibility to choose our path and walk it for ourselves. You can start just where you are. In the end - it all leads to the same place. Here we will all be able to meet each other as we truly are - our authentic, fully connected, shining self. We will no longer see others as bodies that bring seperation, but souls on a journey. Here we also unite as one. In this Oneness – the journey is over.