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Authentic Leadership 5. How to identify and master the Great Destructor -Your EGO.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021


Humanity is at a crossroads. Only one of two options are possible. On the one side, we have the path of authenticity as encoded in our original DNA blueprint[i]. On the other side, we have a corrupt version of self, the shadow ego-self that emerged out of the disconnection, misinformation, lies, false images, and delusion.

This means we have two paths to choose from

The path of authenticity

The path of authenticity is encoded as our authentic self and leads to health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits everyone. This is all encoded as our barcode to success in our DNA that is found in the cells of our bodies. In essence, we are walking, breathing, living, powerhouses of happiness and success.

So, what went wrong? We became disconnected.

The path of the shadow ego-self

The path of the shadow ego-self is a path of self-destruction. Built on lies, pain, anger, fear, and misinformation, it has also created a delusional world of its own. This world contains a false image of what is real including success and what happiness is all about.

Today we see destruction, conflict, pollution, poverty, illness, pandemics, anger, fear, and corruption as part of this world. Most people think this is real. They accept this as their reality. They set out to solve the so-called problem by struggling with the symptoms. This proves to be futile.

The truth is we can change this all back to its original DNA success blueprint. We have the power to turn the world downside up. And, it is time.

At the moment we are experiencing fundamental, radical change – a quantum leap. It is the dawning of a new season of human existence. transformation is taking place right down to a DNA level. A new DNA success blueprint is emerging. Humanity is undergoing a genetic shift, a genetic make-over as a DNA upgrade. Our challenge is to harness all this new power and use the genetic shift to our advantage.

Nothing will ever be the same again.


Unfortunately, the moment there is a rumble of change, this false platform, and image of the shadow ego-self, starts to crumble. Implosion and destruction are inevitable. It is from this destructive force we need to save ourselves and others. Our survival depends on us being able to identify and master our egos.

The questions are, how do we identify our shadow ego-self? What must we do to master our egos? How do we secure a prosperous future?

Question 1: How do we identify our shadow ego-self?

The answer to this question is that we first need to become self-aware. The moment you become of your authentic self; it shines a light on the shadow ego-self.

However. This will not go without a battle. The ego is a hard taskmaster and will not easily give up its position of power, control, and manipulation in your life.

  • Become self-aware

The more you raise the level of consciousness and the more self-aware you become, the more you can distinguish between the real you and the synthetic image. You can also identify where others are coming from.

The more you learn about who your shadow ego-self is, where it comes from, how your shadow ego-self was formed, how it functions, and the problems it causes in your life, the more you are equipped to master this destructive force, not only in yourself but also in others.

  • Redefining who you really are

The more you can answer the question, “Who am I?” the more clarity you will get. This calls for a whole process of redefining who you are, if necessary. This includes being able to identify the difference between the sound, voice, and information coming from the shadow ego-self. On the other hand, you will learn to identify the choice of the authentic self. The challenge is to identify where they are coming from and mindfully take control of the process. This is not only called self-mastery but also called ‘loving yourself’.

There are books and courses available on the website to help you on the journey of authentic self-discovery. Actually, it would be more correct to say, authentic self-recovery.

  • Daily Power Tools for Power People

One of our most powerful tools is the Daily Power Tools for Power People delivered to your inbox. It not only contains all the necessary information your will need for the day, but it also gives you a clear picture of the shadow egos-elf you might be faced with throughout the day. It gives suggestions on how to manage this dynamic, not only within yourself but also in others.

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Questions 2: What must we do to master our ego?

There is a general way to master the destructive force of the shadow ego-self and then there is a personal journey we all have to undertake in this process.

  • General mastery of our egos

This level of self-mastery is important to every one of us. The reason is that we all have a disconnected part - a shadow ego-self. This comes with being human. We also inherit this disconnection from our family bloodline. We have to make the 'sins of the fathers/mothers, visited unto the children', undone.

At the same time, we pick up on the atmosphere, mindset, values, and beliefs, of our culture, our religion, education, political climate, ecological environment, social circumstances, and global conditions. We get programmed to think and believe in a certain way.

We subconsciously keep these programs, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, in place just to be accepted and/or to stay safe. The problem, even the danger is, that not all these programs are true. Many of these programs are from the shadow egos-elf and are handed down from one generation to another.

· Inner conflict

This can and does cause serious inner conflict when you realise that you were programmed with erroneous family, religious, political, social, and/or global information. How do you break free? How do your leave your family, your religion, social and/or political beliefs behind without feeling guilty and/or feeling like a traitor?

The truth is, you need to get over this inner conflict in order to move forward. The only other option is of course to revert back to the old and stay stuck. We all have to make this choice.

Now we are challenging all our previous programming. We are now asking one question, and one question only, what is the truth? The Truth sets us free. This is the path of authentic living and leading.

The time has come to:

  • Stop

  • Hit the reset button.

  • Connect to our authentic self.

  • Become aware of the destructive force of the shadow ego-self.

  • Choose to master this destructive force.

  • Learn more about who you are – then you will see others in the right light.

  • Unlearn false programming from the past.

  • Recalibrate your inner guidance and recalibrate your inner GPS.

  • Have compassion and understanding for those who are still controlled by their egos.

  • Protect yourself from the destructive influence of the destructive egos of others.

  • Keep growing your self-awareness. It is a spiritual journey at its best.

  • Keep on raising the level of your awareness. Ps. Remember, the shadow ego-self will try to keep you back.

  • Always ask, what is the Truth?

  • Implement the 5 pillars of authenticity. Get, connected, centred, grounded, focused, and inspired.

Personal mastery of our egos

Our shadow ego-self was not only born out of our global, social family, and religious programming but it was also born and formed out of our persona journey. This includes all our personal experiences of life that include all the highs and lows. This means we have two kinds of egos.

· The healed ego

On the one side, we find a healed, whole, and integrated ego. This is the side of self that has developed here on earth according to and in line with the real me authentic blueprint self. The ego resonates with authenticity. to get to this level we not only need to go through a process of recovering our DNA blueprint but also ego-healing.

This means that there little discrepancy between who am as my authentic self and the earthly ego-self you present to the world. It is what you see is what you get.