Authentic Leadership 1. Why current leadership perspectives and training are old-school.

Updated: Oct 15

Not only did the COVID-19 pandemic turn the world upside down, but it also started a sifting process where real, competent leaders and leadership are concerned. Some of our current leaders couldn’t cope with the demands and even downplayed the severity of the pandemic. Other leaders not only rose to the challenges of the time but also brought new cooperation and guidance to a world in chaos.

A new season of competent, real, authentic leaders and leadership has arrived.

New questions

The questions are, who are our new leaders? What is authentic leadership? Why are current leadership theories, perspectives, and training, even the international leadership training profession, old-school? Are you one of the new leaders the world is waiting for? How will you know? What has DNA got to do with leadership?

But first, some background of where I got all this mind-blowing information from.

Some background

Although a broad academic career that includes a B.Sc. degree in Medical Science, Physics, Genetics and Neurobiology, an Honours and Master’s degree in Adult Education, and Ph.D. in Psychology secured a lecturing post in Organisational Psychology specialising in leadership and leadership development at a leading university, it was my personal journey back from being paralyzed after fracturing three neck-vertebrae in a car accident, that made me stop, take stock and begin to think outside the box.

Healing, learning and writing

During the 11months of healing and learning to walk again, I had the time to not only study all the latest leadership perspectives and theories but also studied the results of the Human Genome Project[1] (HGP). My journey also included studying various spiritual books and ancient practices where human functioning, leadership, and leadership development were concerned. Various books followed.

Nelson Mandela

During this time, I was also gifted the illustrated autobiography of Nelson Mandela[2]. Studying the life, leadership, and legacy of Madiba, brought all the pieces of the puzzle together. Here we found someone who never attended a leadership conference, leadership training courses, and/ or executive coaching sessions as we have today.