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Authentic Leadership 6. Are you ready to become an authentic leader and change the world?

Yes, I agree, it does sound a bit audacious to tell people they can change the world by becoming authentic leaders. It sounds even more daring to say that if you do not become an authentic leader, you will stay behind.

The questions are, is it true? Can we change the world by living an authentic life and becoming authentic leaders? Will people stay behind if they do not make the leap to authenticity? Why?

Finding answers

In this article, we find answers to the following questions. Are you ready to become an authentic leader? Can you change the world just where you are and with what you have? How? What will happen to those who do not make the leap?

To find answers to these questions we start at the beginning and take it step-for-step. In the process, it is important to ask the right questions.

1. What does the future hold?

The future will reflect whatever we choose now. We are laying the foundation and creating the future in the NOW. Whatever foundation you lay or seeds you sow now - will produce the fruit in the future. The future is in your hands.

2. Changing the course of history

This means that the future does not equal the past. The truth is, you can change the course of history just where you are – now. You can make any negative legacy undone by laying this new foundation in your own life, your relationships, family, work, business, community, and even country.

This is what authentic leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela did.

3. When is the best time to make the change?

The best time to make changes is when chaos is at its highest peak. This means that the old has disintegrated and it is time for a new season. Remember, there are many reasons. This process will keep on repeating itself. As time speeds up all we will know is constant change.

The COVID pandemic introduced a new season of change. At the same time, a genetic shift is taking place. A new DNA blueprint for success for humanity is emerging. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Therefore, we need new authentic leaders to stand up and take in and own their place.

4. What do leader and leadership mean?

The word leader comes from the Latin word ’leido’ meaning to show the way. Leadership is the process of showing the way.

5. What is the way?

We only have one of two paths to choose from. Therefore, we only have one of two kinds of leaders who ‘show the way’.

On the one side, we find people are connected, centred, and grounded in truth, honesty, integrity, and authenticity. On the other hand, people are invested in the shadow ego-self and the life it portrays. Where you come from will determine where you are going, what you do, and how you get to your destination.

This means that there are two different destinations.

6. Different destinations – different definitions of success

Currently, we define success as ‘obtaining a goal’. This could mean anything.

  • The truth about success

The truth is that the real meaning of ‘success’ is the ability to function authentically. By becoming fully functional as your authentic self you also create a life of health, wealth, and wellbeing.

Just for the record, the meaning of the word 'failure' as the opposite of success, is, the inability to function authentically.

  • The success of the shadow ego-self

The shadow ego-self sees success as ‘acquiring power, positions, and possessions'. This delusional world comes from a place of dysfunction and leads to destruction. This means that the ladder of success is changing as well.

  • New ladder of success

Just imagine the disappointment when you spend your whole life climbing the ladder of success just to realise that you have the wrong ladder.

What you aim for as your destination and what ladder of success your climb, will be determined by the fact if you are connected to your original, authentic DNA success blueprint – or not.

7. What does DNA have to do with leadership?

The results of the Human Genome Project revealed that our DNA not only holds the keys to our physical wellbeing, but it also holds the keys to our emotional, mental, and universal-spiritual connections and wellbeing.

  • Microchip

Our DNA is like a microchip, or a barcode, that is a connection between the seen and the unseen. DNA holds the original barcode for success, wellbeing, and prosperity. It is available to everyone, everywhere, and found in every cell in our bodies. It is already is in everyone.

  • Junk DNA

Disconnected parts of our genetic potential, were initially seen as 'junk DNA'. However, these disconnected parts are now being reconnected and activated while making a new level of power and potential available to humanity. A genetic shift is taking place. Our challenge is to harness this power and potential and utilize the genetic shift to our advantage.

  • DNA blueprint and success codes

Our DNA holds the blueprint not only of who we are as a unique, authentic person, but it also holds the keys and codes to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity.

Unfortunately, humanity become disconnected from its real, authentic DNA success blueprint. Now we have two sides of ourselves.

8. Two selves - two futures

There are two sides of self and therefore two kinds of futures. Wherever you are coming from, will determine where you are going and how you get there. This means that before becoming a real, authentic leader, you first need to choose where YOU are coming from.

The future of the shadow ego-self

On the one hand, we have a future built on the values, mindset, and vision of the shadow ego-self. This includes disconnection, delusion, erroneous programming, and lies that lead to destruction.

  • The future of the authentic self

On the other hand, we have a future built on the foundation of honesty, truth, authenticity, and integrity that is encoded as our original authentic DNA blueprint. The authentic self leads to a future of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all.

The future is a choice. The future is in our hands. We need new authentic leaders to now stand up and take in their place.

9. Recovering our DNA success-blueprint

Today we have the challenge to recover our authentic DNA success blueprint and to express and live this out in our relationships, businesses, companies, organisations, communities, governments, and even on the global platforms. This will secure a future of prosperity for generations to come.

10. Authentic leadership

In the process of authentic living, we also recover our authentic DNA leadership blueprint and begin to ‘show the way.’ You can change the course of history by just changing yourself. This is done by harnessing the power of Epigenetics.

11. Epigenetics