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Authentic Leadership 6. Are you ready to become an authentic leader and change the world?

Yes, I agree, it does sound a bit audacious to tell people they can change the world by becoming authentic leaders. It sounds even more daring to say that if you do not become an authentic leader, you will stay behind.

The questions are, is it true? Can we change the world by living an authentic life and becoming authentic leaders? Will people stay behind if they do not make the leap to authenticity? Why?

Finding answers

In this article, we find answers to the following questions. Are you ready to become an authentic leader? Can you change the world just where you are and with what you have? How? What will happen to those who do not make the leap?

To find answers to these questions we start at the beginning and take it step-for-step. In the process, it is important to ask the right questions.

1. What does the future hold?

The future will reflect whatever we choose now. We are laying the foundation and creating the future in the NOW. Whatever foundation you lay or seeds you sow now - will produce the fruit in the future. The future is in your hands.

2. Changing the course of history

This means that the future does not equal the past. The truth is, you can change the course of history just where you are – now. You can make any negative legacy undone by laying this new foundation in your own life, your relationships, family, work, business, community, and even country.

This is what authentic leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela did.

3. When is the best time to make the change?

The best time to make changes is when chaos is at its highest peak. This means that the old has disintegrated and it is time for a new season. Remember, there are many reasons. This process will keep on repeating itself. As time speeds up all we will know is constant change.

The COVID pandemic introduced a new season of change. At the same time, a genetic shift is taking place. A new DNA blueprint for success for humanity is emerging. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Therefore, we need new authentic leaders to stand up and take in and own their place.

4. What do leader and leadership mean?

The word leader comes from the Latin word ’leido’ meaning to show the way. Leadership is the process of showing the way.

5. What is the way?

We only have one of two paths to choose from. Therefore, we only have one of two kinds of leaders who ‘show the way’.

On the one side, we find people are connected, centred, and grounded in truth, honesty, integrity, and authenticity. On the other hand, people are invested in the shadow ego-self and the life it portrays. Where you come from will determine where you are going, what you do, and how you get to your destination.

This means that there are two different destinations.

6. Different destinations – different definitions of success

Currently, we define success as ‘obtaining a goal’. This could mean anything.

  • The truth about success

The truth is that the real meaning of ‘success’ is the ability to function authentically. By becoming fully functional as your authentic self you also create a life of health, wealth, and wellbeing.

Just for the record, the meaning of the word 'failure' as the opposite of success, is, the inability to function authentically.

  • The success of the shadow ego-self

The shadow ego-self sees success as ‘acquiring power, positions, and possessions'. This delusional world comes from a place of dysfunction and leads to destruction. This means that the ladder of success is changing as well.

  • New ladder of success

Just imagine the disappointment when you spend your whole life climbing the ladder of success just to realise that you have the wrong ladder.

What you aim for as your destination and what ladder of success your climb, will be determined by the fact if you are connected to your original, authentic DNA success blueprint – or not.

7. What does DNA have to do with leadership?

The results of the Human Genome Project revealed that our DNA not only holds the keys to our physical wellbeing, but it also holds the keys to our emotional, mental, and universal-spiritual connections and wellbeing.

  • Microchip

Our DNA is like a microchip, or a barcode, that is a connection between the seen and the unseen. DNA holds the original barcode for success, wellbeing, and prosperity. It is available to everyone, everywhere, and found in every cell in our bodies. It is already is in everyone.

  • Junk DNA

Disconnected parts of our genetic potential, were initially seen as 'junk DNA'. However, these disconnected parts are now being reconnected and activated while making a new level of power and potential available to humanity. A genetic shift is taking place. Our challenge is to harness this power and potential and utilize the genetic shift to our advantage.

  • DNA blueprint and success codes

Our DNA holds the blueprint not only of who we are as a unique, authentic person, but it also holds the keys and codes to our health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity.

Unfortunately, humanity become disconnected from its real, authentic DNA success blueprint. Now we have two sides of ourselves.

8. Two selves - two futures

There are two sides of self and therefore two kinds of futures. Wherever you are coming from, will determine where you are going and how you get there. This means that before becoming a real, authentic leader, you first need to choose where YOU are coming from.

The future of the shadow ego-self

On the one hand, we have a future built on the values, mindset, and vision of the shadow ego-self. This includes disconnection, delusion, erroneous programming, and lies that lead to destruction.

  • The future of the authentic self

On the other hand, we have a future built on the foundation of honesty, truth, authenticity, and integrity that is encoded as our original authentic DNA blueprint. The authentic self leads to a future of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all.

The future is a choice. The future is in our hands. We need new authentic leaders to now stand up and take in their place.

9. Recovering our DNA success-blueprint

Today we have the challenge to recover our authentic DNA success blueprint and to express and live this out in our relationships, businesses, companies, organisations, communities, governments, and even on the global platforms. This will secure a future of prosperity for generations to come.

10. Authentic leadership

In the process of authentic living, we also recover our authentic DNA leadership blueprint and begin to ‘show the way.’ You can change the course of history by just changing yourself. This is done by harnessing the power of Epigenetics.

11. Epigenetics

Epigenetics states that the expression of our genetic potential is influenced by our environment. On the other hand, our genetic power and potential can influence the environment. This means that as we recover our own DNA success blueprint and resonate with authenticity, it immediately has a domino effect and influences the people and the world around us.

See the series of articles on Epigenetics on our website.

12. Changing direction

Just like one fish in a school of fish can change the direction of a whole school of fish, so can you change the direction of history, by starting just where you are and with what you have.

13. Transcendence – moving to the next octave

Most leadership experts and coaches are concerned with transformation. However, transformation is all about changing from one form to another. It still remains on the same level within the same frame of reference and the same dimension. We are now moving past this mindset.

  • Transformation – changing from one form to another

We see transformation everywhere in nature, like the silkworm changing into the moth. Different forms but still the same. It is like learning to first fly a four-seater Cessna aircraft and then moving on by learning to fly a Boeing 747. This is a level shift. The horizontal dimension stays the same. The form changes, but not the dimension of functioning. Now we are called to make the leap to authenticity. We have to transcend.

  • Transcendence – sent to the ‘other side’

The word transcendence comes from ‘trans’ meaning the other side and ‘scendence’ meaning to be sent. Transcendence means being sent to the other side. Transcendence includes a radical transformation as well. Nothing will ever be the same.

  • Transcendence and the quantum leap

Transcendence means a quantum leap into a whole new dimension. Here the direction changes. A vertical leap can be explained by using the example of a space shuttle. Not only does the direction change, but the whole form changes as well. At the same time, the power level and navigation systems are adapted to this new journey of out-of-this-world, discovery.

We are in the process of building a whole new Space Shuttle of authenticity, that will launch us into a new future. You are invited to come aboard.

14. New intelligence of the future

To be able to harness all this power and potential at our disposal and safely make this quantum leap, we not only need a whole new mindset, but we also need a whole new intelligence – Power Intelligence. (PI). Power Intelligence is the intelligence of the future.

15. Power Intelligence

Power Intelligence (PI) is the conscious ability to connect to, harness, and utilize all the power and potential encoded as our physical, mental, emotional, and universal/spiritual DNA blueprint while creating a new world of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all.

16. The Power Intelligence Power Pyramid

Power Intelligence is all about taking back our power from false programs, erroneous mindsets, and old and outworn value systems while accessing and releasing a new level of power and potential as depicted in the Power Pyramid as below.

17. The centre of Power Intelligence

In the centre we find the centre core that runs through everything and everyone. It connects us to the universal grid of life, Creation, on the one side and grounds us in Mother Earth, on the other side. It is the stabalising factor and guiding force around which everything and everyone pivots.

Here we find our inner GPS. This becomes evident as it activates the miracle mind visible to us as the activation of the frontal lobes of the brain.

18. The miracle mind

Scientists initially described the brain as a triad brain or three-part brain. Today a new part of the brain is being activated as the frontal lobes. The frontal lobes light up when we are confronted with questions about meaning, love, compassion, and a positive prosperous future. Here we find vision, solutions, guidance, love, compassion, power, wisdom, and direction. Here we find our inner GPS.

Once activated, the frontal lobes harmonise and synchronise everything into one unified whole thereby bringing solutions, guidance, and direction in a world of ego-trappings and chaos.

This is our inner GPS. This is where authentic leaders get their power, wisdom, and guidance from.

19. Recovering and activating our DNA potential

At the same time, our DNA blueprint is activated thereby releasing new power and potential. This creates a feedback loop stimulating the frontal lobes that shine brighter. The DNA recovery and activation becomes visible and can even be photographed.

Below you find a person who went through our Power Intelligence Leadership Course. The photographs were taken with Kirlian photography approximately every 18 months. The person not only recovered from a life-threatening illness but also healed and went on to become an influential leader doing community work and leadership training and development.

20. Who are our authentic leaders?

These are people from all walks of life who have chosen the path of authenticity and are prepared to help others to make the leap. These are our new pathfinders, mapmakers, bridgebuilders, and way-showers. They are people who know the way, go the way, and show the way to authentic living, and therefore they can lead others.

Authentic leaders make sure that they go out and bring the message of the benefits of authentic living in their relationships, homes, communities, businesses, companies, organisations, and governments.

21. When do you lead?

You lead when people need someone to show the way. These are people seeking guidance, and direction to move from where they are to a better place. This ‘better place’ is authentic living.

22. Why do you lead?

We lead because most people are lost, caught up in darkness and despair while searching for answers and direction. Leading will cease to exist once everyone has returned to authentic living.

Currently between 85% - 90% of all people are disconnected and struggling with the life created by the shadow ego-self. A mere 10% – 15% of humanity is already connected, centred, grounded, focused, and inspired. We need a critical mass of 20% authentic people to tip the scales in the right direction.

You could be the one person to tip the scales for humanity by just doing your part.

23. What will happen if you don’t lead?

Humanity will land in a dead-end and disintegrate. The reason is that on a genetic level- only the fittest survive. The survival of each one of us, our relationships, our families, our companies, organsitions, governments, and countries, even humanity as a whole, is at stake.

24. How do you become an authentic leader?

Many people have the natural tendency to walk the path of honesty, truth, integrity, and authenticity. This is already their way of life. However, we can fast forward the process by understanding the underlying dynamics of authenticity. At the same time, we can lay a whole new foundation, change mindsets and develop new skills and tools – including our Power Intelligence.

This is what the Power Intelligence Leadership Development Course is all about

25. Aim of the Power Intelligence Leadership Course

The aim of the Power Intelligence Leadership Development Course is about developing authentic, enlightened leaders who know the way, go the way, and show the way to authentic living. In the process, we recover our DNA success blueprint and create a life of health, wealth, happiness, success, and prosperity that benefits all.

This level of leadership training and development is a global first

26. When will you know that you are ready?

You will know when you are ready to become an authentic leader when you,

  • Hear the calling

  • Know it is time for something new

  • Are prepared to let go of the old

  • Are willing to overcome your shadow ego-self

  • Want to be of service to others

  • Are invested in making a real and lasting difference

  • Are committed to creating a prosperous future that benefits all

  • Are prepared to start just where you are with what you have

  • Stop all resistance, procrastination, and excuses

  • Let go of being a passive spectator

  • Cease to expect others to do the work

  • Take action

  • Are excited about the new season in your life – and in the world

  • Are prepared to do what it takes to learn more and develop authentic leadership skills and tools

  • Are ready to invest in your new future

You know when you are ready when you don't allow your ego and excuses to get in your way of developing a life of authentic living and leading.

The aim of the Power Intelligence Leadership Coaching Program is to fast forward the process of developing authentic leaders.

Special announcement

For the first time ever, we are making the Power Intelligence Leadership Development Course available to the public. Up and till now this valuable groundbreaking information has only been available to a selected few.

Course info

  • The course runs over 12 weeks

  • It includes 10 + 2 one-on-one coaching sessions.

  • The two extra sessions are meant to include your significant other on this journey a top-up session, when necessary.

  • The curriculum is based on the PI Power Pyramid

  • It includes your own workbook

  • It also includes a series of E-books on Authentic Living and leading.

After the course, you will own your place as an authentic leader on the platforms of life.

For more information and investment contact us by sending an email to,

Please note - there are only five places available. First come first serve.

Answers to our questions

At the beginning of this article, we asked the following questions.

  • Are you ready to become an authentic leader?

Only you answer this question.

  • Can you change the world just where you are with what you have?

Yes. You can harness the power of Epigenetics.

  • How?

Let go of your old shadow ego-self and the life it created and make the leap to authenticity. In the Power Intelligence Leadership Course, we show you how. You can enroll now.

  • What will happen to those who do not make the leap?

They will unfortunately stay behind. According to genetic selection, only the fittest will survive. See the article on how to manage those who will stay behind. Find out how to join those who are already making the shift.

Become part of this journey here.

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Coming up

In our next article, we will focus on Power Intelligence – the intelligence of the future.

Until then – stay connected and stay safe.

Brenda Hattingh

Copyright. all right reserved (c) 2021. Dr. Brenda Hattingh


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