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Authentic Leadership 4. Five reasons why it is crucial for everyone to now develop authenticity.


Not only are we experiencing a quantum leap and a genetic shift, but time is also speeding up. The rate of change is escalating. The challenge is to keep up, think on our feet, learn how to coach ourselves.[1] while helping and leading others. How exciting is that!

To achieve this feat, we not only need a whole new mindset, but we also need new skills and tools to meet the demands of the time. This is what authentic living and leadership training is all about.


The questions are, how do we keep up and remain functional, productive, flexible, have fun, and enjoy life? The answer is easy. We already have the answers encoded as our original DNA success blueprint.

Our original authentic DNA success blueprint

The truth is that we all have a real, original authentic DNA success blueprint[2], as our original, real, authentic self, that holds the keys, codes, and maps for us to not only keep up with the changes – but to also flourish, be happy and have fun at the same time. It is all ‘built in’. We already have it all.

Unfortunately, humanity became disconnected from this priceless gift of authenticity. Today most people are merely struggling to survive.

Lost our way

We not only became disconnected, lost our way, but we also created a false self, a shadow ego-self, that is made up out of misconceptions, make-believe images, pretense, delusions, perceptions, assumptions, misinformation, and lies. The shadow egos-elf is also blind to the truth. For most of humanity, the ego is real. The worst part is that for most of humanity - the shadow ego-elf is in control!

The shadow ego-self and abuse

This disconnected, unreal shadow ego part of humanity, created a world of discord, abuse, corruption, and suffering. The reason is that it doesn’t know anything else. The shadow ego-self feeds off negativity, destruction, and conflict and keeps it in place, in order to survive.

The shadow ego-self and fear

The shadow ego-self fears anything new, especially truth, and authenticity because its position and control will be compromised.

Change, quantum leaps, paradigm, and genetic shifts are not only threatening the control and comfort zone of the shadow ego-self it also causes fear and anxiety. The shadow ego-self will resist and fight for survival with everything it has. It knows that its existence depends on keeping the new information of honesty, authenticity, and higher values, out.

Breaking through barriers

Shadow ego-dwellers will first ignore, then deny, downplay, ridicule, make fun of, or even oppose and attack this new information out of fear of being exposed as the fraud, the great imposter, it is. It is this barrier we all need to overcome before we can move forward. First within ourselves and then within others.

Repeating a destructive value system

The unfortunate part is that most people who are ego-controlled, then choose, vote for, and support leaders who resonate with who they are. These shadow ego-leaders make decisions on our behalf. This destructive value system is then repeated. It is the blind leading the blind. Implosion and destruction become inevitable.

Turning the world right-side-up

Now it is time to stop and turn the world and all the negativity, right-side-up once again. Ps. Just think of the destructive state we will leave the world for our children, grandchildren, and generations to come if this is left to continue.

Now there is good news!

Taking back our power.

Fortunately, people are now awaking to the truth, taking back their power while learning how to restore their original DNA success blueprint receives as a gift out of the storeroom of Creation and the hand of the Creator. To access all this power and potential, we not only need a whole new mindset but a whole new intelligence – Power Intelligence (PI).

Power Intelligence

Power Intelligence is the conscious ability to harness all the power and potential at our disposal and turn it into progress and prosperity. This includes learning how to access, recover, activate, and utilize our original DNA with all the power codes and potential it holds. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future.

More about Power intelligence in a next article.

Arrived at the crossroads

We have now arrived at a crossroads. The choice you and I need to make is, are we part of authentic living and leading, or are we on the path of the shadow ego-self? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? There is no more hiding and no more delay.

In the previous article, we focused on the five pillars of authentic living and leading.

An authentic person/leader is:

  • Connected

  • Centered

  • Grounded

  • Focused

  • Inspired

The question is, why is it crucial that all people must now develop these five pillars of authentic living and leading?

First, the main answer is, it has always been crucial for everyone to develop authenticity. However, humanity didn't choose this path. We strayed and chose the destructive path of the shadow ego-self. Now it has become crucial - even imperative - to stop and turn around.

Five reasons why it is crucial that everyone now develops authentic living and leading.

Here are the five major reasons why it is crucial that everyone now develops authentic living and leading.

1. It is time

It is time for a new generation with a new vision and new foundation. It is time for a quantum leap. A genetic shift is already taking place while a new generation of quantum thinkers and authentic leaders is emerging. These are the men and women who know that a new season for humanity has dawned.

  • New vision

The primary aim is to create a prosperous future of health, wealth, happiness, and success that benefits all. To obtain this goal it is important to let go of the old and lay a whole new foundation. The foundation of authentic living and leading is totally different from the world of the shadow ego-self we now live in.

  • New foundation

With this new foundation, we not only reach higher heights, but we also restore the original DNA success blueprint to its full capacity, thereby igniting new power, wisdom, and compassion. We make the legacy of the past undone. This will take us forward.

2. Our personal and business success depends on it

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how resilient we can be under pressure. Many people, unfortunately, lost their lives and economies folded. However, in the process, many valuable lessons were learnt. Humanity is now on a much different level than in October 2019. It is important to know, this was just an introduction. The new process hasn’t stopped and the pace of change is speeding up.

  • Our success depends on our new foundation

Today our personal, communities, relationships and business success depends on how sound our foundation is and how resilient we are. Only the authentic self is flexible and resilient enough to stand the challenges the waves of change bring. The quality of a person and the soundness of the foundation of a business, company, organisation, and even government, will depend on how authentic, real, and secure the foundations are.

  • Standing on solid ground

It is therefore imperative that all CEOs, leaders, business people, educational, community, social, and religious leaders, make sure that all their people are standing on solid ground if they want to survive and flourish. You cannot take anything for granted. Doing more of the same won't cut it anymore.

  • Training in authentic living and leading

People need to be introduced to and trained in authentic living and leading starting with the laying of a new foundation of being connected, centred, grounded, focused, and inspired. This is the foundation of being authentic. Success will flow from here.

  • The opposite is not a consideration

Unfortunately, without this foundation, destruction is inevitable. With the slightest rumble, the shadow ego-self will lose the survival battle. Everything can and will crumble just because you neglected e responsibility to make sure that your persona life, business, or company is built on solid ground.

  • Safeguard yourself, your relationships, business

The challenge is to safeguard yourself, your relationships, health, money, and your business by laying and securing this foundation while developing authenticity in advance. We cannot consider staying in the old shadow ego-driven mold that guarantees destruction, much longer.

3. Our health and well-being depend on it

We are programmed to live an authentic life. Our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity are preprogrammed as an authentic genetic barcode. Our DNA holds the keys to everything we ever wanted and needed.

  • Authentic and being fully functional

These DNA codes resonate and are fully functional at the level of authenticity. The more you grow, develop, and resonate with your original DNA blueprint and authentic self, the easier it is to be healthy, wealthy, happy, and successful. Everything flows and you flourish.

  • Discord and disease

Anything below authenticity, and the resonance of love and compassion, causes discord. You become sick. This includes mental, emotional physical, and even spiritual disease. This flows over to relationships, communities, companies, organisations, and countries. A corrupt world with dysfunctional people is not going to get us to the future we are aiming for. It is time to lay the foundation for authenticity.

4. Balancing Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The power and influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our lives have grown over the last decade. The battle between humanity and the machine has been a topic of many a

Sci-fi movie. Now it is real.

  • Our artificial world

AI is making decisions on our behalf and telling us how to think, what to do, what to buy, what programs to watch, and where to go. We even have Artificial Intelligence money. To balance the artificial world of the machine we have created, we have to develop authenticity.

  • Power Intelligence

Humanity is already taking back its power from the artificial life we have created. This not only includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), but also the artificial, delusional shadow ego-self. A new human intelligence is emerging - Power Intelligence (PI). PI is bringing balance to an unbalanced artificial world. Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future. See books on Power Intelligence. More about PI in a next article.

5. The survival of humanity depends on it

When we take the little information we have covered so far into consideration, it becomes evident that the survival of humanity depends on us not only choosing the path of authentic living and leading but also laying a whole new foundation. At the same time, it has become crucial to develop the five pillars of authenticity. Time is running out. Without this shift, we are doomed to repeat the past.

  • The survival of the fittest

On a DNA level, there is a natural process of genetic selection going on. Only the fittest will survive. The challenge is to move with the times or become extinct.

  • Authenticity guarantees humanity will flourish

Authenticity and recovering your original DNA success blueprint guarantees our health, wealth, happiness, success, flexibility, wellness, resilience, and longevity. Authenticity guarantees humanity will keep on flourishing. This is how we were originally programmed live. The maps, blueprint, and codes are available as our DNA blueprint.

Not only is this journey exciting and fun, but we can't fail. Just think, you cannot fail at being real, because that is all that is. The hard part is over. What is not to like?

Ps. The only problem is that egos could get in the way of this exciting progress. Unfortunately, this imposter is within all of us. So, we all first need to start with ourselves. The est will follow. In our next article, we will focus on how to master the great imposter - our ego.

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Coming up

In our next article, we will focus on Authentic leadership. How to master the Great Imposter -your EGO.

Until then – stay connected and stay safe.

Brenda Hattingh

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--------------------- References [1] See all the books and the series of articles on self-coaching. [2] Hattingh, Brenda. (2012, a) New success DNA. What is it and how to develop it. Johannesburg: Currency Communications Pty. Ltd.

Copy right. all rights reserved. (c) 2021. Dr. Brenda Hattingh



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