Epigenetics 6. What does religion say about the GENETIC SHIFT?

EPIGENETICS 6. What does religion have to say about the GENETIC SHIFT?

As the genetic shift continues, the awakening of our new DNA success code[1] of power and potential is gaining momentum. A new foundation for a new season of human existence is now being laid. Eckard Tolle calls this the New Earth[2].

In the previous article[3], we found that we have a special DNA sequence that is an indication of our spiritual inheritance. On a DNA level, it can now be determined if you are spiritually connected, centred, and grounded – or not.

The question is, what does religion have to say about the genetic shift and our spiritual connection, power, and potential, encoded as a DNA code?


First, some background for our first-time readers, to give context to this article.

· The authentic self

In previous articles, we covered the topic of our real-me, authentic self[4], encoded as our original DNA blueprint. It holds the keys to all our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity. The authentic self is inspired by honesty, truth, integrity, love, compassion, peace, and respect for all. Our DNA functioning is optimised at this level.

· Authentic leaders

Coming from this foundation guarantees success, happiness. and prosperity. On this level, we find authentic leaders who know the way, go the way, and show the way. They are our new pathfinders, mapmakers, bridgebuilders, and catalysts for good. Currently, they are waking up, getting up, and taking in their place on the marketplace. The world has been waiting for these leaders to emerge and show the way. This means every one of us currently emerging. Leadership is no longer about power positions but about the quality of a person.