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Authentic Leadership 2. Who is the authentic leader, and do you qualify?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

New leaders

In many countries, elections are around the corner and people are preparing to vote. None of us are left untouched by our leaders and the quality of leadership, as this impacts every aspect of our lives. Getting the right, quality people in the right places is imperative for our advancement

Oldschool leadership training

Unfortunately, the international leadership development profession has not succeeded in delivering the quality of leaders the world now needs. The reason is that there are so many diverse theories, philosophies, perspectives, and training initiatives, that most people are left confused. This reflects in a confused world.

At the same time, a quantum leap is taking place and our current leadership development industry has become old-school. It is time for something totally new.

The quantum leap.

A quantum leap is a fundamental change that occurs quickly and radically in comparison to evolutionary change and transformation or a paradigm shift, that occurs over time. A paradigm shift is a shift in a mindset, igniting a new level of consciousness and awareness.

When the two interface we have a powerful change agent that transforms everything and everyone. Something like a tsunami. The COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a quantum leap including a paradigm shift.

The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic

In only a few months the world was turned upside-down. Nobody was prepared for the consequences of the COVID pandemic. Suddenly there was an urgency to get new logistics, social structures, laws, infrastructure, and research in place. New vaccines were developed while a whole new lifestyle that includes how we do business, practice religion, facilitate social interaction, and implement education, were put in place.

The world now looks much different from what it was like in October 2019. The effect of the quantum leap is radical and permanent. Nobody is left untouched and there is no turning back.

The genetic shift

Now we are experiencing a quantum leap on a genetic level. We are undergoing a genetic shift[i] as our DNA blueprint, which contains the codes for our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity, is being upgraded. New power and potential are being released. No one will be left untouched and there is no turning back.

New leaders

The world now needs real, authentic leaders who are our new pathfinders, mapmakers, and way-showers to stand up and take in their place. Leadership is no more defined by power, possessions, and positions. Leadership is now defined by the quality of person you are. Power, positions, and possessions do not guarantee you to be a real, quality, authentic leader.

Bad leadership example

We find an excellent example of a former US president occupying the Whitehouse with all the power, possessions, and positions but with no real leadership skills. The fact is that more than 70 million people resonated with this value system and supported this ego-driven path. The result was not only destruction but anarchy and insurrection.

The questions are, what is authentic leadership? Who are authentic leaders? Do you qualify as an authentic leader? How do we develop authentic leaders?

To find answers to these questions we need to start at the beginning and lay a whole new foundation while creating a new mindset about leaders and leadership.

Leader, leadership, and DNA

The word leader comes from ‘leido’ meaning to show the way. Leadership is the process of ‘showing the way’. The questions are, what way? From where to where? How do we know when we have arrived? What is authenticity?

We find answers to these questions in our DNA. You cannot mention authenticity without including our original authentic DNA blueprint and success barcode. Currently, humanity is undergoing a quantum leap, as a genetic shift, to authenticity. The era of authentic living and leading is here. See the series of short books on authentic living and leading.

Our DNA blueprint and authenticity

In previous articles, we outlined not only the genetic shift but also described the importance of our DNA Success blueprint that holds the codes to all our health, wealth happiness, success, and prosperity. This connected part of self is also known as our authentic self, higher self, real-me, best-me, and/or best-self.

We also found that we have a New Success DNA and a new Leadership DNA, just waiting to be recovered. For this, we need a new intelligence. Power Intelligence (PI). Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future. More about this in upcoming articles


Unfortunately, we became disconnected from our original DNA blueprint, lost the plot, and devolved. A delusional self we call the shadow ego-self, developed out of the disconnection, chaos, misinformation, delusion, and lies.

This means we have a make-believe self that is not real. This is a lost, confused, dark shadow version of who we truly are. And yes, this includes all of us – even the Pope. The reason is, we are human. Ps. I made friends with my shadow ego-self and even named her. She is Elaine.

Inner battle

The shadow ego-self and the authentic self, come from different places, have different views and opposing values. There is an inner battle going on between these two parts of self. Whoever wins this battle on the inside, determines our decision-making process that determines what happens on the outside.

Authentic leaders and decision-making

An authentic leader knows their authentic self and is also deeply aware of their own shadow ego-self and the ongoing inner battle between the two. They also have the skills and tools to make the right choices at the right time without their egos getting in the way. This process benefits all.

Where you come from determines where you go

The authentic self leads to success and prosperity while the shadow egos-elf leads to destruction. Where you are coming from will determine where you are going and what the end destination will be.

We only have one of two choices. Either you come from the connected authentic self or the disconnected shadow ego-self. Where you come from determines where you go. Make your choice. It is as uncomplicated as that.

So, the question is, who is the authentic leader, and do you and I qualify? A master artist brings us answers.

Leadership lessons from the Michael Angelo

In the painting below, Michelangelo depicts the beginning and end of all human problems, suffering, illness, poverty, struggle, and stress. On the left side, the Creator is depicted as a young man leisurely relaxing on a planet. Here we find peace, harmony, and a care-free existence without worry, stress, or strain. He is tranquil, without any pressure, rush, lack, sickness, or aging. Restricting forces are absent – including clothing. It is a life of total freedom, wellbeing, connection, love, and compassion.

He is also reaching out to others who are caught up in their circumstances. He is showing the Path back home … Here we find the first authentic leader in action.

Cramped within a mindset

On the other hand, we find humanity depicted as people cramped within a mindset, depicted as a skull. They are disconnected from the Creator, from the Source of all life. Fear, anguish, pain, despair, and even agony are evident in the cramped space where people are struggling to survive or escape their circumstances. People look lost, sick, aging, and desperate for a solution to their dark, frustrating, meaningless, impoverished, and confusing circumstances.


The one positive aspect is a bearded old man (depicting age/wisdom), searching for a solution. He seeks reconnection and the healing of the fabric of life. He is reaching outside the 'skull', the mindset, outside the circumstances, outside the situation people find themselves in. All his efforts are focused on getting to the root of the real problem. His aim and commitment are to solve the real, source of all dilemmas - get reconnected. In his wisdom, he knows the rest il follow.

He move beyond the others, reaches outside the mindset, and begins to reconnect with Source, the Creator, and the quality of life it brings. He's not struggling with the circumstances and people within the mindset (skull). He knows something we don't. So do all authentic leaders.

Our first authentic leaders in action

In this painting, we also find the first, the original authentic leaders in action. Here we find the problem and the solution, exactly in the same place. An authentic leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way to a connected life and the fulfillment, and freedom it brings.

Where leadership started and when it will become unnecessary.

Leadership started the moment we became disconnected. Leadership will become unnecessary the moment everyone is reconnected, once again. Obviously, this won't happen in our lifetime. The reason is, the shadow ego-self will not let go and give up its power, position, and control, without a struggle. How long this struggle will last, is up to us.

The questions are: What caused the disconnection in the first place and how do we turn it around? How do we get back to this life of connection and quality living? How do we find our way back?

The Great Disconnect

Problems started with the Great Disconnect. Humanity became disconnected because of the lie that still separates us from Truth. The fabric of life became torn, ripped, and frayed, and allowed darkness in. The pristine circumstances of an authentic, connected life were now traded for the opposite – the disconnect. The loss and even absence of health, wealth, happiness, success, love, compassion, peace, harmony, freedom, and progress followed. The world fell into disarray. Humanity got lost. Now we need to find our way back.

Cleaning up the mess

Now, not only teaching is necessary – we also need healing, cleaning, mending, guidance, and building bridges. Our destination and the solutions to all our challenges are to go back to the origin and source of our issues – and get connected again. This is the path – the way – we need to go.

The route is easy once you know where you are coming from and where you are supposed to go.

The reason is, the problem and the solution are exactly in the same place and at the same time. All we needed is a whole mindset, with new skills and tools. The quantum leap to authentic living and leading is here.

Answers to our questions

In the beginning, we asked the questions, who is the authentic leader, and do you and I qualify?

The answer is, the authentic leader is mindful, conscious, aware, and knows that he or she is connected right down to a DNA level. Without this knowing, understanding, and connection, you can assume that you are coming from the side of the shadow ego-self.

Your position doesn’t make you an authentic leader

Authentic leadership is not necessarily determined by your power, possessions, and position, anymore. You could be the CEO of a large Fortune 500 company, an academic professor, rich businessperson, the president of a country, a pastor, preacher, minister or a partner, parent, or teacher. At the same time, your religion doesn't guarantee your connection. Many people may not be aware of the fact that being religious does not necessarily include being connected. So, make sure you know where you stand where your connection is concerned.

What determines authentic leadership is the quality of your connection right down to a DNA level. Everything flows from here.

The challenge for our future is that people, all people, especially people in influential power positions will be connected and committed to authentic living and leading. This is not a pipedream - it is an imperative. This is our new reality.

Things authentic leaders know

Here are a few things all authentic leaders are aware of.

  • Connected

All authentic leaders are deeply aware of being connected. They are also aware of how to lead the disconnected, ego-driven masses and 'to show the way'. The challenge here is not only to become connected but to also maintain this connection irrespective of external circumstances. From this connection flows truth, honesty, integrity, wisdom, compassion, and service to the greater good of all people, including Mother Earth and our natural resources.

Ps. In our in-house leadership training, I bring the practical skills and tools to get connected and stay connected. . This secures your position as an authentic leader. Without this connection, you fall into the trap of the shadow ego-self that leads to destruction. Send us an email if you are interested in more info on in-house authentic leadership training.

  • Thinking outside the box

The authentic leader is aware that we don't find answers for now and in the future, within our current mindsets and thinking strategies Our current, traditional structures, its systems, and the struggles it causes, are represented by the 'skull' or the fixed mindset in this painting. [CW2] The challenge is to first let go and shift your focus outside ‘the box/skull’, see the solution, put your hand out, and accept the invitation to get reconnected. Therefore most of our current leadership, theories, perspectives, and training are old-school.

  • Inspired

Authentic leaders are inspired people who show the way.

  • Self-coaching

An authentic leader knows how to coach themselves. See books and articles on self-coaching. look out for upcoming courses.

Do you qualify as an authentic leader?

Ask yourself, do you qualify? If you have now come to realise that you are or disconnected, coming from the space of the shadow ego-self or that your current connection is a bit mystified, it can easily be rectified. Learn how ow get connected - and stay connected. In upcoming articles and courses, we will show you how. In the meantime, you can catch up by reading the short compact series of Authentic Living and Leading

Walking the path of authenticity

If you are called to walk the path of authentic living and leading, you can start here.

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Coming up

In our next article, we will focus on the five pillars of authentic living and leading. Without these pillars, we are doomed because they form the foundation for the rest to come. Once these pillars are in place, our success is guaranteed.

Until then – stay connected and stay safe.

Brenda Hattingh

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------------------ References [i] See the Genetic shift in the books Hattingh, Brenda. (2012, a) New Success DNA. What is it and how to develop it. Currency Communications Pty. Ltd.: Johannesburg.

Copyright (c) 2021. All rights reserved. Dr Brenda Hattingh



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